Erotic Short Story: The Beach

TheBeachCoverWebA young woman escapes to an exotic island resort in an attempt to forget her cheating ex, and finds herself enthralled by a mysterious stranger on the beach. Her imagination runs wild with visions of lustful escapades. Will her fantasies become reality?

I was in a delicious state of bliss. The sun, high in the mid-day sky, blasted my bikini-clad body full force. I was hot, sticky, and wonderfully suspended from reality. Squinting up at the sky, all I could see was an endless dome of deep azure. Closing my eyes against the glare of the sun, I sighed with contentment. My ears were filled with the sound of the gentle lapping of the ocean waves, a quiet beat of reggae music drifting from somewhere nearby, and the occasional squeals of children playing at the shore. I trailed a hand in the sand at my side, the fine hot grains slipping through my fingers like silk. I felt as if I was floating, all the stresses and strains of real life a distant memory here on this idyllic island in the Indian Ocean. Even Justin seemed a million miles away, and a gazillion years ago. Dana had been right, this holiday was doing me the world of good.

“Is it time for lunch yet?” My friend mumbled from beside me where she was lying on her stomach, sleeping off last night’s excesses. Even in her current hung-over state, she still looked gorgeous, with her long raven hair gathered in a messy bun on top of her head, her eyelashes thick and dark even without the aid of mascara and her perpetually pouty lips glistening with Vaseline. Dana was the kind of girl all the men’s eyes were drawn to; slim and toned and curvy in all the right places, her naturally tan skin tinted an even deeper olive by the sun.

“Not yet. Go back to sleep.” I instructed, though I knew lunchtime was in fact drawing near. I sucked my stomach in a little as I studied my friend’s perfect body. In comparison, I felt stocky, dowdy, and plain. It’s always been this way, ever since primary school. On my own I was fine. Well, kind of average. Some days I’d even go as far as to say I was pretty. But when I was with Dana, I was lost in the shade; a couple of inches too short, my hips a little too curvy, my butt a little too big, my face a little too ordinary, my skin a little too pale. No man would ever look at me twice when Dana was standing, or lying, next to me. Which is why I was willing her to stay asleep just a little bit longer.

Sitting up slightly, I shifted onto my right side and rested on my forearm, telling myself I was just getting up for a drink. It was partly true. But I was also looking for him. Coconut man. Grabbing the water bottle from my canvas bag, I took a long swig. It felt good in my dry mouth, despite being warm. Nothing stayed cool for long in this heat. As I tilted my head back and poured more liquid down my throat, I let my gaze wander along the beach. I didn’t need to look at my watch to know it was time. Like Pavlov’s dogs salivating at the sound of a bell, my body told me with a growing heat between my legs, that it was indeed time. For three days in a row he’d appeared right before lunch. Surely today would be no different.

He’d become my fantasy man on that very first day. The only man who’d managed to drive away my longing for Justin, he’d filled my mind instead with images of primal, animal sex. Memories of my previous night’s fantasies flashed before my eyes; myself wrapped around his body as he pummeled me into the sand. I felt myself moisten between the legs as I recalled bringing myself to climax with the aid of the very bottle of conveniently phallic shaped sun cream that now lay in the sand beside me. I fingered the bottle, the smooth curve, the firm plastic. I could remember the feeling of it inside me as images of coconut man’s cock, hard, huge, and pulsating, in my imagination, had filled my mind. My heart quickened as I recalled the orgasm that had set me on fire, and how I’d had to bite my lip hard to stop myself screaming out as Dana had slept unaware in the bed beside mine. I clenched my hand now, to prevent it from wandering between my legs as it so urgently wanted to.

Something had happened to me since I’d arrived on the island, I was horny all the time, constantly aching with need, weak with a lust more intense than I’d experienced it in years, if ever, and it had all started when I’d first seen him. I hadn’t come on holiday with the intention of hooking up, and I still didn’t intend to. After ten years in a relationship I was finding it hard to think of myself as single, let alone of actually being with another man. But there was nothing wrong with a little imaginary fling, and luckily, I had a very vivid imagination. Now if only coconut man would come and add a little more fuel to my fantasies, I’d be guaranteed another night of delicious masturbation once Dana had passed out from too many cocktails, as she inevitably would.

The beach wasn’t packed, unlike the long stretches of sand nearer to the hotel. That was the appeal, and what made it worth the sweaty 30-minute bus ride over here. On the far side of the island, in a small cove nestled between two cliffs, and accessible only via a short trek through a palm grove and down some natural rocky steps, the beach was scattered with only a handful of people, those willing to make the journey. Everyone else fought for a spot on the larger strips of sand closer to the resort.

