Erotic Short Story: The Mature Student

TheMatureStudentCoverWebA few years older than the other students, mature student Karen feels decidedly out of place and dowdy amongst her younger, more glamourous, classmates. Until one night at the student bar when Elliot, ten years her junior, starts paying her special attention, making her feel desirable and atttractive again, and awakening a rampant long suppressed lust within her. Throwing caution to the wind, she goes back to him room for a night of passion. Things get even hotter when they find his roommate home and eager to join in.

I took a sip of my gin and tonic and smiled, trying to feel comfortable among the younger crowd in the student bar. It was loud. Loud and dark and eclectic. Full of people branching out in the world for the first time, exploring themselves and their new-found independence, experimenting with different aspects of their personality, trying to make an impact on those around them, vying to be seen, to be heard, to have fun, and live it up. And then there was me, desperately trying to get through this course as inconspicuously as possible.

“Right, shots for everyone!” a deep voice announced, placing a tray of shot glasses on the scarred table in front of me. Even the furniture in this room was a ramshackle collection, as if collected from various times and places, seeming to reflect perfectly the diverse looks of those who used it.

A cheer went up from Sarah and Izzy sitting across from me, their flushed faces and loud voices suggesting that maybe they’d had more than enough to drink already. They had, after all, been supping pints of beer for the past three hours, since we’d received the results for our assignment, and it wasn’t even 6pm yet.

Personally, I’d managed to avoid getting too drunk by making my drinks last longer than the others and having plain tonic water when it was my round, simply pretending it had gin in. Just some of the many techniques I was learning to survive student life since embarking on life as a mature student two months ago.

“Oh, I’m not sure,” I protested, eying the shots with unease, “I need to make a move really.” It had been quite some time since my days of doing shots, and even then I’d never been a big party girl.

“No way, we’re not letting you go, are we Sar?” Izzy slurred, reaching across the table and grabbing my hand as if that might prevent me from just getting up and leaving. It didn’t. My own need to fit in and be accepted did. So I just sat there with her hand on mine. Awkward. Not that she seemed to notice.

“Uh-uh,” Sarah agreed, shaking her head vehemently, sending her wild blonde curls tumbling around her pixie-like face. I took the opportunity to slide my hand out from under Sarah’s and cradle it around my glass.

“Well, maybe a little longer…” I pondered.

I know they were plastered, but a part of me was pleased that they wanted me to stay. I’d thought they just saw me as some old fuddy-duddy, some boring old nag.

“I agree,” Elliot added, sitting down beside me, “you cannot possibly leave yet. If it wasn’t for you, we wouldn’t have anything to celebrate. We wouldn’t have stood a chance of passing that assignment without you, let alone getting a merit.” He smiled that lopsided smile, his blue eyes twinkling. “Go on, just stay a little longer, then I’ll walk back with you.” He took a shot glass from the tray and placed it in front of me, his hand brushing against mine, sending a shiver through me that felt both delicious and wrong at the same time. I glanced up at him and smiled, a blush warming my cheeks as his eyes held my gaze.

Okay, maybe I was a little tipsier than I’d thought.

He’s ten years younger than you the voice in my head reminded me. But damn, he was good looking, and he certainly didn’t seem to care about the age difference, he treated me just the same as the girls his own age. Nicer, in fact. It wasn’t the first time I’d felt him look at me that way.

I glanced at the girls opposite, but they were deep in conversation, lost in their own world, staring so intently and with such gravity at each other that they might have been discussing the crisis in the Middle East or the state of the country’s economy. But no, from the rather loud snippets I could overhear, they were talking about Izzy’s on-again-off-again relationship with the apparent bastard Jet. Again. What kind of name was Jet anyway?

Whatever, they definitely hadn’t noticed my girly reaction to Elliot’s flirting. Oh God, what the hell was wrong with me? Was I actually drunk? Had I really turned into such a desperado since splitting with Alan that I imagined every fit young twenty year old boy who had been bought up to be polite was flirting with me? With a plain, shy, boring old person like me?

