Erotic Poem: Bathtub Desires

Bathtub, music, you and I
Something in me starts to fly
Candlelight on hot wet skin
Tingles flutter deep within
Hazel eyes, aflame with need
Touch me now, our silence pleads
Brush of legs, a gasp I draw
I can’t take this any more
Pulsing fire, aching need
Hungry lust, now let me feed
Reaching out a foot, a toe
I touch your hardness, start to stroke
A growl so deep erupts from you
Groaning, gasping, from me too
My hands I let begin to roam
Heaving breasts, again you moan
Fingers finding my sweet spot
I circle, rub, so fucking hot
Writhing now, the water shudders
Continuing to eye each other
I slip a finger into me
So wet and juicy, so ready
You can’t bear to watch me now
Needing me, your hands reach out
You pull me closer, onto you
Your mouth, your kisses, only you
Legs spread wide, straddling you now
Hands all over, sweaty brow
Your need, so hard, is nuzzling me
All thoughts are gone, my body speaks
Inviting you to come inside
Begging for this fucking ride
Arms around me, pulling down
My eager body stretches round
And yes, oh yes, that feels so right,
So big so hard, so hot and tight
Riding, sliding, gasping too,
Tongues and hands, me and you
Nothing else exists but us
Our screaming, needing, wanting lust
Pulsating, it starts to build
As my womanhood you fill
Muscles tensing, quickening
Drawing you even further in
Then we merge, and we are one
One perfect moment as we cum

14 thoughts on “Erotic Poem: Bathtub Desires

  1. This. Is. Fantastic!


  2. This is awesome, you gave me some, not so pure, ideas…


  3. jen x says:

    this is so good.. very hot… girls email me sometime.. šŸ˜‰


  4. sweet heart says:

    This has always been a fantasy of mine and you inspired me to make my long unfulfilled dream come true. Thank you soo much.


  5. jack says:

    Its very hot. You got me hard. I need relef now. Thanks


  6. I read true poem twice, so hot, the second time aloud, which gives the full emotion of the writing., Now you must get Cameron Diaz to record it. Kiss Kiss –


  7. maje b says:

    i didn’t expect this at all. I love writing erotica and poems but never wrote an erotic poem but i sure loved this one, thank you for making and uploading šŸ™‚


  8. Thanks,for your erotic poem.I have read it and I enjoyed.It is a good poem of erotic.


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