I looked again towards the direction he usually appeared from. My gaze drifted over a large group of teenagers, the source of the music, drinking beer from bottles, shouting and teasing in that adolescent way, trying to assert their confidence.  Beyond the group I could see a family with three young children, presumably those who’d been playing in the water, gathering their belongings together after a long morning roasting in the tropical heat. My heart sank a little. Lunchtime must be approaching, which meant it was nearly time for the bus back to the hotel. The bus only made four trips across the island every day – out at nine in the morning and back at midday, then out again at two in the afternoon and back at five. I didn’t want to leave without seeing him again, but if we missed the bus we’d face either a long walk or a long wait. I gave in and checked the time on my phone. Not even eleven thirty yet, plenty of time, the bus stop was only a ten-minute walk away. I squinted further down the beach. Nothing.

A movement caught my attention over to my left, towards a shady palm grove. A couple lay side by side in the sand. I recognized them from our hotel. They were around my age, late twenties, and on their honeymoon, so I’d learned the night before. Their faces were turned towards each other as they lay on their backs. Sitting up higher, I noticed the man was fondling his new wife’s bikini bottoms, tracing the edges slowly with his finger. Then his hand slipped lower, between her legs. His arm movement quickened, and I realized with a flush that he was inside her, probing her with his fingers. What was going on? Sex was everywhere – it was all I could think about and now, this. I couldn’t look away. I watched, fascinated, and could almost feel fingers inside me too, delving deeper and harder. It was coconut man’s face I saw in my mind’s eyes as I watched the couple, my breath growing heavier. They were shielded from the rest of the beach by a large windbreaker, but obviously didn’t realize they were visible to me. The wife was reciprocating now, her hand inside her husband’s shorts, her arm moving rhythmically, in time with his. It was too much for me; I was melting with desire, my body like liquid heat, my senses alight with need. I glanced back down the beach. The family was heading back towards the rocky stairs, and the teenagers were oblivious to anyone outside of their own group. The large sunshade behind me hid me from anyone in that direction. A glimpse to my right told me Dana was still out cold.

I grabbed the towel from my large beach bag and draped it over my midsection, one arm underneath, the other propping me up. My hand grazed across the hot skin of my stomach, my fingers trailing towards my bikini bottoms. I slipped my hand inside, across the mound of silky hair, and began stroking my pulsating clit in slow circles, my eyes never leaving the mutually masturbating couple. Then my vision began to blur around the edges as electric charges radiated from my groin and my pussy throbbed, begging to be filled. My hand went deeper. I was so slippery and wet down there, so ready. Ready for him. Coconut man. I saw his face in my mind. I heard his voice, a deep growl, cum for me baby, in that exotic accent of his. I slid two fingers inside myself slowly, in and out, in and out, slick with my own juices. I rocked my hips gently in time, and the heel of my hand pressed against my screaming clit with each stroke. I was only vaguely aware of the people around me now, shrouded in a white haze. Cum for me baby I heard again, and again, and I very nearly did. It was building, it was coming.

Then, “Fresh juicy fruits, coconuts, pineapple juice, mango, kiwi,” he said in his sexy lilting voice. Only this time his voice was real, not imagined, and it was coming from behind me. For a moment I was confused, the lines between fantasy and reality blurred. Then panic seized me. Shit, what the fuck? He always came from the other end of the beach! I pulled my hand out and sat upright, looking around, my cheeks burning with embarrassment. There he was, only a few of metres away, but the large sun-shade lay between us and there was no way he could’ve seen what I was doing. Still, I felt exposed somehow, as if he’d know. I left the towel draped across me and wiped my sticky fingers on a corner, trying to regain some composure.

He walked closer, a vision straight out of my fantasy. His athletic body easily rivaled any Olympians; tall and broad, strong and powerful, sculpted but not too bulky. Wearing nothing but a pair of stonewashed denim shorts that surely would only be acceptable at an eighties themed party back home, but were positively island chic on him, he ambled towards me, and I couldn’t help but gawp. He was perfect from head to toe, from his reddish brown skin to his jade green eyes.

“Fresh juicy fruits, coconuts, pineapple juice, mango, kiwi,” he offered again, standing over me now, looking directly at me with a smile in his eyes. Despite my awkwardness and the strange feeling that somehow he knew what I’d been doing, a pang of lust clenched me deep inside as I looked into his eyes. Oh, if only it had been his fingers inside me, his cock… my gazed drifted downwards.

“Um, pineapple juice please?” I asked, trying to pull myself to my senses. He stepped closer and set the large wicker basket of fruits down in the sand, taking out a bottle that was half filled with the juice, and handing me a paper cup. His fingers brushed mine as he did so and I melted all over again. As he leaned over me and filled the cup with juice, I was starkly aware of how close to naked I was. My nipples stiffened with his nearness and part of me hoped he would notice. Some frivolous, wanton part of me wished my fantasy could somehow come true.

“Oh shit, what’s the time?” Dana asked, lifting her head and squinting over at us. “Oh, hello gorgeous,” she added when she noticed coconut man. He ignored her and twisted the top back onto the bottle, his understanding of English evidently limited.

“It’s time to go,” I answered her regretfully, as I groped in my bag for some money. Now that Dana was awake, I wanted to get away from coconut man as quickly as possible, before he started drooling over my gorgeous friend and ruined all my fantasies. Plus, we really would have to rush to make the bus.

