Erotic Short Story: The Waiter

TheWaiterCoverWebA bored twenty-one year old girl is on holiday with her parents, and finds herself fantasizing about the dishy waiter serving them dinner in the hotel restaurant. Flirting is fun… but what happens when her parents leave her all alone with him?

It was the third night of my holiday and I was enduring another dinner with my parents. Actually, I should probably give them a bit of a break and stop complaining about them so much; they might treat me like I’m twelve, but at least they care. Some people have it far worse.

I was feeling in pretty high spirits and ready to party. The parents seemed to be in a good mood too, and were even treating me to a meal in the hotel’s posh restaurant tonight, instead of the cheap canteen. I’m not sure what I’d done to deserve this. Maybe the sun was doing us all some good.

“Jenny and Phil were so pleased with your services last night. Phil seems quite taken with you dear,” I almost choked on my water on hearing my mum’s words.

“Huh?” I managed, wide eyed. For a second the image of Jenny peeling her dress over her head as I climbed off of her husband’s cock flashed into my mind. A dream, I reminded myself, it was just a dream.

“The babysitting darling, he says you are a natural with kids”


The babysitting, but of course.

“Yes he said he might want to use you again and he would be very happy to pay extra because you’re so good.”

Oh God! Why was the thought of Phil paying me for my services extremely appealing right now? I felt a warm tingle spreading through my groin area at the associated images that were flashing into my mind. Good God, what the hell is wrong with me? I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t relived last night’s, err, saucy dream, a few times. Okay it was weird, yes, but after chatting to Jose about it I realised that I wasn’t a complete slag for fantasizing about a married man. Lying on the beach this afternoon I’d allowed myself to dwell on some of the sordid details and it had certainly turned me on as much while daydreaming as it had while I was asleep on babysitting duties the night before.

“Can I take your order please?” The waiter’s deep voice cut into my thoughts and mercifully put an end to the conversation. I hadn’t even read the menu yet; I’d been staring into it unseeing for the past ten minutes.

“What do you fancy Lara?” Dad asked.

“Oh, uh, I haven’t quite decided yet. You guys choose first.” I scanned the menu while my parents ordered and then I felt all eyes on me.

“Okay, I will have the lemon chicken please,” I settled for the first thing that caught my eye and then closed the menu and lifted my eyes towards the waiter.

Oh My God!

I’d thought Jose was hot – this guy was ludicrously lush. Seriously, like sex on legs lush. I couldn’t stop staring at him, entranced by eyes so green – so deep green I could dive into them. They were made all the more delicious by the contrast with his tanned skin, his face framed by wavy black hair on top and dark stubble on his cheeks and chin. Then I noticed his lips. Luscious plump juicy lips – surely the most kissable lips I’ve ever seen – lips that should be squashed up against mine. And that tongue, that moist pink tongue that glistened in his mouth as he spoke. That tongue should be…

“Miss?” Oh Shit! He was talking to me. What the hell did he say? He was smiling now with those gorgeous plump lips, his eyebrows lifted in a question.

“Yes please,” I answered, praying it made sense and that I hadn’t just agreed to eat something disgusting with my chicken. He scribbled in his notebook and then his eyes met mine again. They were twinkling. I’d never really understood how eyes could twinkle – but his definitely were. I think he liked me.

“Your meals will be with you shortly,” he told us in his alluring tropical accent, in his deep sexy voice – the kind of accent, the kind of voice – that was meant to whisper dirty fantasies whilst naked in the moonlight. Holy shit, what was wrong with me? Since being on this resort I’d turned into a raving nymphomaniac.

The waiter walked away and I watched him go. I actually watched his butt as he went, like some kind of sick pervert. I imagined his cheeks would feel cupped in my hands. I was getting wet down below, and squirmed in my seat. It was a hot night and I was getting hotter by the minute.

“He’s pretty fit, isn’t he love?” Mum asked and I nearly choked again as my dad laughed.


