Sexy Short Story: The Jacuzzi

TheJacuzziCoverWebWhen a group of friends get together for a luxury holiday to celebrate their successes five years after graduating from Univeristy, memories of a previus holiday they took together are soon sparked, a holiday when they were younger and wilder, a holiday during which things got hot and horny one night in the Jacuzzi…

Buzzing with anticipation, I finished unpacking my suitcase, the air conditioning finally cooling down my skin after a hot and sweaty car ride from the airport. I took a deep breath and closed my eyes, smiling at the sound of exotic birds outside the balcony doors of my suite. It would be the first time I’d seen some of the old gang for more than just a quick post-work drink for a whole long five years, since we’d all graduated from the London City University. After three years of partying, studying, laughing, and crying together, we’d grown as close as siblings, best friends, and even spouses in many ways, and had all been sad to lose the connections our time in the shared house had forged. I couldn’t help but wonder how the five years between then and now might have changed us all, and the dynamic between us.

I’d seen Sarah quite regularly for the first couple of years, until her career had moved her away and I still saw Hugh fairly regularly for the odd lunch or out and about in town, since we both still worked in the City. But the others I hadn’t seen since that weekend in Majorca – the graduation celebration holiday. My cheeks flushed as a memory flashed across my mind: the hot tub, cheap wine and loud laughter. The suggestion, and the thrill of excitement that had followed. I really hoped it wouldn’t be weird – seeing each other again – but surely not. We’d all grown up and moved on. I vowed to push those thoughts and memories aside and not allow them to make me awkward, to make things feel odd.
After stashing my empty suitcase in the closet by the door, I surveyed the room with a sigh of satisfaction. Neat, tidy, and organized, just how I liked things. It was a beautiful suite – a beautiful hotel. I fingered the smooth glass of a bottle of wine in an ice bucket on the coffee table, smiling at the note from hotel management welcoming me to the resort. I loved these little touches, the special treatment that came with being successful. Money really could buy almost anything. I was used to living a life of luxury now, though I’d worked damn hard to get here.
It was a vast contrast to the Majorca holiday – two cheap self-catering apartments with no air conditioning and some rather undesirable six legged guests. The change of location, for one thing, was a world away – a luxury resort on a remote island in the Indian Ocean – reflecting the rapid growth of our successes and our bank balances. We were doing it in style this time. I slipped off my sandals and ran my bare feet over the smooth marble floor. Heaven.
Usually all my travelling was work related; it was something of a novelty to be on holiday purely for pleasure. My skin tingled as it really sunk in that I had a full week ahead in this stunning place with nothing to do but relax and enjoy myself. Could I really forget about work? I’d certainly give it my best shot. I eyed my laptop, already set up on the desk, and stopped myself from going over to check my emails. I was on holiday. Emails could wait. My assistant was taking care of all my accounts while I was away, and he was competent enough, or so I tried to convince myself. I poured myself a glass of the wine, took a sip and then set the glass down. Crisp and fruity, perfect.
I unbuttoned my linen shirtdress and let it fall to the floor. Then my underwear. I bent to pick them up and tidy them away, but then stopped myself. Screw it. I was here to relax. It felt good to strip off after the long plane journey and the sweaty ride from the airport to the hotel. Picking up the cool glass of wine once again, I walked naked to the sliding balcony doors and pulled them open, gazing at the ocean view. It really was paradise, just like the brochures had proclaimed. A wash of pastel hues as far as the eye could see; soft blues and even softer yellows, accented by the lush greens of the tropical foliage.
Checking my watch, I realised it was eleven thirty. I’d be late to meet Sarah if I didn’t hurry. She’d arrived the previous evening, and the others would all be here mid-afternoon. I really wanted the chance to chat with Sarah before the fellas arrived.
After a quick shower I dressed in a white knee length sundress, slipped on a pair of white sandals and sat down at the dresser to blow dry my sandy hair before it frizzed up in the moist heat of the island. A smudge of lip-gloss and a coat of mascara later and I was ready.
I wasn’t intending to check my emails before I left the room, but the little ping to alert me of a new message happened to catch my attention just as I passed the desk. I swiped my finger across the mouse pad automatically, and almost groaned when I saw my inbox. It wasn’t the long list of client emails that bothered me, they were to be expected and were being handled back at the office. It was the most recent email that made my heart sink a little: Edward Summers. My (very recent) ex-boyfriend.
I really didn’t want to read anything Ed had to say right now. I didn’t need to hear again how I was too emotionally detached and career focused. In all honesty, I didn’t want to be forced to wonder if there was some truth in the accusation, especially since he wasn’t my first ex-boyfriend (or friend, or sibling, or parent for that matter…) to say such a thing. No – I wasn’t going to let anyone detract from my buoyant mood, not even him.
I could spend time thinking about things other than work. I could relax, let go, and have fun. In fact, that’s exactly what I was planning to spend the next week doing. I closed the lid of the laptop resolutely and grabbed my handbag.


The email was soon forgotten about as I made my way down to the hotel bar. I still considered Sarah my best friend, despite the fact that we only had time to catch up about once a month on Skype and very rarely actually saw each other since she moved up North. She would always know me better than the many acquaintances I’ve gathered over the years ever could.