“Please?” He asked, his grin lighting up with full charm wattage now, and I told myself to stop being silly and treat these people as mates, just like they were treating me. Mates.

“Fine! Just a little longer,” I agreed with a smile. Okay, what did mates talk about? Drinking, of course! I sniffed the syrupy liquid in the glass. “Sambuca? Mmmm that was always my favourite when I was younger.”

“Mine too, so sickly sweet it just slithers down your throat, and burns nicely as it goes down too.”

I raised my eyebrows and looked away from him, trying to think of a reply, but it just wasn’t in my nature, this kind of banter, and so I managed nothing more than ‘Mmmm,’ which, on reflection, probably came out all wrong. Oh God!

“Let’s do this, come on girls,” I shouted, trying to get in the spirit of things and break the spell that Elliot seemed to have cast on me, holding my shot glass up ready.

“Yes, shots! Woohoo! Come on Iz, this will sort your head out,” Sarah declared, passing a shot glass to Izzy and taking one for herself.

“Yes! Alcohol therapy!” Izzy declared.

“Okay, here’s to Karen, whose brilliance and valiant effort to keep us lesser human being’s on track might ensure that none of us flunk out of the course before the first year is even over,” Elliot was looking at me with those eyes again, those bewitching darn eyes and I blushed again with embarrassment.

I did deserve the thanks though. Honestly, when I’d first been grouped with these two girls I’d seriously despaired. They were worse than most of the other youngsters on the Creative Media course, and there were a lot of youngsters. But these girls, both 19 years old, had buddied up on the first day and did no work at all, spending most of their time partying, smoking weed, and giggling like the stereotypes of girls two years their junior. They were like a female version of Cheech and Chong. Only younger, and prettier. And maybe a little more annoying.

I thought I’d have had a far better chance of a good grade in this project if I’d been working with Howard. In his thirties, he was a lot more serious about getting his degree, unlike most of the teenagers on campus. But he’d been nabbed by a group of three lads who happened to be sitting next to him when the assignment was issued and who, I suspected, wanted him to carry them on the project and get them good grades while they partied and slept. I’d kind of suspected the same motives of Sarah and Izzy who’d invited me to join their group pretty much immediately. I’d been quickly proven correct in my suspicions. The one saving grace was that I at least got to work with Elliot, who’d completed the group. He wasn’t as bad as some of the others in the class, and as we lived in the same hall, I at least felt kind of comfortable around him. He was slightly older than the girls, at twenty, having taken a couple of years to travel and play after college, and I’d discovered that two years and some worldly experience made a big difference in maturity and character. While he still liked to party, he definitely had a little more depth to his character than some of our classmates.

“To Karen,” the girls chorused, and I didn’t have time to either protest or to be embarrassed as the three immediately downed their drinks. What the hell. I tipped back my head and knocked back the liquorice and aniseed flavoured drink, screwing up my eyes as it scorched my throat in that painful yet delectable way.

We deserved that first class grade though. It had been bloody good, the video trailer we’d storyboarded and filmed for a make-believe thriller film, even if I had come up with the majority of ideas and done the majority of the work myself. The girls had barely turned up for half of our planned meetings, always ready with some excuse or another – though admittedly they’d both come to life a bit more when the opportunity to be in front of the camera had arisen, making me wonder why they were studying a media course and not performing arts.

Most of the time it had been just me and Elliot doing the work, and even though he was limited in the ideas department, he’d been pretty handy for carrying equipment around and sweet talking various people into giving us permission to film in various locations, from a church to a nightclub, and others in-between. He had a certain way with words, a right charmer. In fact, that was my secret nickname for him – the charmer. He was fun to be around too, and in a way I’d been pleased that it was just us most of the time. Well, in all honesty I’d spent most of the time stressing about getting everything finished and getting a good grade – but now that we had it in the bag I could appreciate the benefits of having a couple of flakes in our group.