“Well, I know I’m taken but there’s no harm in looking right?” Mum asked as she took another sip of her red wine.

“Well I guess not but do we have to talk about it?”

Bloody hell, was the whole world going mad? My mother was usually the squarest of squares – I’d always wished for a more liberal mother but this was just odd!

“Maybe I will have some of that wine after all please dad,” I held out my empty glass as he poured.

I’d decided not to drink this time until I met up with Anna and Lisa at the bar later. I didn’t want to flake out and miss my chance to go out and hit the town with them again. Not that I would mind another evening chatting to Jose at he bar, but I was looking forward to some girlie laughs too. It had been so refreshing having some independent twenty something year olds to hang out with – it made me relialise just how limited my own life is back home. However, as I tried desperately to tune out the conversation my parents had embarked on about whether or not my dad had been staring at some woman sunbathing naked by the pool today, it now seemed wine would be a necessity to get through this meal. I took a gulp. It wasn’t as nice as the bottle I’d had in Phil and Jenny’s room last night, but it was drinkable.

Phil and Jenny.

Just thinking their names sent another pang of desire through my groin like a lightning bolt. I took another swig of wine and before I knew it I’d drained the glass.

“Can I fill you please Madam?” asked the waiter in that sexy voice, appearing by my side as if by magic, his groin at eye level. Huh? Did he just say… I looked up and he winked.

He definitely winked.

Because of his angle, my parents wouldn’t have seen the wink, and they were still too engrossed in their disgusting conversation, which had apparently advanced to confessing about every member of the opposite sex that had caught their eye since we’d been here, to pay any attention to the waiter.

I was still staring at him disbelieving. I really wanted him to have offered to fill me, but surely that wasn’t what he’d said?

“Well, miss? You like me to fill you up?” he enquired again.

Oh yes, oh good God yes I would like nothing more right now than for him to fill me up. I even uncrossed my legs and parted them a little under the table, feeling the cool wood of the chair under my thighs where my short sundress ended. My eyes couldn’t help drifting downwards, towards his… that’s when I realised he was holding out the wine bottle, offering to refill my glass.

For fucks sake – I was sex obsessed today! I flushed with embarrassment, but as I held out my glass with one hand, he placed his hand over the top of mine as he poured the wine, and I felt as if I’d been electrocuted with a trillion volts of pure lust. I knew then that he’d meant exactly what he’d said.

The hot waiter was definitely flirting with me.

When he’d finished pouring, his fingers trailed over the back of my hand before he turned to my mother and my whole body shivered with delight in response. I stared at him with my mouth hanging open like some kind of drooling fool.

“Madame, would you like some more wine?” he asked my mum, and she looked up from her conversation with dad.

“Oh yes please,” she answered with a smile and offered her glass. He poured her wine, keeping both his hands on the bottle, I noticed. The back of my hand still tingled from his warm touch. I hadn’t imagined it; he was definitely flirting with me.

It was hard to concentrate on talking with my parents after that. To be honest, I was feeling so horny I considered claiming to feel unwell and loping off to my room for a little, um, private time, but I didn’t want to miss more opportunities to flirt with the waiter. Opportunities to look at him, maybe even catch his eye, maybe to brush my hand against him. Pathetic? Sure… but I was like a schoolgirl with a crush and I was going to take whatever I could get. Even if it meant engaging with the parents while my mind was in the gutter.

I gulped more wine and scanned the room. He was nowhere to be seen. It was a nice restaurant. Classy. All glass and wood, with a row of glass doors looking out to the ocean the entire length of the room. The twilight sky had darkened to a gorgeous deep turquoise, bleeding into a striking blood orange colour where the sun was sinking towards the horizon. The photographer in me was gutted I’d left my camera in the room.

“So, darling,” Dad interrupted, “where are you and your friends off to tonight? Is there a disco in town?” He asked. I resisted the urge to roll my eyes.