Those first two years at university, when we’d shared a house alone together before the lads moved in, had cemented our friendship for life.
The lift finally arrived, the doors seeping open with a ping, snapping me back from my reminiscence. I stepped inside, my excitement growing. The doors opened as the lift reached the ground floor and I strode across the marble floor of the vast lobby towards the lounge bar, my heart fluttering with excitement.
“Sarah!” I called as I entered the bar and she tuned with a beaming smile already plastered across her face and almost flew into my arms. I could hug Sarah like I could hug nobody else in the world.
Sarah was unlike the rest of us in many ways. Not any less driven, but driven by something different, by a need to express herself and push her own boundaries rather than a need to be successful by some external measure.
She was more free-spirited, more creative, more passionate than the rest of us. Sarah bought colour and vibrancy wherever she went; she’d always been the soul of the group. Sarah was an actress, and a pretty successful one too. After a long stint in the West End in a well-known stage show, she’d landed a part in one of the UK’s most well loved soaps and her character had become a regular.
“So what will you have to drink?” she asked, grabbing my hand and pulling me towards the bar.
“Hmm, now there’s a question. Something wet and alcoholic please!” Well, it might not even be lunchtime yet but screw it, we were on holiday. I was already high on excitement and – if I was honest – a little nervous. I could use the Dutch courage before the others arrived. It might have been five years, but it would be the first time we’d all been together since…
“I want you,” the whispered words, tickling my neck, naked flesh as we discarded our swimwear and our inhibitions dispersed like smoke in the balmy night breeze. Only the stars twinkling above as witnesses on that rooftop jaccuzzi, then a hand in mine, pulling me closer…
“Well that narrows it down,” Sarah laughed, “Miguel here has been keeping me well lubricated.” She winked at the rather dishy looking barman who bestowed a radiant smile upon me. “Here try this.” I took a sip of her offered drink.
“Yummy! Fruity, that’s perfect. Yes, I’ll have a bucket of that please,” Miguel began mixing my drink as I turned to Sarah. “You look amazing hun! So, how many autographs have you had to sign so far?”
With her shiny chestnut locks and huge mahogany eyes, not to mention her perfect skin, equally perfect size ten figure, and some un-nameable superstar quality that oozed from her every pore, Sarah turned heads even of those who didn’t recognise her from the soap.
“Oh, there’s not that many people out here who watch those little Brit shows,” she waved a hand in dismissal.
“Come on now Sar, don’t be modest. You’ve been asked for three photos in the ten minutes we’ve been sitting here.”
As if to prove his point, a middle aged woman approached cautiously, whispering loudly to her husband, “It is, it is, I told you it’s her,” and then more loudly, to Sarah, “Oh fancy seeing you here Cassie, I never miss an episode of your show. I think you should go easy on that Brett though, give him another chance.”
It was something I’d grown used to, on the rare occasions we did manage to meet up for a drink, and Sarah was always happy to oblige her fans, but this was her holiday and she deserved some time off too. Plus, it really riled me up when people called her by her character’s name. Really? Did they really not know the difference between fantasy and reality?
I stood up before Sarah could answer, “I’m sorry love but you’ve got the wrong person, my friend here isn’t called Cassie, you must have her confused with someone else.” I smiled sweetly before grabbing my drink from the bar with a smile at the gorgeous Miguel, taking Sarah’s arm, and guiding her towards one of the sofas out on the deck in a perfect shady spot under a palm, immediately hit by a warm blast of delicious tropical heat. Why oh why did I stay in England? I loved the sun.
I looked around me, the resort we were staying in was stunning. I took in the dazzling blue pool, irregular in shape to mimic a natural lagoon, sprawling around the hotel grounds with paddling areas for younger guests, deeper areas for swimming, little bridges and islands and even small waterfalls, all interspersed with flourishing tropical garden areas.
“Oh God thanks Chels, that was hilarious. I see your lioness side hasn’t been tamed yet. Thank God.” Sarah sat down next to me on the sofa and leaned in close as she spoke, as if we were sharing a secret. That was the thing about Sarah – she could make you feel like you were the most important person in the world.
“I don’t know about Lioness, but I can’t be bothered with anyone’s crap, that’s all. SO I won’t take any!” I giggled and took another sip of my fruity cocktail.
“Good for you, I always admired your ballsiness you know. And I’m pretty sure it’s helped you get where you are too – Senior Accounts Manager! You’ll be running the place before our next meet-up! I’m so proud of you. I know it was a few months ago now but we definitely need to celebrate your promotion.” Sarah bounced up and down in her seat excitedly. The woman had more energy than most twenty one year olds and didn’t look much older either.
“Thanks love, I’m proud of myself too. Though my aim is simply to make enough money to retire early and put my feet up somewhere like this.” I took a long sip of my drink and sat back in my chair, taking in the ocean view again. Of course, I didn’t mean a word of it. I would be lost without my work. We all would.
“We really do have even more celebrating to do don’t we?” I mused, “My promotion, you and your National Soap Awards, again, and the boys too. What a few years it’s been!”
Miguel appeared then, his big white smile beaming, and collected our empty glasses.
“More drinks ladies?” he asked in a delicious exotic accent that made every syllable sound sensual.