“See, feels good doesn’t it? That buzz.” Elliot asked, and I wasn’t sure if he meant the buzz in my head from the alcohol or the buzz that was starting to tingle in my groin from the intensity of his gaze and the feeling of his thigh against mine. Wait, had his thigh been touching mine a second ago? Had he moved his chair closer?

“We’re going to the bar to get more shots!” Sarah announced, pulling Izzy up from her seat. “After we go outside and smoke this bad boy,” she added in a loud whisper, though holding up a huge joint for everyone to see seemed to negate any attempt at discretion as far as I could tell. I didn’t even bother to protest about another drink this time. What the hell, I was kind of enjoying myself, Miss Cheech and Miss Chong were pretty entertaining.

“You’re finally looking kind of relaxed.” Elliot said, and I blushed when I realized he’d been staring at me as I watched the girls stumble outside. Thank fuck for the ridiculously dim lighting to disguise my flaming cheeks!

“Don’t be embarrassed Karen,” oh, so much for the lighting…” it’s nice to see you chilled out. You’re usually so…”

“…uptight?” I finished for him.

“No, I was going to say focused! And that’s not a bad thing, you’re going to do better than most of us layabouts that’s for sure.”

“I guess it’s just been a long time since I relaxed and had fun. I’m not even sure I remember how anymore,” I laughed, trying to make light of my words, which revealed far more than I’d intended to.

“It’s easy Karen. Just go with the flow,” he said, his voice gravelly, and I’ll be damned if he wasn’t coming closer, his face leaning in towards mine. I swear I didn’t breathe for about ten seconds, everything stood still as his lips opened and his head tilted to the side. Before I’d even had time to process a single thought, his lips were on mine. Warm and soft, his stubble scratching my chin, the breath from his nose softly warming the skin above my top lip as his mouth moved on mine and his tongue gently probed between my lips. I found myself responding as if possessed by some other woman, some more daring and liberated woman, my lips parting, my mouth moving against his. A fire ignited inside me as blood rushed to my groin, and I moaned against his mouth. His hand went to my thigh, slowly moving up my leg as we kissed like teenagers. Jesus, he almost was a teenager, I remembered, and pulled away with a gasp.

“Um, sorry, I’m sorry, I need to go to the loo,” I lied, and fled to the toilet.

Fuck, fuck, fuck. What the fuck was I doing? This wasn’t me! I didn’t do this!

“He kissed me!” I announced as soon as my sister answered her phone. Of course, calling Emily was the first thing I did once I’d checked that I was alone in the toilets and locked myself in a cubicle. Calling Emily was always the first thing I did in a crisis.

“Charming or Sleazy?” She asked, without bothering to comment on my lack of a greeting. This wasn’t the first frantic phone call she’d received since I’d started uni two months previously, though usually I was in tears because of all the noise my hall-mates were making partying in the corridor and communal kitchen while I tried to sleep or study. This was an altogether different kind of crisis.

“Charming,” I answered, shuddering at the thought of Sleazy, one of our other hall-mates and Elliot’s wing man, trying to kiss me.

“That’s fantastic Kaz!” She squealed.

“No it’s not!” I insisted.

“Why ever not? You fancy him don’t you?” Okay, I was slightly regretting that I told my sister everything, including my ever-so-slight crushing on Elliot over the past few weeks. He’d really been quite a sweetheart since I moved into the halls, helping me get my room set up, bringing me cups of coffee, always asking if I wanted anything from the shop. Sure, he was only twenty, but he had the manners of a much more mature guy.

“Well, yes, I fancy him. In the same way I fancy the pants off Taylor Lautner, but it doesn’t mean I should or would do anything with him. That would make me some kind of paedophile.”
“For God’s sake woman you’re only thirty, stop talking like you’re fifty. And last time I checked, twenty was over the age of consent so there is your excuse blown right out of the water.”

I sighed and leaned back against the closed toilet door, tracing my finger absently along some of the graffiti on the cubicle walls beside me. It reminded me of being back at school.

“Are you saying I should sleep with him?”

“Yes! That’s exactly what I’m saying!”

