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Ciao 🙂

9 thoughts on “Contact Me

  1. wesley says:

    ik vind het echt super geil als een vrouw haar eigen stiekem vingenert. en ik kijk naar haar.
    in een clup of op de bank of hotel.
    maar dit zijn echt mijn fantasieen.
    welke vrouw kan mij daar bij helpen


  2. Lisa clayton says:

    I love your stories, was wondering if I can sign up to receive free stories


  3. D Miles says:

    Great pieces! Any advice for someone starting out? Here’s one of my stories:


  4. Oldgoat says:

    Well written, erotic, fun. Thank you


  5. Magick Pen says:

    Roxy, you’re a brilliant ball of fun, titillating in the juiciest ways. I look forward to working on a piece with you some day. For now, enjoy a dip in my world by visiting Amazon and typing in Magick Pen.


  6. Roxy, do u have any stories about a husband inviting another man into his and his wife’s bedroom for a wild pleasurable threesome?his wife unexpecting the surprise but enjoyed it very much. If not, a story like this would drive men and women nuts! This is from experience.


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