“Oh we’re just going down to the main strip, into a few bars probably.”

“You will be careful won’t you? I know it’s easy to get carried away when you’re on holiday and there’s nothing wrong with a holiday romance, but you know boys only have one thing on their minds.”

“Dad!” I exclaimed rather too loudly, dropping my voice to a whisper when I noticed the people at the next table looking over with interest. Everybody loves a drama. “I think you and mum have had too much sun, you’re both acting very strangely tonight. I’m twenty-one, I’m not a baby! I think I know how to handle myself.

“You’ll always be my baby Lara, and I just want you to be careful, that’s all. You’re too precious to give your purity away to just anyone!”

“Oh My God Dad! Stop!”

“Alright, alright! I’ve said my piece. I’m going to visit the men’s room and I promise I’ll change the topic when I get back.” Well thank God for small mercies! I took another large swig of my wine and scanned the room again, hoping the waiter would come back to fill me up.

“I remember my first holiday romance.” Mum announced wistfully after dad had left. Her cheeks were flushed from the two glasses of wine she’d consumed, her dark curls frizzy and unruly around her plump face.

“Mum, I don’t think I need to hear this story,” I half joked as I continued looking for my waiter. There he was! He was coming out of the kitchen holding two plates with a third balanced on one of his muscular arms.

“Oh darling I wasn’t always the prude you think I am,” she was slurring her words now. Of course I didn’t go all the way with anyone until your father…”

Yes, he was coming towards us; he was definitely headed in our direction.

“…but I did other stuff. Tommy was his name. I was in a caravan park in Cornwall with my aunt and uncle and my cousin. Tommy was staying in the caravan next to ours.”

The waiter had nearly reached our table now, gracing me with that cheeky little half smile.

“I wanted to kiss him all week and finally on the last night he cornered me when I was on my way back from the showers and kissed me behind our caravans. I got so carried away I let touch me down below.”


The waiter arrived at our table just as my mother made this disgusting admission. Did he hear? Did he understand?

“What? I’m only human, love. I know you think I’m just a mother but I’m a woman too. Of course as far as your father knows Tommy never touched anything more than my breasts and I’d appreciate it if we could keep it that way! But it’s nice for us to have these girly secrets isn’t it? Oh hello,” Mum smiled up at the waiter, finally noticing him only when he placed her seafood medley in front of her. “You have nice eyes,” she told him as he placed my father’s plate down. I wanted to melt into the floor.

“Thank you Madame, you’re very kind” he replied with a smile and then walked around the table towards me. My heart sped up as he stood beside me, so close I could feel the heat of his body, and leaned forward to place a large plate of delicious smelling chicken and rice in front of me.

“Mind, is hot,” he warned, still leaning down, looking at me now with those dreamy green eyes, but it was his mouth that held my attention, so close I could lean forward and suck his juicy bottom lip. My breath and my heart rate quickened in synch. Then he stood up.

“May I bring you more wine?” he asked, noticing the empty bottle on the table. Looking at my mum I thought it probably wasn’t a good idea – but I could certainly do with some.

“Yes please,” I answered, my voice strangely squeaky, hoping dad wouldn’t mind the extra bottle on his bill. The waiter left.

“What did I miss?” Dad asked as he approached the table. Mum didn’t even hear him and I was too flustered to compose an answer. He didn’t seem to care. “Oh good, the food’s here, I am famished!”

The chicken was juicy and tasted as divine as it smelt. My parents were quiet as they ate, thank goodness, and I decided I must concentrate on my food instead of flirting with the waiter and having sex fantasies. I’m sure my weird sexed up energy had somehow subliminally led to the weird sex conversations with my parents. Ugh! I kept my head down for the rest of the meal, not making eye contact with the waiter, not allowing myself to indulge the tempting images that flashed into my mind when I ordered the triple chocolate gateaux – images that had to do with chocolate sauce, naked bodies, and lots of licking. Just saying.