“But Em, you paid for me to come to uni so I could get a good degree and succeed in my career.”
“No, Kaz, I paid for you to go to uni so you could have some of the experiences you missed out on because of that controlling bastard…”

“Em…” I said, a warning tone shading my voice.

“I don’t know how you can still defend him. After keeping you stuck on that God forsaken farm in the middle of nowhere all these years and then casting you out like a used pair of socks he could just chuck in the bin…”

“Em, I chose to run the farm with him. I wanted to run the farm with him, and we broke up, it happens…” though my voice broke a little then and we both knew there was far more to the story than ‘we broke up’, but we’d dissected that on numerous occasions and it was certainly not a discussion to be rekindled tonight.

“Yeah, whatever,” she dismissed me in the way only sisters can without causing real offense, “anyway, I want you to get your degree, and to have the career as a big TV producer just like you always dreamed of, but I want more than that too. I want you to experience that opportunity to explore yourself, to get to know yourself, to get to know other people and sample a little more of what life has to offer. It’s not always about the goals you are striving for, it’s about the quality you get out of every moment on your way there.”

“Have you been smoking something?” I smiled.

“Not since my uni days,” I could feel her smiling back.

“You never?”

“Of course I did. There are lots of things I did back then and I don’t regret a single one of them.”

I have to admit, I was a bit shocked. Emily was my older sister. Sensible, stable, and successful. After graduating with a first class degree and going on to get her masters, she’d quickly worked her way up to be the CEO of a leading PR firm. Along the way she’d got married, had two children, and made a ton of money. Always so level headed and focused, I’d never have imagined she had it in her to do anything carefree or reckless.

“Wow, I had no idea.”

“Well, we didn’t talk as much back then. You were busy at school and falling in love with him and I was away for the first time in my life, partying all night, studying all day, and drinking gallons of coffee and energy drinks to give me enough energy to do it all over again!”

“Caffeine? Bloody hell, isn’t that like the devil in your religion?” I was always taking the piss out of Em’s ultra healthy lifestyle.

“Well, that and sugar, yes, but like I said, I don’t regret a second of it. Because what good is tip top health if you can’t have any fun? I have memories Kaz, and I love every one of them.”

I heard someone come into the toilets then. “I’ve gotta go Em,” I said.

“Okay, but remember, make the most of the opportunities that come your way. Have fun. Loosen up a little.” I hung up the phone and flushed the toilet.

Glancing in the mirror as I washed my hands, I was pleased with the effect a few drinks had had on me. My cheeks were slightly flushed, and my blue eyes had a twinkle. I smiled at myself and combed through my shoulder length copper curls with my fingers, before glancing myself up and down in the full length mirror. Well I certainly wasn’t a super model, my thighs and stomach carried a few more pounds of weight than your average magazine would dictate was fashionable, but right in that moment, I didn’t care. I felt womanly and desirable, whether due to the Sambuca or the kiss I wasn’t sure, but I was going to take Emily’s advice and enjoy it.

“Looks like you and me are partying alone love, Sarah and Izzy have flaked.” Elliot stood and pulled out my chair for me as I approached the table. My heart raced and I couldn’t tell if it was from nerves or excitement. It seemed the Universe was conspiring with my sister.

“Well, I guess I can live with that,” I replied, sitting down as he pushed the chair in under me.

“A shot for the lady?” he asked with a cheesy grin, and pushed another glass towards me. This one looked bigger than the first.

“I got doubles, so we can have extra on their behalf,” he explained.

“Something tells me you’re trying to get me drunk,” I joked, and raised my eyebrows.

“Am I that obvious?” he asked with a wink, and I thought yes but I didn’t give a damn. I took the shot and threw it down my throat with no warning and no hesitation, and with a laugh he followed suit.

“Wow, that’s good shit.”

“Mmmmhmmm,” I agreed, and then leaned forward and kissed him. I’ve never initiated a kiss before. Even, I think, during our ten years of marriage, I always waited for Nick, always waited to be kissed, to be wanted, as if I needed some kind of approval. It felt bloody good to take control. In fact, now that I’d made up my mind that I wanted to see this through, I felt pretty darn confident, Okay, the Sambuca might have had something to do with that.