“Here you go, thank you.” I said, extending a dollar note I’d found towards coconut man, who was hoisting the large basket up. He looked down at me and smiled again, his eyes twinkling.

“No no, my juice free today for beautiful lady.” I started to protest but he turned and began walking away, towards the group of teenagers who appeared to be staying for the day. A bubble of pleasure swelled inside at his words, at the glint in his eye. He probably flirted with all the ladies, but I didn’t give that thought any attention. Today he had flirted with me. Me. While gorgeous Dana was sat beside me. I downed the pineapple juice, relishing its sweetness as it slid down my throat.

“Wooo, somebody’s got an admirer.” Dana teased as she sat up. “And he’s pretty fucking hot too. Dontcha think?”

I could hardly deny it. “Yeah, he’s hot alright.”

“Uh-huh,” she said, standing up and stuffing her towel into her bag. “Nice eye candy. Not eligible though. Shame.”

“He’s not? Why not?” I asked, confused. We began walking briskly towards the path that would lead us to the bus stop. She laughed and shook her head, as if it was obvious.

“He sells fruit on the beach. He’s not exactly going to have the funds to wine and dine a lady is he?”

“Well maybe there are more important things. Like attraction.”

“Oh somebody does have a crush!” She put her arm around my shoulder, laughing as we walked faster.

“I’m just saying, money isn’t everything!”

“No but it is a good start! I’m not saying he wouldn’t be good fuck, but we need to find you a man who can treat like a lady and get that tosser Justin out of your mind once and for all. Come on, we don’t wanna miss that bus. Let’s find us some men with deep pockets!” She started to jog, and I followed along behind. I didn’t bother to argue, there was no point. I’d learned that a long time ago. I turned to catch one last glimpse of coconut man before we left the beach.

“Same again ladies?” Mr Flashy asked, waving a wad of notes at the waiter to get his attention. “José. Same again for these lovely girls.” He called without waiting for us to respond.

I didn’t really want another drink. Two Piña Coladas at lunchtime had left me feeling decidedly woozy, but I figured a third might help make this situation slightly more bearable. “And bring more beers too.” He added, his obnoxious voice louder than necessary, obviously used to commanding attention. The beers were for him and his sidekick, Mr Sleazy, who was currently on a bathroom break, much to my relief. I’d assigned them their nicknames within the first five minutes of their approaching our table. In fairness, the names were probably interchangeable. Both men were equally flashy and equally sleazy. Exactly the type Dana usually went for.

“You’re too kind.” Dana gushed, placing a hand on his arm and crossing her legs very deliberately in his direction, no doubt flashing him more than just her lean brown thighs. She’d transformed herself from hung-over mess to summer goddess in ten minutes by just changing into an itsy bitsy pink sundress and letting her long wavy hair free from it’s bun.

“Well baby, how about when we’ve finished this round I show you something really special and take you for a spin in my Benz?” Dana leaned into him and started whispering in his ear, her hand trailing even further up his thigh. I looked away, relieved to see José approaching with a tray of drinks. Something about the lascivious way Mr Flashy said ‘baby’ in that private school English accent made me cringe. I eagerly grabbed one of the cocktails, taking a long sip and giving José a grateful smile. In all honesty I’d much rather be sitting at the bar having fun with the waiter, who’d become my firm ally during the previous three night’s of Dana’s fishing escapades in the hotel bar. I’d drunkenly confided in him every detail of my recent breakup, from discovering the crude text messages on Justin’s phone to playing Private Investigator and following him to the restaurant where I worked as head chef, only to find him shagging the eighteen year old waitress, Shellie, in my kitchen. José had cheered me with his tales of illicit encounters, usually involving hairy men, apparently a common fetish and turn on for quite a lot of men. My world really was opening up on this holiday! After a month of moping, feeling sorry for myself, and having to face her at work every day, I was actually enjoying myself. Still, I wasn’t ready to embark on anything new yet, at least not beyond the safety of my imagination. It was way too soon. And I certainly wasn’t going to hook up with Mr Sleazy or Mr Flashy.

It’s not they weren’t attractive, they were both handsome in a Hugh Grant kind of way, all rolled up shirtsleeves and big hair. But I was fast realising that English posh boys just didn’t do it for me in the same way that exotic beach hunks did. They didn’t even have anything interesting to say. Conversation had largely consisted of a million different ways for them to illustrate how rich and successful they were. All smarm and no substance. Dana had been practically salivating for the last hour, pound signs flashing before her eyes. I had just been wondering what inadequacies their postulating disguised.

“Hope I didn’t miss anything.” Sleazy said, placing a hand on my back as he slipped back into the chair beside me. I took another long sip of my cocktail.

“Actually,” Dana replied, standing up, “we were just going out for a spin. Derek’s going to show me his villa. You guys don’t mind if we leave you to, err, get acquainted do you?” She actually winked at me, either not noticing or choosing to ignore my look of despair.