It was half way through dessert that I realised my parents were playing footsie under the table. I mean, seriously? Really? What was up with them tonight? I’d dropped my napkin on the floor and bent down to retrieve it and was horrified to see that My mum had actually kicked her shoe off and was running her bare foot up the leg of my fathers linen trousers.

“Seriously you two, get a room, you’re disgusting!”

“Maybe we should?” Mum laughed, winking at dad.

“We’ve got a perfectly good one upstairs,” Dad winked, “but we don’t want to leave you on your lonesome, you’ve not finished your dessert yet and you’re not meeting your friends for another hour,” he said, checking his watch.

“Just go. Please, for my sanity. I’m a big girl now dad, I can handle sitting on my own in a restaurant for a few minutes.”

And so they did, after a bit more encouragement, and after paying the bill. And then my evening got a lot more interesting.

I ate my chocolate cake slowly, sumptuously, enjoying every bite. I let the melted chocolate sauce slide down my throat and then looked around the now nearly empty restaurant as I licked my lips. Now I was alone there was no need to curb my thoughts. I watched my waiter as he moved around the room carrying plates and trays of glasses, as elegant as a fine ballerina, as masculine as a tribesman. His body was just the right build – well built but not too muscly. He looked sleek in his white shirt and black trousers, but I was imagining him without them.

I felt dizzy. With what, I couldn’t be sure – the heat, the wine, or the lust? It was all mingling together to paint a slightly unreal detached quality to the evening.

“You want me fill you up again?” he asked, approaching from behind.

“Oh yes I certainly do,” I answered brazenly, turning my face upwards and sideways to look him in the eye, tucking some of my wild black curls behind my ear, bolder now that my parents had left. I leaned back in my chair and thrust my chest forwards slightly, knowing it would give him a good view down the top of my white dress, knowing my cleavage looked inviting in the pushup bra I had carefully selected for an evening on the town. I could feel his breath as he leaned forwards and poured wine into my glass. My head felt deliciously woozy from his closeness. My body was buzzing. If it wasn’t for the other diners still in the room I could have sat him down, unzipped his smart black trousers, lifted my short dress around my waist and straddled him right here right now, I was so hot for him. But this flirting was fun. I opened my legs a little more and arched my back slightly. He definitely noticed, his eyes were cast downwards towards my brown thighs.

“I want you,” he whispered in my ear and then walked away, leaving me with the feeling of his hot breath on my neck. Holy shit had I really just done that? Had he really just said that? I’d basically just given him a non verbal invitation. I felt like a slut. I felt like a woman. I felt more fucking horny than I’d ever felt in my entire life. I pushed my chair in closer to the table and picked up my wine glass with one hand, placing the other one casually in my lap and glancing around. I was pretty sure nobody could see what I was doing, There were only two other occupied tables now and their occupants were all deep in conversation. I let my forefinger stroke my inner thigh and up under my short dress until it hit the edge of my lacy knickers. I traced my finger over the lace-covered mound until it reached my sweet pulsing pleasure spot. I trembled as I rubbed the spot and watched the waiter walk across the room. I rubbed myself in small circles as I watched him glance backwards and make eye contact as he turned into the small hallway that led to the toilets. I moved my fingers quickly to the edge of the lace and plunged two of them beneath, into the wetness, into my aching pussy. I bit my lip so I didn’t gasp with delight. Fuck I was so wet, I wanted him. I wanted him inside me.

That look flashed into my mind. That look he’d given me as he’d walked towards the toilets.

Oh… My… Was that an invitation? Was he asking me to meet him in the toilets? I moved my finger faster as I imagined him fucking me in a cubicle – my legs wrapped around him as he pushed me hard against the locked door.