“Mmm, yes please. Maybe bring a jug?” Sarah looked at me for confirmation and I nodded, Miguel vanished back inside.
“I intend to relax by any means possible!” I said and put my legs up on the glass coffee table to prove my point, shifting up my dress to expose more leg to the blazing sun. I sighed with contentment, taking in the sounds of exotic insects and birds, the soft swish of water as a few people swam in the sprawling pool nearby.
I couldn’t help but again compare to our last break away together – to Majorca. The small square pool shared by the apartment complex we stayed in, always heaving with bodies both in and around the pool. Loud, gaudy, but lots of fun at the time.
Miguel returned with our jug of cocktail and poured us both a glass before quietly slipping back inside. I took a sip of the cool cocktail, already feeling a slight buzz in my veins from the first one.
“Things really have taken a turn for the better since our days in the Student Union bar, glugging back cheap cider to get shitfaced on the cheap!” Sarah said, as if reading my thoughts.
“I know,” I agreed, “God that stuff tasted foul! Oh how we’ve grown up! The funny thing is, I always thought I’d feel different when I was older. I mean, obviously I am different in many ways, but I don’t feel different, do you know what I mean? I just feel like I have to act different.” I wasn’t sure I was making any sense at all, my head felt decidedly woozy from the strong cocktails and my giddiness at being just being there.
“Yes! Yes, I totally know what you mean. Sometimes I’ll be at one of those awards thingies, all dolled up, sipping champagne, and all I really want to do is take off my God-awful high heels and drink Lambrini from the bottle with you walking down the street singing in the middle of the night!”
“Those were the days!” I laughed, “Oh God how that takes me back!”
“Right that’s it. For the rest of the week we’re eighteen again. No rules, no approval needed – we eat what we want, we drink what we want and we do what the hell we want with nobody to answer to but ourselves!”
“I like the sound of that,” I agreed. This week was sounding more and more perfect with every passing moment.
“Agreed! Only this time we have the money to be eighteen in style,” Sarah laughed and twisted herself to lay back against the arm of the sofa, putting her feet up on my lap.
Naked bodies in the hot tub. A hand in mine under the water, pulling me closer. A hand on my thigh, a mouth on mine… the memories were floating ever closer to the surface.
“Sarah. Do you think it will be awkward? Us all being together again. After, you know…”
We’d never talked about it, that was the thing. Apart from a couple of jokey references by Hugh the next day, nobody had ever mentioned it. Like it had been a dream, or had stayed on the island – something that had belonged to that week and would never fit into our normal lives – along with the sun and the awful peach schnapps we’d downed every night.
“Blimey Chelsea, you’re still thinking about that?”
“Well it’s hard not to, you know, what with us all getting together again. Don’t you ever think about it?”
“Not really. Not in any depth anyway, it’s just another experience, just another things hat happened. I don’t think it will be weird at all. It was no big deal – I’m pretty sure the guys have done weirder things since. They’re guys. Hot guys. Hot rich guys. That opens up a lot of doorways to opportunity, and we all know the kind of opportunities guys are after.”
“Yeah. I suppose. I never thought of it like that. Kinda felt like a big deal at the time.”
His eyes as I touched him under the water, wrapping my hand around him, his hungry eyes. Wanting it so bad he couldn’t say no.
“It was just a bit of fun Chels. If you’re still thinking of it so much maybe you need to get some. Is that it? You’re sex starved.” She giggled. “You’ve been working too hard and not getting enough of the good stuff.”
“Maybe you’re right,” I laughed. “Now did I hear you mention food? Because I’m bloody starving and since we threw the rules out the window, I want the yummiest, greasiest food you can find on the menu.”
“Did someone mention food?” Came a voice from behind them, and they both turned around and squealed at the sight of Hugh, jumping up to greet him.
“It’s the king of the courtroom!” Sarah proclaimed, pulling him into a hug, almost spilling the beer he was holding.
“Woah, easy girl,” he flashed his ever boyish grin, and though his green eyes were hidden behind Ray Ban shades I could picture exactly how they would be all crinkled up at the corners. “You’ve got me confused with the barristers, all I do is hide behind my law books and paperwork and let them do the hard work, I very rarely even see the inside of a courtroom,” he laughed.
“You just sit in your luxury office and collect all the mullah right?” I teased, taking my turn to get wrapped in his big bear hug before sitting back down again. Hugh took a seat on the sofa to right angles with ours, leaning back with his legs spread wide – always comfortable and commanding – whatever his environment. He was looking good – slightly shorter than average for a man, his body was none-the-less in great shape from his dedicated morning workouts in the gym giving him a strong and toned but not ridiculously bulging physique (you know the type – where a guy works out so much he kinda resembles a gorilla?). I noticed his legs were already looking bronzed beneath his smart designer shorts, as were his arms – probably some pre-holiday sunbed sessions – that would be just like Hugh. Perfectly finished and presented in every way possible.
“There you have it, my career plan wrapped up in a nutshell!” Hugh had recently been promoted to Junior Partner of the firm he’d worked for since graduating, and I knew it wasn’t really just the money that motivated him, but a strong sense of moral justice too. Not many people knew of his background.