“Of course we don’t mind.” Sleazy responded on my behalf, giving my shoulder a squeeze. I stood up quickly, on the pretense of hugging Dana, and whispered into her ear, “you can’t leave me alone with him!”

“You’re a big girl,” she whispered back, completely missing my point, “you’ll be fine. Mindless holiday sex, just what you need to finally get over Justin once and for all! It’s okay, you can use our room. I expect I won’t be back ‘til late, if at all.” She kissed my hair. Sometimes my friend was infuriating.

They walked out of the bar hand in hand and I sat back in my chair, trying to ignore Sleazy’s grin. I downed the rest of my cocktail in one.

I suffered through one more drink and fended off a battery of lurid innuendo before finally managing to escape, pleading a headache. I was beyond relieved when I walked out of the hotel, leaving Sleazy chatting to another woman at the bar. A big upside to the situation dawned on me; the afternoon stretched before me to do with as I pleased. I knew exactly where I was going.

The bus was practically empty heading back to the deserted beach. Apart from the driver, there was just an elderly couple and me. The couple disembarked at a market town half way across the island leaving me alone for the remainder of the bumpy ride. The bus was sticky and airless, and my head was decidedly woozy. I felt strange but delightfully liberated clambering down to the dusty road alone and watching the bus drive away. My whole life I’d spent being told where to go, what to do, and when to do it. First my parents, then Justin, and since the breakup, Dana, who’d taken it upon herself to get me ‘back in the game’ as she put it. Like a good girl I’d always done what I was told, what was expected of me. Never had I taken the time to figure out what I actually wanted. It might not seem like a big thing to most people, to visit a beach alone, but it was a significant and empowering step for me.

The beach was deserted except for the same teenagers from this morning who were now stretched out in the intense afternoon heat by the rocks at the far end of the crescent of sand. I was disappointed not to see coconut man. Surely he would put in an appearance at some point in the afternoon? I wondered where he went when he wasn’t here… other beaches around the island, I guessed. A hot pang of lust shot through me just thinking of him, and my libido, which had been somewhat dampened during lunch, came raging back to life.

I turned away from the teens and trekked further along the beach in the opposite direction to ensure some privacy, my feet burning in the scorching sand. Setting my towel down in the exact spot that the honeymooning couple had been canoodling earlier, I stripped my sundress off and sat down. Then, feeling reckless, I removed my bikini top too. What the hell, everyone else did it, and it gave me a thrill to be topless in public, another first for me.

Pulling the half empty bottle of water from my bag, I took a long swig, gulping it down, realising how parched I was. I stopped myself from draining the whole bottle – there were no shops nearby so I’d need to make it last. I had at least two hours before the final bus of the day and I fully intended to finish off what I’d started this morning.

Groping in my bag I pulled out the bottle of sun cream and then lay back and squirted a large blob onto my stomach, taking my time rubbing it into my skin, relishing the sensation, paying extra attention to my breasts. My nipples hardened under my palms. Lifting one leg at a time, I massaged the lotion into my calves, then my thighs, skimming past my private parts that were screaming out to be touched. Lingering on my stomach and hips, I enjoyed the feeling of my feminine curves beneath my hands. I imagined his hands all over me. Rubbing, stroking, fondling. Laying back on the towel, I closed my eyes, tracing a finger in slow circles around my stiffened nipple. Just being on the beach I could feel his energy. The vision of his ripped body, the overpowering heat of the sun, the effect of the lunchtime cocktails, and the desire that weakened every muscle in my body, combined to make a heady sensation. Before long I felt as if I was floating, detached from my surroundings, reality fading fast from my consciousness.

I awakened slowly, the sound of the ocean seeping into my awareness, then the feeling that something had changed, some intangible quality in the atmosphere. It was cooler – still warm, but definitely cooler than before. The light had changed too, I could sense that even through my closed eyelids. It was late, I suddenly realized. Shit, the bus! I sat bolt upright and looked around. I was alone. The beach was completely empty in both directions. I grabbed for my mobile phone in my bag. It was five twenty. Damn! I’d missed the bus! I looked down the beach. The youngsters were gone, I was alone. How could I be so stupid? What the hell was I supposed to do now?

Taking deep breaths, I tried to calm my panicked mind. I was a grown up, I could figure this out. I had my bag with me, money in my purse, a phone. I could call Dana. Maybe she could get Flashy to come pick me up in his flash car. But I really didn’t want to interrupt them or to prove that I was as completely incapable of looking after myself as everyone seemed to think. I could find some way to call a taxi, or even walk to the nearest town get a room for the night. My heart was still racing, but my mind was calming down. Licking my lips, I realized how parched I was, and then remembered that I’d nearly finished my water. Damn! Who knew how far the nearest town was? I might collapse from dehydration before I got there. I grabbed for my water bottle. It was way heavier than I expected it to be. Looking at it, confused, I realized it was full. Huh? Looking around again, I noticed the large sun-shade that shielded me from the waning sun. It had completely escaped my attention in my previous panic. It definitely hadn’t been there before I’d fallen asleep. Somebody must have placed it there to protect me from the burning afternoon sun as I slept. The same somebody who had filled my water bottle? It must have been the teenagers. I put my bikini top back on, flushed with embarrassment.

