The Beach

The Beach by Roxy HartA young woman escapes to an exotic island resort in an attempt to forget her cheating ex, and finds herself enthralled by a mysterious stranger on the beach. Her imagination runs wild with thoughts of lustful escapades. Will her fantasies become reality?

A Pleasure Island Tale: Short Stories of Sun, Sea, & Seduction


The Babysitter

The Babysitter by Roxy HartA bored 18 year old girl goes on a free holiday with her parents to an idyllic island in the Indian Ocean. In an attempt to earn some money to party, she accepts a babysitting job from a wealthy couple. The enchanting pair soon arouse her interests, and maybe a little bit more. Feeling unfulfilled she gives in to her curiosity, and uncovers a tantalizing secret about the sophisticated pair. What the inexperienced girl uncovers leads to an erotic experience that surprises and delights her.

A Pleasure Island Tale: Short Stories of Sun, Sea, & Seduction


2 thoughts on “Books

  1. Peter Kaye says:

    I really enjoyed reading this, thanks.
    I would like to try my hand at ( not what you are thinking) writing erotica / soft porn. Is there a way to do that collaboratively, with someone who can help publish, either online, or a book?
    I’ve had a very interesting & diverse life & can think of quite a lot of intriguing & mysterious scenarios. Some of these could revolve around steamy, pulsating sexual scenarios….at least partly true.


    • foxyroxyhart says:

      I say just go for it and start writing and let the rest fall into place… I have done it all myself and have plans to release several more short stories then publish a collection of them. Just do it!


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