I slid my fingers out and stood, and without even realising what I was doing I found myself walking towards the toilets. I put a finger in my mouth as I walked, finding bizarre pleasure in the fact that nobody knew I was tasting my own juices. My breathing quickened as I turned down the hallway. I passed a door that led to the kitchen on the left, and reached the end of the corridor, where two facing doors proclaimed ‘Men’ and ‘Women’. Feeling braver than I ever had in my life, I pushed open the door to the men’s room.

It was empty.

The two cubicle doors were wide open. He definitely wasn’t in there. Ah, of course, he must have gone in the ladies. What a gentleman – he knew ladies toilets were always nicer than men’s. I took a deep breath and entered the ladies room, a big smile on my face.

It was just as empty as the men’s room. I walked down the entire row of cubicles and pushed open each door to be sure.

How could I have got it so wrong? Maybe he’d gone in the kitchen and was waiting for me to come in here first, and then he’d follow me in. Excitement jumped in my chest and I quickly moved to the bank of sinks, leaning back provocatively against them with my legs crossed, showing plenty of thigh. I practiced a few facial expressions and hoped the one I settled for looked like a sultry smile and not like a pained grimace. After tow minutes I let the expression drop. After five minutes my heart sank. After ten minutes I dropped the pose and acknowledged to myself that he wasn’t coming.

I didn’t allow myself to feel stupid or embarrassed. He had definitely been flirting with me – I wasn’t imagining that! So what if he hadn’t been inviting me to have wild sex in the toilets – his loss!

I slung my handbag over my shoulder and strutted out of the ladies room with my head held high. No more time wasted flirting with a waiter who clearly didn’t know a good thing when it was offered on a plate to him. I would go meet the girls in the bar, go into town, get plastered, and maybe tonight would be the night I’d find a man to have a wild passionate holiday fling with – I could certainly do with it to satisfy my simmering horniness!

I was walking down the short corridor that led back to the restaurant, lost in my tawdry thoughts, when something – or rather someone – grabbed my hand. I realised it was the waiter just in time to stop myself screaming. My heart raced with shock as well as the effect he seemed to naturally have on me.

“I thought you were never going to come out of there,” he said, pulling me towards him.

“I thought you were going to come in there,” I replied as he leaned in towards my face and pulled my body into his.

“You did?” He asked, his face only inches from mine. “You wanted me to come in there? You wanted me to touch you… like this?”

I gasped as his hand slid down over my bottom and reached under my dress, his warm hand touching the back of my thigh, the inside of my thigh, pulling up my dress, sliding higher up my thigh, making my legs tremble, reaching the edge of my lacy white knickers right where they covered my now extremely moist opening. He pushed the material aside and stroked his fingers back and forth across the juicy slit, where my own fingers had been only minutes earlier, pulling me closer to him with his other arm laced around my lower back.

“Oh yes, exactly like that,” I responded breathlessly, lifting my leg and hooking it around his waist as I laced my arms around his neck and started to gyrate against his fingers, desperate for him to push them inside me. “Oh fuck that’s good,” I felt like I might cum right there and then. But… I glanced to my left where only a small section of the restaurant was visible… shit, what the fuck was I doing?

“It’s ok, come with me,” he took me by the hand and moved his body away from mine, pulling me behind him as he pushed through the door to the kitchen behind him.

“But..” I protested, but he shushed me and put a finger over my lip. A finger that smelled of my pussy.

“It’s ok,” he whispered, “chefs all gone home. Restaurant closing.” I glanced around the large kitchen and realised there was only one other person in the room – a young looking boy washing up at a large sink at the far end of the room, his back turned to us, nodding his head in time to the music that only he could hear through the large headphones adorning his head.

I looked up at the waiter hungrily, “but…”

“In here,” he led me to the left and quietly opened a large metal door, pulling me inside what appeared to be a walk in pantry, the two longest walls lined from floor to ceiling with shelves of food – fruit and vegetables, industrials sized tins, packets, jars.