Standing up, I pulled on my strapless beach dress and gathered my things, stuffing them into my bag, and slinging it over my shoulder. It was kind of eerie, being alone suddenly. I’d been stupid coming here on my own. I started walking towards the path, but faltered after a few steps. I looked over to the sea, the gently rolling waves, the light of the sun glinting off the crystal waters. It was mesmerizing. Some crazy part of me wanted to dive in. When would I ever get the chance again to swim alone on a deserted beach? Probably never, and surely twenty minutes wouldn’t make much difference to my situation. Screw it. I was sick of being the sensible one, the boring one. I put my bag back down, and pulled off my dress once again, then looked around for somewhere to hide my things, out of habit more than anything. That was when I noticed him.

He was in the palm grove at the edge of the beach, just a few metres away from where I stood. To be more precise, he was up one of the trees, shimmying down the trunk with practiced ease. Coconut man. Then it dawned on me. The water, the sun-shade; it must have been him. I was both thrilled and dismayed all at once. I’d been topless! My heart started racing. My legs went weak. I’d been topless! He’d been right near me, and I’d been completely unaware – completely vulnerable. There was something strangely erotic about that realisation. I was certainly going to have new material for my fantasies tonight. The pang of lust that seared me inside was stronger than ever, hotter than ever. He could have touched me – he could have done anything to me. I looked at him now, gathering the coconuts he’d evidently just cut from the tree into a large hessian bag. His muscles worked beneath his skin as he moved, taught and strong. Fuck he was hot. I could get off right now just watching him move, a vision of masculinity.

You have to go, a voice in my head insisted, the voice of the old me, this is dangerous, anything could happen. But I liked the new me, the reckless me, the spontaneous me. I’d been practically naked and unconscious right here in front of him. If he were a threat to me, I’d have known about it by now. And anyway, it would be rude to leave without thanking him. I started walking in his direction, leaving my bag and my dress where they lay in the sand. He looked up as I approached.

“She wakes,” he said in that delicious exotic accent. His half smile was gorgeous. His eyes made me feel like the only woman in the world. I stopped and smiled up at him.

“Thank you. For the shade,” I gestured behind me, “and the water.”

He waved a hand in dismissal. “Was hot. You…” he paused, searching for the English, “you dry.”

Dry was the very last thing I was right now, I was so wet with desire, I thought my juices might just soak through my skimpy bikini bottoms. I assumed he meant dehydrated, but was really way too preoccupied by his mesmerizing green eyes to laugh at the irony. I was transfixed.

“I missed my bus,” was all I could think to reply, though it didn’t seem in the least bit important anymore. I wasn’t even sure if he could understand me. How good was his English? I didn’t care.

“I take you… I take you, my boat.” His lips so full, so luscious. His tongue, so wet and pink. Oh God please take me… take me in anything you want. My new wanton alter ego cried out in my head. I wanted so much to… I stood on tiptoes, parting my lips. What the hell are you doing? Old me screamed, but new me was in full control now. Reaching a hand up to the back of his neck I pulled gently and he bent down to meet me. Our lips met, and an explosion went off inside me. The kiss was tender and slow, and absolutely the most seductive thing I had ever experienced – our tongues dancing and probing. He tasted of pineapple juice. One of his hands stroked the back of my neck, the other rested primly on my waist, and a gap of at least an inch remained between our bodies. I ached to get closer, to feel him all over me. Old me would have worried he didn’t want me. But new me knew he wanted me as much as I wanted him. I could feel the electric pulse of desire radiating from his every pore. I knew instinctively that his restraint was purely gentlemanly manners, and must have taken an epic amount of strength. Sliding my other arm around his waist I pulled him towards me, crushing my body to his as we continued to kiss, hotter and harder. His desire was evident, and that evidence was digging into my stomach. His deep moan rumbled right through me. I pulled away from his mouth finally and looked into his eyes.

“Touch me.” I begged.

“It ok?” He asked, brushing my blonde curls back from my face with such tenderness I could have asked him to marry me there and then.

“Fuck yes,” I replied, taking his hand from my shoulder and guiding it to my breast to prove my point. “Touch me everywhere.”

Clearly it was all the permission he needed. Still looking me in the eyes, he cupped my breasts, and began rubbing my hard nipples with his thumbs through the material of my bikini. I let out a gasp, reaching behind me to unclasp the top. He pulled it down my arms and it fell to the sand. He stood back and took my breasts in his gaze like a hungry man eying up a lavish feast before digging in.

“Beautiful,” he whispered, his fingers tracing the underside of them, sending tingles down my stomach. “Goddess.”