When Miguel appeared again we ordered a large pizza and another jug, and the conversation flowed easily, punctuated by more and more raucous laughter as we sipped our cocktails and munched our food (Miguel discreetly bought us a jug of water alongside our cocktails which we all downed dutifully and which probably saved us from getting ridiculously drunk).
I was, however, very glad to be a bit on the tipsy side when the other two lads arrived, fresh from the airport. I hadn’t been nervous to see Hugh or Sarah, because I’d seen them both quite a bit since Majorca. But Nick and James, I hadn’t seen at all, and had only kept up with via Facebook and Hugh’s updates – Hugh being the linchpin of the group – it was weird to see them again in person.
“Hail the kings of New York!” Hugh joked as the pair pulled chairs up to the table and sat down with their drinks. They’d already checked in and changed into casual shorts and t-shirts, but both wafted an air of success regardless of their attire.
“Long and hot,” was the brief account of their journey from the states. They looked amazing, regardless. I tried to ignore the little flip my stomach did when I saw Nick for the first time in five years. He’d had been a little on the geeky side when we were younger – kind of skinny, but cute in a nice guy kind of way. He’d changed. He’d filled out and grown chiselled in all the right places. His tall and skinny had become tall and ripped. His dark hair was longer now too, falling in waves to his shoulders, and his face seemed broader than I remembered it – more manly.
Pulling me towards him, whispering in my ear ‘Are you sure?’ as I wrapped my hand around him, never more sure of anything than I was in that moment.
He looked up at me and smiled then, his blue eyes glinting. I smiled and pulled my gaze away from him, my cheeks flushing at the memory and the fact that I’d been caught basically staring at him.
“Congrats on the promotion Chels, amazing stuff, and well deserved I’m sure if your work ethic is still the same as it was in our uni days,” he said, his smile warm and open.
“Oh thanks, yeah, it’s insane isn’t it, how much has changed. You guys too, you’ve achieved so much. Well done!” It had been a couple of years now since Nick and James, both successful Venture Capitalists in London, had moved to California to work full time on their IT Company – a venture they’d started online as a hobby whilst flat sharing that had flourished and demanded them to make a decision about what direction they wanted their careers to take. Both had chosen to put all their savings and their faith in the company – and by all accounts it was a punt well taken – they were now raking it in and their company employed over 50 staff already. I wasn’t about to admit that I hadn’t the faintest ideas what they actually did – something technical to do with apps and social media or games. My technical knowledge really was pitiful! I made a mental note to ask Hugh to explain the lads’ company to me at some point.
Despite my trepidation, the conversation flowed easily between Nick and me – and all of us actually – and my earlier awkwardness soon melted away, it was almost like we were back in our shared house as we caught up on our careers and lives. Mostly careers, since that was the main feature in all our lives.
“I think we should ban all talk about work now,” James said a while later. “We’ve caught up now, and this is supposed to be a holiday right?”
He lounged his long body back in his chair and stretched his well-muscled arms up behind his head. Life in the US clearly suited him, or was it that he’d been working out? He’d always had a stronger build than the others and was sandy blonde where they were both dark. Though despite his size, his face had boy next door quality. Though look out any girls who were fooled by that look – he might look like butter wouldn’t melt in his mouth, but he was a true ladies man, charming and romantic all the way to the bedroom, running out the door the minute things started to feel too domestic. We’d all witnessed it on many occasions and from what I’d heard, he hadn’t changed. Still, it hadn’t stopped me appreciating the playful glint in his eye as he laughed and chatted, summarising their adventures since moving across the pond and launching their property investment venture.
“Well what can we talk about then? Since work is pretty much all most of us have got?”
“Actually, I was thinking less talking and more doing, if you know what I mean. I hear there’s a hot tub in all executive suites.” He winked at Sarah.
“Are you serious right now James?” She hit him playfully, her face incredulous.
“Of course not, I just wanted to see your face when I suggested it.”
We all laughed, and I’m not sure if I was the only one that was a little relieved it had been bought up, got out in the open, the ice broken so to speak.
“Absolutely no repeats!” Sarah said, and we all laughingly stated our agreement.
Whether it was the sun or the alcohol or a mixture of both, I found myself warming inside. I’d missed this. I’d missed my friends. Had I become so obsessed with success I’d forgotten to live my life?


Sun and alcohol were always a potent combination, and it was only a short time later that Sarah announced she needed a siesta. I was glad she’d suggested it, because I’d started thinking the same thing but I didn’t want to be accused of being boring or a wet blanket.
“Oh good idea, me too,” I agreed.
Hugh and James decided to take a walk and explore the local area, maybe go into town. Nick decided he wanted to chill out for a while too.
Sarah’s suite was not far from the lift on the spacious executive floor of the hotel and after taking a peek inside and oohing and aahing over the gorgeous rooms, Sarah promised to wake me in a couple of hours so we had time to swim and sunbathe before dinner, and Nick and I continued down the corridor in companionable silence.
“I’m here.” Nick came to a stop at one of the large oak doors in the wide marble corridor.
“Ah, well I’m here,” I laughed, pointing to the door right opposite his. We’re hotel neighbours!”
“Ha! What are the odds?” He leaned against the wall beside his door. “So listen, Chels, I wanted to say sorry for not being in touch since, well… you know.”