I didn’t take too much time to study my surroundings, the minute he had closed the door behind him I turned and pounced, pushing him against the door I stood on tiptoes, put one hand on his shoulder, the other on the back of his head, my fingers tangled into his soft black waves of hair. I tilted my head upwards, pulled his head towards me and kissed him. The kiss was gentle for the first thirty seconds as I relished the plumpness of his lips, the sweetness of his tongue as it gently probed mine. Then as the tension in our bodies built, the kiss turned into something far from gentle as we mashed our lips together, sucking and licking desperately, like vampires feeding – starved for too long. As we kissed, our hands explored each other – stroking and probing, rubbing and squeezing, but not in the intimate areas, as if we had both wordlessly agreed to save that for later. The noises we were both emitting were pure animal, primal. I was transported to somewhere else. Out of time, out of space. Only he and I existed. Nothing else. Just us – just our hot, needy bodies.

As his finger traced slowly up and down my spine I gasped, my body singing with desire, my pussy crying out to be touched. I couldn’t take it any longer; I stopped kissing him and pulled back, my lips numb, my other lips crying out to be touched. My hands found their way to his crotch as if they had a mind of their own. I cupped one under his balls over the material of his trousers, squeezing gently, looking into his green eyes. My other hand I placed palm down over his bulging hardness and rubbed. I watched his eyes almost roll back in his head, as if he were high on the most potent drug. He let out a groan and his hands reached out to cup my breasts as I rubbed, harder and harder, gently massaging his balls with my other hand. I stopped, never taking my eyes from his, and undid the buttons of his trousers slowly, then pulled them down to his ankles, delighted to discover he was gong commando underneath. His erection stood to attention like a proud soldier. I don’t think I’ve ever seen such an inviting sight.

I dropped to my knees before him and looked up into his face as I wrapped one hand around his impressive shaft, slowly but firmly stroking him up and down as my other hand found it’s way to his now naked balls and began to massage them gently. When I started to lick the head of his penis with the tip of my tongue, he began to mumble in a foreign language and it was the sexiest darn thing I’ve ever heard. I felt myself getting wetter and wetter as he laced his fingers into my wild hair and cupped the back of my head firmly. I tasted salty pre-cum on the tip of his penis as I continued to lick, moving my tongue in circles now, taking the head into my mouth, then taking it in further and further until half of his length was in my mouth, one of my hands still wrapped firmly around the base of his cock, the other still cupping the weight of his testicles in my palm.

He started to move his pelvis, slowly pushing himself further into my mouth as I sucked gently on his cock, hungry for him. His hands pulled the back of my head as he started to guide me to the rhythm that most pleasured him. It drove me crazy to hear his grunts and groans, to know how fucking good I was making him feel as I licked and sucked, as he softly thrust his cock back and forth in my mouth, going deeper and deeper, until he was nearly hitting the back of my throat and I was nearly gagging. I tried to pull backwards but he was so lost in his need he continued to pull my head onto him as he thrust himself one more time and groaned, I felt the hot waves of his cum hit the back of my throat as he drained himself into me. I swallowed it down and sucked harder, until he was still, until he pulled my head away from him and pulled me to my feet.

“Oh my God, my Goddess… that was fucking amazing,” he leaned forwards and kissed my numb mouth, so tenderly, so gently. “Thank you,” he kissed me again, “thank you,” he nuzzled into my neck, his hands reaching down for the bottom of my dress. “And now my Goddess, it is my turn to pleasure you.” He pulled my sundress over my head, leaving me standing before him in my lacy white knickers and push up bra. He stepped backwards, out of the trousers that were still around his ankles, and admired my young lithe body, his eyes wide.