I had never felt like a goddess before, but I did right at that moment. Bending down, he began worshipping me with his tongue, rolling it in circles around first one nipple, then the other, as I buried my fingers in his curly black hair and tried to stay upright on wobbly legs. When he traced his tongue down my stomach I couldn’t help but moan with pleasure. I’d never been this turned on by a man before, and he hadn’t even touched my most private parts yet. His hot wet tongue paused at my belly button to probe it softly. Oh fuck, how much more horny could I get before I spontaneously combusted? His hands were stroking up and down my back, then squeezing my buttocks, pulling me against his mouth. Kneeling, he kissed my bikini bottoms, small feathery kisses, mumbling something in a language that may have been Spanish, French or Swahili for all I knew but sounded like a prayer. His hands gripped the sides of my bikini bottoms and pulled them down in one swift movement. They fell to my ankles. Then his tongue was flicking my clit. I began to see stars at the edges of my vision and lost the ability to think at all. My world consisted of pure sensation. His tongue working my clit. His hand on my ass, finger pushing between my cheeks, the other hand stroking the inside of my thigh, then moving higher to replace his tongue on my nub, rubbing it softly with his thumb. His tongue moving down, licking my slippery folds. My legs opening wider to accommodate his head. His tongue, lapping at my opening as if he was ravenous for my juices.

The sensations all merged into one and then there was nothing but bliss. His tongue stiffened and pushed inside me, at the same time he grabbed my butt cheeks and pulled me to his face and I rocked my hips backwards and forwards as he fucked me with his masterful tongue. My orgasm was explosive, the muscles inside my pussy pulsating, my whole body washed with waves of ecstasy.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck.” I called out, over and over, until eventually the waves eased and I dropped to my knees in front of him.

“Oh my God. Thank you, thank you, thank you.” I whispered and kissed him hard, tasting my own juices in his mouth, still basking in the afterglow of my climax.

My hands roamed across his back, and then moved round to his perfect stomach. Reaching down, I rubbed his hardness through the denim of his shorts, enjoying the animal growl that escaped from his throat. I slowly unbuttoned the shorts, and pulled them to his knees, delighted to notice that he was going commando. His cock stood tall and proud from a bed of black curls. Wrapping my hand around it I started to stroke, slowly but firmly.

“Your turn.” I whispered, quickening my hand movement as I slipped the other hand lower and cupped his heavy balls, squeezing gently and rolling them in my palm. I circled his nipples with my tongue, as he had mine, and then traced a line down the middle of his toned stomach as I continued to stroke his throbbing cock and massage his balls.

When I moved my tongue lower still, and began flicking it across the head of his penis, he started muttering in that foreign language again, and it was the sexiest damn thing I’d ever heard. I’d only ever gone down on one man before and it had always felt like a chore, something that was expected of me. For the first time in my life, I found myself wanting a cock in my mouth. I wanted to please him as he’d pleased me and despite my so recent release, pangs of lust ripped through me again when I took his dick in my mouth and watched him gasp with pleasure. A man so strong yet so completely at my mercy.

He rocked his hips against me as I moved my head back and forth, taking him all the way to the back of my mouth, continuing to massage his tight balls. His hands tangled in my hair, pulling my head against him, and then he was moving faster and faster, thrusting into my mouth as I sucked him hard, breathing heavily through my nose. With one last deep thrust he cried out. His whole body tensed, his cum squirting into my throat. I swallowed it down hungrily. When his cock had finally finished throbbing I licked it clean until he pulled me up onto my knees again.

Taking both hands in his, he kissed me softly. “You are… angel.” He whispered. We kissed for some time there in the sand, softly stroking and exploring each other’s bodies. I couldn’t believe what had just happened. I had just mouth fucked a stranger on the beach, not to mention being given the most amazing orgasm of my life. It was so unlike me I nearly laughed. It struck me then that I didn’t even know his name.

“Fabrice,” he told me when I asked, and I told him mine in return. After more kissing and stroking, his cock soon sprang to life again, and my lust for him seemed to know no limit. Pushing him onto his back in the sand, I straddled him and he squeezed my heavy breasts as I rotated my hips, the glistening head of his eager cock rubbing against my clit, making me even wetter than I already was.

“I want you inside me,” I told him brazenly.

“I want it too my angel but not here. I take you home.” For a moment I thought he meant my hotel, and then I realized he meant his home, wherever that may be. Right then I would have followed him to the end of the earth, I was a slave to my hungry pussy.