“Oh don’t even think about it,” I smiled, my voice sounding loud and forced to my own ears. Wow, Nick really was tall. I wasn’t particularly tall at 5”5, but he towered over me. Maybe it was just more noticeable now he was so much broader. Not like muscle man ripped or anything but just, fit. I tore my eyes away from his chest and forced myself to look at his face. I could see his eyes more clearly now we were out of the sun. He no longer wore glasses, and his eyes looked so piercing – the blue of stormy seas. Wow, I’d always found Nick attractive in a geeky kind of way – if a little quiet and intense – but now he was kind of next league hot. Or maybe it was just the cocktails. I cleared my throat.
“I haven’t been in touch with you either, life’s just like that sometimes isn’t it? We’ve all been so busy.”
“Yeah I guess, but… as much as I don’t want to bring it up, I really feel that while we’re alone I have to say it – I hope we can forget what happened and it won’t be awkward this week?”
“Oh totally, it’s already forgotten,” I agreed maybe a little too quickly, and I couldn’t stop the involuntary image that flashed in my mind.
His face, panicking like he wanted to be anywhere other than there, then his eyes, meeting mine, lit from within, his decision made, reaching for my hand beneath the water, pulling me close and whispering in my ear ‘I want it to be you…’
“That’s good. Because I’ve worried all this time that it might have ruined our friendship.” He smiled and fiddled with the room key in his hand.
“Nope. Let’s never mention it again. Our friendship is perfectly intact, in fact, any time you want to share a pot noodle and a bottle of Lambrini or help me with an assignment you won’t hear any complaints from me,” I giggled.
“If I remember correctly you used those pot noodles and cheap wine to bribe me into helping you with those assignments.” Nick laughed too, and the tension in the air evaporated. In truth, I hadn’t liked being alone on the many nights when Sarah was out on a date or at a party that I couldn’t afford or couldn’t be bothered to go to, and needing help with an assignment had been nothing but an excuse to get Nick over to keep me company.
I remembered fondly the many nights we’d spent tucked up on the sofa, watching scary movies and listening to music until the others came home in the early hours. They were good memories.
“Thanks Nick, I’m glad we’ve cleared the air. And I hope everything’s okay for you?”
“Yes, well, in all honesty things have been a bit complicated with my ex, but I hope that this week away will help us both to move on.”
“Hmm, I know how you feel. I think this holiday could be just what we all need.” We stood for a moment and just smiled at each other. Then I yawned and remembered that Sarah had me on a deadline and I really did need some sleep. “Well, I’ll see you later, maybe at the pool?”
“Maybe, if not then for dinner at least. With the others.”
Impulsively I stood on tiptoes and hugged Nick, feeling so happy that we could be friends again without the incident hanging in the air between us. He hesitated for a moment and then wrapped his arms around my back.
I couldn’t help noticing how solid he felt now, how strong. I couldn’t help noticing how my body reacted to being held against his – softening, melting.
In my room, I stripped my dress gratefully and let it fall to the floor, delighting in my deliberate messiness. The cool air conditioning of the room was a welcome relief from the sweaty heat outside. In my bra and knickers I opened the small refrigerator and extracted one of the complimentary bottles of water – glugging back at least a litre in one go both to rehydrate my body and avoid a hangover, a habit I’d adopted back in the uni days and stuck to religiously. I considered a shower, but sleep was calling, making my eyelids heavy and so I fell onto the fresh white sheets of the queen sized bad and allowed my limbs to just sink into the soft mattress.
Drifting between wake and sleep, I felt giddy with happiness. I’d been wary when Sarah had suggested this holiday, and warier still on my way here. But even on the first day I was glad I’d come. The opportunity to relax, to take stock of my life, to have fun, to reconnect with old friends – yes, I’d made the right choice when I followed my heart and said yes. I thought of Nick’s words, and smiled, glad that that night wouldn’t be an issue between us any longer.
It had been the final night of our holiday in Majorca, and like every night, we’d been out clubbing – though this time maybe with an added sense of something akin to desperation – unspoken but almost tangible – after this we were all doomed to becoming fully fledged working grown ups for who such wild holidays would be a thing of the past. Of course, the whole week had been pretty much what you’d expect from a bunch of newly graduated, newly adult (on paper if not actions), twenty one year olds – lots of drinking, partying, sunbathing and for some of the group partaking of as many mind altering substances as possible. I sometimes wish I’d had drugs to blame for that last night, but I was too scared of being out of control to partake in anything stronger than alcohol and so I could blame only one too many shots of that peach schnapps and cheap cocktails that I hoped to never experience again in my life.
As I drifted, I couldn’t help my mind wandering to that memory that I’d shut away in a little room behind a secure bolted door after returning home from Majorca, a door that had inevitably been prodded and poked all day and appeared to have swung ajar. Instead of fighting it and trying to slam the door closed, in my semi drunk and semi asleep state, I allowed the door to open wide and the memories to creep out and wash over me. I was surprised how vivid the memories were, how specific – even five years later.
“I can’t believe you got us kicked out of that club James,” I said as we walked back towards our apartment block, giggling and unsteady on our feet, my arm linked through Sarah’s.