“I wanted you the moment you walked into the restaurant, looking like an angel’’ he looked me up and down with something close to reverence in his eyes and I was so drunk with need I didn’t even feel self conscious, “Yes you truly are a Goddess,” he undid the buttons on his shirt and cast it aside, leaving him standing naked and magnificent, his cock already starting to harden once again as he continued to look me up and down. I could think of nothing but my need. I wanted him. I wanted him so badly I was aching with it. He stepped forward and I wrapped my arms around his neck, jumping up and wrapping my legs around his waist as he caught me with his hands under my buttocks. The feeling of my stomach against his was heaven, skin on skin, my breasts mashed against his chest. The feeling of my thighs stretching around him was exquisite. The feeling of my throbbing clitoris against his hardening cock with only a thin layer of lace between them was so sweet it was almost torture. I gyrated slightly against him feeling the growing sensation building there in my sweet spot as he walked me backwards towards the other end of the small room. I felt something cold and hard under my butt and realised he had perched me on the edge of a chest freezer. Reaching behind me I unclipped my bra and threw it to the floor, then guided his head towards my breast, the feeling of his mouth on my soft skin, his tongue licking my nipple, sending shockwaves of pleasure down my very core. He paid careful attention to one nipple with his mouth as his hand gently cupped the other and my groin continued to gyrate against his now bulging penis. I was on the verge of sexual insanity – so turned on I felt as if every nerve ending in my body were a clitoris and I might just burst with delight at every touch.

When the waiter stepped backwards I grabbed his shoulder, desperate that he didn’t leave me in this state of wanton need.

“One moment my princess, close your eyes.”

And so I did, trusting him fully, perched there on the edge of the freezer in only my lacy knickers with my legs spread wide. A moment later I felt something rubbing against my clitoris. Something cool and hard. I kept my eyes closed and enjoyed the sensation as the waiter leaned in and kissed me.

“Mmmmm,” I moaned as the object he was rubbing me with moved lower, towards my dripping slit, rubbing the lace of my underwear against me. I opened my legs wider, each of my bare feet finding a shelf to either side to rest on, opening myself up fully to him. I opened my eyes and looked down to see what could feel so fucking good, and I saw him rubbing a big fat green courgette against me. My eyes widened at he sight of it – it was huge –surely that would never fit inside me? But even as I wondered, I knew I wanted nothing more than for him to try.

“Please,” I begged, and with his free hand he pulled my knickers to the side as he pushed the fat round end of the vegetable against my opening. I arched my back and spread my legs wider still, leaning back on my forearms on the freezer behind me, watching in wonder and gasping in pleasure as he applied more pressure, pushing the vegetable into me gradually. I’d never experienced such immense pleasure, the pain of my lips stretching to accommodate the girth of the vegetable made it feel even better. I gasped again as I watched it slowly entering me, and I started to move myself in small circles on the vegetable as the waiter pushed it further and further inside me. The pleasure and pain was unbearable. I watched my pussy lips spread as wide as possible, half of the length of the courgette inside me now.

“Oh yeah, oh fuck yeah, fuck me with it,” I ordered, and he started to move it in and out gently as I matched the rhythm, rocking my pelvis backwards and forwards on the sexiest fucking vegetable imaginable. With one of the fingers on his free hand he pushed on my clit as if it was a magic button, and it turns out it was. I reached down and pushed the courgette even further inside me as I felt the orgasm wash over me in wave after wave of ecstasy. I think I was screaming, but I didn’t care. I kept pushing it into me, kept screaming, kept pushing my pelvis against the massive vegetable until I was drained, until my muscles relaxed, sated, and he slid the vegetable out of my soaked pussy and cast it aside.