We stood and gathered our things. He pulled on his shorts, buttoning them over his still firm cock, and I slipped my dress over my head, not even bothering to put the bikini underneath, feeling delightfully like a slut. All I could think about was having him in me. He carried the bag of coconuts in one hand and led me with the other. We walked along the beach, to the far end, and beyond a cluster of rocks I saw a small fishing boat bobbing in the sea, tethered to one of the rocks. He threw our bags into one end of the boat and then helped me in, gesturing for me to sit on one of the small wooden seats before untying the rope, and pushing the boat our further into the water. When he was thigh deep, he jumped in and took the seat at the opposite end. Taking the oars in his hands, he started rowing, and before long we were gliding through the water, riding the gentle waves, moving parallel to the cliffs as we travelled round the island. Watching him row was turning me on even more, his shoulders and arms so strong as he ploughed the oars through the water. The rocking motion of the boat only fuelled my desire further and I began gyrating my hips, my bare wet pussy rubbing against the wooden seat. He watched me with hunger in his eyes, and I loved that I could evoke such pure desire in a man. I didn’t think I could wait until we reached wherever we were going. I wanted him now. I spread my legs open wide, giving him a clear view. I delved a hand between my legs and slid a finger inside myself. Then a second finger, then a third. With my other hand I massaged my breast, pulling the top of my dress down so he could see. He’d stopped rowing by then, and pulled his cock free from its denim confines, stroking it slowly, never taking his eyes from my fingers as they worked in and out of me. The boat rocked with the waves, up and down, up and down. By some unspoken agreement we both stopped masturbating and met in the middle of the boat with a clash of passion, groping, pulling, needing. As he sat on the floor of the little bot, I straddled him, unable to wait a second longer. I needed him in me. I took him in my hand and guided it to my slick entrance. Putting my hands on his shoulders, I looked into his eyes, and sat down hard on his cock, pushing him deep inside me.

I gasped, and he cried out at the same time. I’d never been filled so fucking perfectly. I began moving up and down on him, and then wrapped my legs around his back, my arms around his neck, and continued to gyrate on his rock hard dick. He ripped my dress over my head and pulled my torso hard against his. My tits were crushed against his chest, the soft skin of my stomach moving against his abs. We pulled each other closer and tighter, moving in time, and I knew I wouldn’t last long, I could feel it coming.

Click here to find out what happens next – it’s so worth it! WIll she stay with her coconut man and live happily (and sexily) ever after?



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57 thoughts on “Erotic Short Story: The Beach

  1. Mandi says:

    That was delightfully hot with an adorable and lovely ending and couple. Appeased both aspects of my personality. Thank you so much for the sensual and beautiful story.


  2. Bobby Paul says:



  3. Emicita says:



  4. vicsqueen says:

    Beautiful. I love that she stayed back with coconut man.

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  5. bella says:

    Sweet!!! MORE! Pls I need more!! LOL!

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  6. eduviges says:

    Love it !


  7. tinnar says:

    how sweet, awww am so touched!

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  8. tinnar says:

    esp da fact dat sh decided to stay back wit him,,,,,,

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  9. Kelsea says:

    This was such a great story and I am happy she got something out of the trip and ended up staying. I would love to read more of your work.


  10. zulfiqar says:

    good experience but try to write more common english

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  11. Jeremiah Wetzel says:

    Here is a story; Sturgis was right around the corner in S Dakota. Jeremia Wettzel wanted to know how he could get rid of his x who found out about his plans to have her murdered. He needed to figure out how to get her back. She had taken the kids to start over & he wanted to find some way to make her feel pain. He was ordered by the courts to pay her $800 dollars a month & didn’t want to so he ignored the courts request. His father Jaffrey Wettzel devised a plan to move to a small town in Benedict, Nebraska. Where he could gather young pregnant woman for his religious plan. He was married to a socialites daughter who was in her late fifty’s & they bought a decommissioned school for thirty thousand dollars. Jeremia was a momma’s boy & knew how to give head to the boys in his trailer park where he was bullied due to his father being absent in his life. His father wanted to make sure that his son didn’t go down the gay path, he knew the German blood that flowed through his son would likely return him to those days of love making with men. It was built into him Jeremia’s uncles were gay & very content. In Benedict Nebraska Jeremia met Beverly the county slut who gave head to all the Judges & attorney’s both men & woman all sexual desires. As soon as she met Jeremia she dropped her pants & said I will do anything you want. Jeremia wouldn’t pass up the opportunity. He dropped his pants & she started sucking on his tiny little dick. She was concerned because she couldn’t get him hard. He said I am so used to men that its hard for me to get a boner. She said wait and bent over her ass was just like Josh that he became hard immediately. She grabbed the vaseline & away he went in and out until he came. When he was done she turned around & kissed him passionately. She asked him what is it that you desire. He told her about his x who took the kids & the legal matters. Well I can help, I also work as a paralegal & can do whatever it is you desire. She called up her lesbian partner Lisa Meeyers. She came to the courthouse & met with Beverly. She kissed her passionately & said how can I help you sweetheart. Oh my this woman is making poor Jeremia’s life miserable. They made a plan to get back Lorna by hiring the individuals in her town. Paying them off with sexual favors & money to ensure that the “father of the year” would get his kids back. Every night Lisa, Jeremia & Beverly would get together to make love then hatch out a plan that would ensure that his x would pay. It didn’t matter that she was a good mother or that Jeremia was an absent father who fathered two other children. In this small town Jeremias step mother helped him create a new image from the one he had in Denver Colorado where he was a convict who was well known for his cocaine, design drugs & alcoholic use in the trailer parks. She was able to get him a position in the Fire Department in Benedict, NE. There he fell in love with another fireman. John was so sexy. Every time he bent over his dick would get hard. He had blamed his inability to get hard with his x because of his diabetic problems but the truth was she just wasn’t the man he desired. Night after night Jeremia would look at John with such compassion. One night John told him about his complication with his marriage. In his charismatic tone he said God will help you. He prayed with him holding his hand. Quietly his dick was getting harder & harder. Who spoke words of love to God but really meant them for his beloved John. Then he reached over & kissed John. He said its the way the Angels of Messianic Jewish faith believe the kiss of God will bless you with this kiss. John wasn’t sure but said ok. That night Beverly came over & with thoughts of John he fucked her as hard as he could filling her ass with cum. A year later after the separation of his x, Jeremia’s Beverly filed a divorce for him without her knowledge. Her lover Lisa managed to manipulate the court system to ensure that his x would never find out about the divorce by creating false documents to make it look like she knew about the falsified documents. Jeremia strung Beverly & Lisa along as far as he could & then decided to propose but she said no because of the love he had for John. Jeremia was contacted by his x who told him it was time for him to be responsible & take care of the kids. She was ill & needed to become healthy. He came to get the kids. Contacted Beverly who did one last favor for him. She gave the Judge a blow job & asked him to file abandonment papers against the mother. He did & Jeremia was free to roam the world to find his lover. He decided to move to Watford, North Dakota where he found a lover who was also a single mother. An individual who was abandoned as a child, divorced & also a single parent. He didn’t give much thought to her until he found out she had a sex change years prior & no one knew. She promised to watch his boys, as long as he promised to pay her the $800 dollars a month. Than at night when the kids went bed he would make love to his sex change partner. Occasionally Beverly & Lisa would come up to make passionate love.