“It wasn’t my fault, I had no idea her boyfriend was one of the bouncers, did I?” James pretended to be affronted, but came across more as an overgrown sulky toddler.
“That was still no reason for you to start pawing at her,” Sarah said, backing me up. James was always getting us in trouble with his womanising ways.
“Well she did some pawing of her own you know, sticking her hands everywhere, asking me to do some right dirty stuff. How was I supposed to say no?” James protested, his eyes wide with feigned innocence, the youngest child, used to getting his own way and charming himself out of trouble.
“It was funny when you saw him coming though, you basically sprinted out of there.” Hugh laughed, ever the pacifier, even when the fighting was only playful banter. Hugh was everybody’s friend.
“Well, it was a shit club anyway, but thanks for coming with me.” James held up the glass of beer he’d somehow managed to escape from the club still carrying and saluted us with it. As always we overlooked and forgave his indiscretions with a roll of the eyes. What were friends for right?
We’d somehow found our way into the rooftop Jacuzzi of our apartment hotel. The place was cheap and certainly nothing to write home about, but it served its purpose – giving us somewhere to sleep during the day after partying at night. We didn’t need much else really.
The rooftop bar was closed at 2am and all of the sunbeds, jammed with half naked bodies determined to go home sun-baked during the day, were empty, so we had the whole area to ourselves. In hindsight it was lucky that in our drunken state we hadn’t done anything more dangerous, being five floors up, but once James had suggested the Jacuzzi we were all focused on that.
Knowing James I’m sure he had his own reasons for telling us all to get into our swimsuits after one last vodka in the lads room and head to the rooftop, but none of us gave it any thought, it was our last night after all, maybe our last opportunity to be young and crazy for some time to come, so we’d all agreed, none of us wanting the night to end.
For a cheap hotel, the rooftop Jacuzzi was a pretty classy feature – though one we hadn’t thus far been able to experience for ourselves given that it had been completely hogged each day by people who were clearly willing to get up much earlier than us for the privilege. It was one of those huge ten man size affairs tucked into a corner of the roof, and the view from up there was amazing – even more so at that time of night, the city lit up and dazzling all below us, easily seen through the glass barrier around the edge of the roof. The stars glittering above in the night sky added an even more magical touch to the night.
We were sat in the bubbles, enchanted by the night-time view of the city, chatting and laughing, when suddenly James stood up in the middle of the Jacuzzi and said “Right, there’s no point having this place to ourselves if we aren’t naked – I mean, its a Jacuzzi in the middle of the night for God’s sake, when will we have this chance again?” Without waiting for a response, he pulled his shorts down and threw them aside, eliciting a cheer from us all. I still have no idea why we encouraged him – I can only attribute it to that sense of a window of opportunity closing, a slight desperation, like this might be our last chance to do something crazy, something that we could blame on youth and the Mediterranean heat.
We hooted with laughter as James gyrated his manhood around for us all to see and then he fell back into the bubbles, and encouraged us all to join him. Hugh, the ever eager party animal, was quick to join in and threw his shorts out after standing up and giving us a similar show.
“Come on girls” James said with a grin and an eager glint in his eye. Sarah and I looked at each other. I thought Sarah looked a bit doubtful, but then a wolfish grin spread over her lips.
“Why not,” she declared and stood up, making a show of peeling off her bikini for the boys, top first then bottoms, completely at ease with her slim figure being on display. I couldn’t believe she was doing it. I mean, sure, this was just the lads, they were just mates, but still – it was a bit odd, we didn’t do stuff like this. Somehow in all our years as friends none of us had crossed that line, as if there was an unspoken rule. The boys whooped and cheered then Sarah sat down and leaning close to me, whispered in my ear, “your turn.”
I was no prude by any means and pretty comfortable in my own skin, but in that moment I was awash with doubt – these were my friends and housemates, and I would never have dreamed of letting them see me naked, or wanting to see them the same way, but I stood up anyway, carried away by the excitement and eagerness of the crowd, feeling in that moment completely sober.
I unhooked my bikini top at the back, feeling an excited tingle shooting through me as I did so, as I saw Hugh and James watching me eagerly, chanting my name, and Sarah with her hand over her mouth like she couldn’t believe I was really doing it. Even Nick was watching me, something unreadable in his eyes, and I felt a fire light inside me. Pulling my top off I threw it aside with a sense of freedom, standing tall and removing my bikini bottoms too, making sure I gave a good show for the lads. I felt more confident with every movement, and I could see in each of the spectators faces that a sense of excitement was alight behind the jovial whoops and cheers. This was new territory – we had never done anything like this before. I didn’t know why we were doing it now or where it might lead but in that moment I didn’t care. The bubbles against my naked skin felt wild and liberating and I was buzzing all over.
I sat back down and everyone turned to Nick, who’d clearly been enjoying the show. He made no move to stand up or remove his shorts.
“I think Nick’s a bit scared to get naked in front of a girl, he’s never done it before.” James shouted, apparently in jest but it felt slightly cruel none the less.
“Is that true?” Sarah asked. Apparently all barriers had been removed along with our clothes. “You’ve made it through university without losing your virginity?”
Nick looked down and I felt a flush of embarrassment for him – not because of his apparent virginity, but because he was being put on the spot so brazenly.