He leaned over me. “That was the sexiest fucking thing I ever saw,” he whispered in my ear. “Look what you did to me.” He took my hand and guided it to his cock – standing to attention once again. He kissed me slowly, leisurely, as I traced a finger up and down the underside of his dick. His finger circled my nipple. I was surprised to feel a fire light in my belly once again, despite feeling numb and sore down below. Suddenly he stood and in one swift movement he turned me over so I was standing on the floor, the tiles cold beneath my bare feet, leaning over the chest freezer with my arse sticking up in the air. The plastic of the freezer felt good against my bare stomach and breasts. The waiter moved in closer to me and I felt his cock against my butt as his hand snaked around and began gently massaging my clit once again. He leaned right over me, mashing my body into the freezer, and I turned my face to kiss him. His kiss was passionate, desperate, his hardness probing against my butt cheek. Then he moved it between my cheeks and it nuzzled against the opening of my butt, sending through me a pleasure so magnificent I had never imagined such a feeling existed, an animal groan escaped me. Really? Anal sex? The idea had never appealed to me but man – he wasn’t even inside me, he was barely touching the hole and I was almost cumming already!

It felt dry though, as I pushed back against him, groaning deeper, my body wanting more – my body wanting him inside me, and I wasn’t sure it could go in there without causing a lot of friction pain. As if he were a mind reader, the waiter reached out for something on the shelf and put it down on the freezer beside me, pulling off the lid – margarine. I dug my hand into it and covered my fingers with the cold substance before bending my arm behind me and wrapping my margarine covered hand around his throbbing cock, slathering it in the lube. Once it was sufficiently coated, I guided him towards the opening, pushing my butt back to meet him. As soon as the head touched me we both moaned with delight, I pushed it in slightly and gasped – it hurt but it felt so fucking good too. He continued moving his finger in tiny circles on my clit as he pushed slightly deeper into my tight butt hole, the margarine making it slide right in with a cold sensation, a new sensation, a fucking amazing sensation. Next thing I knew, his other hand was pushing the courgette back into pussy, just as he thrust his rock hard cock into my arse.

“You wanted me to fill you up, are you feeling full up yet?” He asked, his voice raw. I nodded. I couldn’t speak. He grunted as he fucked me in the arse, his hand forcing the hard vegetable deep inside my pussy. I was feeling so many sensations from every part of my body I couldn’t think, couldn’t move, could only float in delight as my whole body exploded in ecstasy once again. He came at the same time as me, with one final thrust, I could feel his cock throbbing in my tight butthole over and over and over. The he collapsed onto me and we both lay there, spent.



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25 thoughts on “Erotic Short Story: The Waiter

  1. brucy says:

    What a story, dammit u hav an imagination woman, is that what happened to U, on holiday?


  2. Cindy says:

    Oh, you’re good! I can’t wait for the whole book!


  3. jack says:

    Good one Cindy


  4. jack says:

    You and your hubby must have a lot of fun.


  5. “I could feel his cock throbbing in my tight buttonhole.” I love the description, so original.


  6. Aliya says:

    Wow totally enjoyed this reading I’m so glad I came across it! I’m 21 and can relate to these excited emotions, especially with hot waiters. Love it-can’t wait for your book!


  7. J. E. Davids says:

    Hahaha. Wonderful sensations there. And, believe me, I do know them all very well. I’m with you, Roxy.


  8. foxyroxyhart says:

    Reblogged this on Roxy Hart Erotica and commented:

    In honour of the release of my novel The Secret Life of Lara Lovett, I am re-blogging this juicy extract….


  9. ARUn says:

    Ohh damn what a ossm story yaar i literally enjoyed that moment n that waiter was really lucky one


  10. angelina says:

    wow. well done

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  11. irene says:

    really really enjoyed. Hats off to your imagination!!!


  12. Bob says:

    great gave me the hard xx


  13. just what i needed very wet now havnt got a courgette so about to use cucumber


  14. mark hepburn says:

    Your imagination is a real turn on… Lucky waiter… And the anal sex is olways a good addition… Once again… Lucky waiter


  15. Ravi Kumar says:

    I love this article rozy n u too.I had also a 8” dick and i will do in same way to my gf…wo i cant wait


  16. Sophie Henson says:

    OMG Roxy! That was incredible! By the time I got halfway through the story I was SO wet! By the time it finished I had my fingers inside myself! That’s only the second of your stories I’ve read – I can’t wait to read the others.


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