  12. Lilly says:

    This story should be in a romance book!


  13. Patience says:



  14. Naveed says:

    I must say Roxy, you have a special gift in writing. I could almost anticipate being Fabrice for a while as the description almost fitted too. It was an absolute pleasure going through this story a few times, as I had with the babysitter and all the rest of the stories, but after this one I had actually decided to thank you. You are truly amazing, and the best thing is you have support from your better half on this, WOW!

    Cheers love 🙂


    • foxyroxyhart says:

      Wow Naveee what an awesone comment to receive.. it really means a lot to me as I love writing and want ny stories to be quality as well as sexy! Your feedback is much appreciated. I simply do what I love!xheers 😉


      • Naveed says:

        You are very welcomed, dearie 🙂

        Hope to see more of your quality scriptures and feel myself being part of it…

        Cheereos 🙂


  15. kristina says:

    Really sweet and hot story I loved it…


  16. Beth says:

    Wonderful story! All horny women need a coconut man.


  17. jaidis says:

    This was an absolutely lovely story, I was expecting a steamy story (and it totally delivered!) But the romantic side was unexpected and I must say I loved it! I ended up with both wet knickers and a warm fuzzy feeling haha. Thanks foxy for this excellent tale! 🙂


  18. Hayley says:

    Just some minor grammar and missing words, but a really good read. Thank you :3


  19. Broline94 says:

    Wow! The story’s so great and the part you mentioned Swahili really amazed me. Actually am from Kenya and Swahili happens to be the national language. Its just awesome and nearly made me masturbate imagining that it was you Roxy I was making love to. Your Ideas are worth reading.


  20. forum says:

    Loved it


  21. Belle says:

    this is great its like romantic and erotic at the same time love t!!!


  22. Dad says:

    while reading it I was totally worked up. Fantastic story. So real as if I was there. Thanks.


  23. Mara says:

    I’ve explored a fair amount of erotica and yours are one of my ultimate favorites! The sex is amazing but I love that it’s not all about sex. There’s also a beautiful story and your skill in writing makes it all possible. I look forward to reading more. 🙂


  24. Daddhoom says:

    I like. It is the best of the best


  25. deedi says:

    Just found your site, love the way you write, will be getting your books and will revisit when I have more time


  26. gouri says:

    I dont know how to express my feelings.Absolutely a complete package story.Even I started fantatising a coconut man in my life also.Your writing style,language usage everything is appreciable.go ahead with more such stories.


  27. Kirsty says:

    Love this story x


  28. Dona says:

    Damn good! I have searched for good erotic stories that involved love as well but have always been disappointed. I must. Say that I’m going to return to your posts again and again!


  29. Kes says:

    I loved the boiler man story, very sexual. I have started writing erotica for my girlfriend and there is a big gdifference between female/male stories. Don’t think all men just crave filth, we also love the romance the seduction the tease. Its all about foreplay for the brain. Jules loves my words, thank you for yours.


  30. Alice says:

    wow! I love all of your stories so much. I really hope you start to write more!

    Liked by 1 person

  31. Keri says:

    Awesome! Love your writing style.


  32. Timothy Newcomb says:

    This story resulted in a wonderful passion filled night …we went to places we’ve never been before…and plan on turning of the tv to read more….thank you for your gift of words


  33. saloniv2019 says:

    Absolutely amazing… love ur writing style


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