“Yes it’s true, some of us were actually more focused on getting our degrees than shagging around, it’s no big deal.” Nick replied with a smile, brushing it off, and I was pleased for him. Reaching under the water he removed his shorts and held them up in the air as if they were a prize, spinning them around and throwing them to the side, rewarded by the delighted cheers of the others. I noticed, however, that he stayed under the bubbles.
“Look girls, Nick is shit with the opposite sex – surely you can’t let him graduate without popping his cherry? Have a heart.” James said.
“James, give it a rest mate,” Nick protested, but I felt his eyes on me, and when I looked at him I could see him trying unsuccessfully to keep his eyes from my breasts.
“Come on girls, what do you say? What happens in Majorca stays in Majorca right?” James said. I’d passed James’ request off as banter before, but then I noticed Sarah looking at me.
“What do you say Chels, you up for it?” Her eyes glinted.
Of course not, I thought. This is ridiculous. But the words didn’t come out of my mouth. Instead, my veins felt lit up with something wild, something daring. And I thought, why the fuck not? Nick’s protests had been feeble at best, and it was just sex for fucks sake. It’s not like I hadn’t mindlessly shagged at least four other guys over the last three years – only one of whom I’d hoped might result in a relationship, the other two being just one night stands.
“I’ll do it if you do.” I said, surprising even myself. Sarah smiled.
We moved over to the side of Nick, who was glancing behind him as if considering escape.
“Have you ever kissed a girl?” Sarah asked him.
“Of course I have, I’m not ten,” he said, turning back to face us, rendered speechless for a moment as he took in the sight of two naked women standing before him. The look on his face sent a thrill right through me.
“Come on, this has gone far enough” he stuttered, unconvincing, “you don’t have to do this, James was just joking.”
“What if we want to do this? What if I want to do this?” I said. He looked at me for a moment too long, his eyes flitting down again to my bare breasts, and the feeling of power in that moment was electric, the feeling of not giving a fuck – about the rules, about what was proper, about what anyone thought.
I felt a buzz down low between my legs, the liberation of being naked in the Jacuzzi, the bubbles tickling every inch of me delightfully, the thought of having sex with someone who’d never done it before. The thought of having sex with Nick. My breath was coming faster and harder. I didn’t even care that we weren’t alone. It’s hard to explain, there was something in that moment that rendered it almost unreal, surreal, dreamlike.
I felt Nick’s hand beneath the water, taking mine, pulling me towards him, and then he whispered in my ear “I want it to be you,’” and his hand was on my thigh, his mouth was on mine. I found his cock under the water, and Sarah came in close and started kissing his neck as I started to rub him, his gasp making my pussy pulse.
“Fuck,” I heard someone mumble from behind, I don’t know who.
The realisation that the lads were watching was turning me on even more – I stuck my breasts out and arched my back, deliberately giving them a show. They had both fallen mostly silent and I could only take that to mean they were hard and horny, enchanted by the sex show happening right before them. Sarah’s hands were on my body suddenly, fondling my breasts, running down my spine, sending tingles of delight right through me. In that moment my mind was a fog, all conscious thought and reason had taken leave for the night. Never before had I been with a woman in any kind of sexual way but right then it wasn’t so much about who was doing what, more about the show we were putting on, the sensations we were experiencing, and I had to admit, her hands on me – gentle and teasing – were sending me wild, driving my lust into another stratosphere.
Nick was kissing me and then turned to kiss Sarah, one hand on each of us, stroking, touching, squeezing, like a child in a sweet shop. Sarah’s hand found his balls and I could feel her tickling and massaging them as I continued to stroke his cock. How he could last much longer, it being his first time and all, I had no idea. His eyes were wild and hungry, no longer able to reason or deny himself the goodies on offer. Suddenly I felt a determination to fulfill our teasing promise – to help him lose his virginity – I didn’t want him to blow his load from a hand job.
It was no longer just about the show, not even just about my own body crying out for attention (I wanted to rub myself against him so badly, my clit was throbbing with the need), it was about wanting him to fuck a woman. Wanting him to fuck me. That was it – I wanted to be the one. I straddled him, his cock pushing against my folds, Sarah moving to the side with a grin on her face. I forgot the others then; there was only Nick and I, only this moment, beneath the stars. Only his eyes looking into mine – are you sure? He asked without words.
“Wait,” James called and handed something to Nick. “Didn’t you go to scouts – be prepared my friend.” As Nick stood, out of the corner of my eye I could see Hugh and Sarah kissing fervently now against the other edge of the Jacuzzi, though I hadn’t even noticed her leaving Nick and I alone, their hands were all over each other. I could feel James’ eyes on me as I stood, aware that the moonlight was glistening on my wet naked body. I rolled the condom onto Nick’s penis, then I pushed him down so he was sitting again and returned to my position straddling him, not hesitating this time, looking in his eyes as I allowed the head of his cock to slip inside the entrance of my eager pussy.
His eyes so hungry, eager, it was an honour to be his first, an honour and a thrill. I reminded myself he’d never felt himself inside a woman before, and then I sat down on him hard, and fuck it felt good. The way he cried out told me he thought so too, and I started to ride him, bouncing up and down on him, driving him into me over and over.
“That’s right girl, you fuck him good,” I heard Hugh say behind me, watching us even as his hands and mouth were all over Sarah.
Nick’s mouth was on my breasts then, licking, sucking, his hands roaming up and down my back, settling on my hips, pulling me down onto him.
“Oh fuck Chelsea, I can’t, I’m gonna…” he whispered.
“It’s ok, let yourself go,” I whispered back and Nick groaned, pumping into me, his first ever orgasm inside a woman. It was fast but fucking sexy as hell. I kissed his neck and stroked his hair as he held me.
“How was that?” I whispered in his ear.
“I have no words,” he replied as I climbed from him and sat beside him, sated, happy. “I’m sorry, you didn’t…”
“It’s ok,” I told him, though I was so fucking turned on I was ready to combust. Nick’s hand found it’s way between my legs, his fingers dipping inside me as I lay my head back and moaned.
On the other side of the jacuzzi, Sarah was sitting on James, bouncing up and down now as I had on Nick, and simultaneously giving Hugh a hand job, his head thrown back to the sky, his eyes closed and mouth open in pleasure. I watched as if we were watching a movie, damn it was horny as hell, making me buzz even more as Nick’s fingers fucked me. I had never watched people having sex before – not real live people anyway. I’d seen a bit of porn on DVD, an ex boyfriend liked to watch it while we fucked but it never did anything for me. This however, this was something entirely different. It was real. It was tangible.
Jesus, it was hot. Then Hugh called out and climaxed, his spunk flying in an arc and landing in the water as James grunted his own orgasm. Sarah was clambering off James and turned to me then, saw us watching them as Nick finger fucked me, kissing my neck, feeling my breasts with his other hand. A smile spread across Sarah’s face as she walked towards me.
“Move aside Nick, my turn.” She motioned for me to sit on the side of the Jacuzzi and I did so, so far gone with lust I might have agreed to anything right then. I opened my legs wide, naked and on display for all to see.
“Holy fuck,” I heard a low voice say as Sarah started licking my clit. The moment her tongue made contact was electric, I sucked in air, feeling like I might climax right them.
“Oh my God, fuck,” I tangled a hand in her hair and moved slightly against her tongue, feeling a growing pulse spreading all through me.
“Shit ladies, you cannot just expect me to sit back and watch this,” James said, moving behind Sarah so she was bent in front of him, gripping her hips, his cock already hard again.
“May I?” he asked and Sarah nodded, then he pushed himself into her from behind and I felt her moan against my clit as he started to move gently in and out of her. Then she slipped her tongue inside my pussy and started to move it in time with James strokes. I swear I have never been so turned on, so crazy with lust. I felt like I might be devoured, swallowed up by need itself and fuck it would be a wonderful way to go.
Hugh moved beside me and somehow managed to maneuver his way underneath me, easing me gently away from the edge so he was sitting under me, my back to him. I felt his erection pressing against the small of my back, and in that moment I wanted nothing more than to feel it inside me. Sarah, still bending over and still being screwed from behind by James, helped to guide Hugh’s cock to my entrance As I sat down on it and started to grind into him, Sarah lapped at my clit with her tongue, holding onto my spread thighs to keep herself upright as James’ thrusts into her got harder and faster. I could no longer distinguish the sounds of pleasure as separate – they all merged together, the grunts and moans and exclamations of delight.
Turning my head to the side I saw Nick, the only one not engaged in this group session, watching me gyrating on Hugh, and then he stepped towards me without me needing to invite him or say anything. He was getting bolder, braver. I wondered if my eyes looked as wild as they felt, like I was high on something unnamable, as I took Nick’s erection in my hand and stroked him in time with my movements on Hugh’s dick, in time with Sarah’s lapping at my clit, in time with James’ strokes into her from behind.
For a second I had an almost out of body experience, the sensations were too much to handle, it was as if I could feel everyone’s pleasure even as I felt my own, and I could see us – all connected, all one big pulsing and writhing orgy of desire. Then the energy heightened as orgasms began to build, and the final thought that flitted through my mind as waves of ecstasy rippled through me and I was gripped by a climax more powerful than anything I’d ever experienced, every muscle inside my pushy clenching and pulsating with pleasure, was that it was a shame there was nobody watching us, filming us even – this would have made a fucking great adult movie.

The memories had set my insides on fire in a way I hadn’t experienced for a long time – I was damp between the legs and pulsating with lust. Just being near them all again had sparked more than just memories. I groaned and turned over in bed, determined to get some sleep. But who was I kidding? There was no way I was going to sleep now, I was so fucking horny. My hand had found its way between my legs as if it had a mind of its own. As I rubbed my clit gently, I found my mind replaying the scene in slow motion. The moment Nick whispered in my ear, the moment I’d taken his virginity.
My whole vagina was swollen, ripe and ready from the delicious and vivid memories alighting my senses. I needed more.
Before I could even think clearly, I’d climbed out of bed and pulled on a satin robe. I was just about to open my hotel door, when a knock came from the other side. I held the robe around me and pulled it open.
“I couldn’t’ sleep,” Nick said, and looked down, taking in the sight of me standing there is my short robe and bare feet, my eyes ablaze.

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