The kiss was long, and slow, and sensual. So sensual, in fact, that it very quickly felt inappropriate to be in public, even though nobody seemed to be paying any attention to us at all, not the group playing pool in the corner nor the groups at various tables around the room, some rowdy, some more chilled out. Still.

“How about we take this party somewhere more private?” I asked, coming up for air.

We didn’t have far to go, since both the student union bar and the halls of residence were just off campus. It was slightly surreal, walking back together as we had done so many times over the last few weeks after classes, only this time neither of us chatted about upcoming assignments, classmates, or lecturers. This time we welcomed near silence for the short five minute walk, tipsy from the drinking and heady from the kissing, eager expectation our only companion as people and cars whizzed by on the busy city streets.

As soon as the door closed behind me, Elliot was on me, his mouth on mine, his body pushing me hard against the door. A voice in my mind wanted to protest – someone could be in, someone might catch us – but nobody had called out from the shared kitchen when we entered and that voice was soon drowned by the new wild woman who seemed to have taken control of me, who was right now flooded with desire and drunk with need. He pulled away after a few moments and looked at me, as if drinking me in, brushing my flaming curls back from my face. “You are so fucking gorgeous, I’ve wanted to do this since the first day I saw you,” he said, before kissing me with even more fervor, tugging my coat from my shoulders and exploring my breasts with his hand over the material of my dress.

I hadn’t felt so desired since I was eighteen years old, when Tony Champion had convinced me to let him screw me in the bushes on the edge of the college playing field. His need had been hot and heavy, his eyes burred with desperation to have me, in a way I’d never know with my husband, in a way that made me feel all woman. Elliot might be ten years younger than me, but he was all man. Tall and strong, he played rugby and certainly had the physique for it. My hands were enjoying that physique as we kissed, running over the thin material of his top, feeling the firmness of his chest beneath, the taught muscles of his pecs, his shoulders, his arms. Oh dear God he was fit. Touching him was a million times better than the fantasy of touching him had been, many nights whilst lying alone in my room, hand between my legs rubbing myself softly in the darkness of the night, teeth clenched together, careful to keep my quickening breath quiet so my roommate Tilly didn’t hear.

This is no fantasy, this is really happening I told myself, unable to shake the sense that I was in some kind of daydream. My hands found their way to his buttocks as our kiss grew in intensity, I pulled him harder against me and his thigh pushed between my legs, the bulge in his jeans poking into my stomach. I rubbed myself against his leg and gasped in his mouth as my sweet spot sang with delight under the pressure. My tongue probed deeper in his mouth as his hand found its way under my dress, pulling it up so he could access my breasts, which he liberated in seconds by pulling the cups of my bra down. He groaned with pleasure as his hands cupped my ample tits, the roughness of his skin contrasting with the tender softness of mine. Fuck I was horny. Months of pent up desire was washing through me, making every nerve ending tingle. Elliot’s hands released my breasts and he pulled away from our kiss, looking into my eyes with a glazed expression of pure need. In one quick motion he grabbed me under the buttocks and lifted me, my legs wrapping around his waist, my arms around his neck, as he carried me to his room.

“Danny?” I asked, the first word either of us had spoken since arriving home.

“He’s out. Don’t worry,” he answered, before quieting my worries with a kiss. He laid me on his bed, and then he stepped backwards and surveyed the large messy room, as if looking for something in particular. Opening the cupboard door, he scrambled around for a few seconds, before turning to me with a smile, a tie in his hand, his breathing heavy.

“What are…” I began.

“Shh, don’t worry, just enjoy it,” he answered, and next thing I knew he was covering my eyes with the tie, wrapping it around my head and tying it securely. During all this my breath was quickening rapidly, the heat in my body growing, tingles emanating from between my legs, turning me to jelly. I could feel his body close to me even though we weren’t touching, anticipation vibrated through me. Never had I been blindfolded before, certainly never during sex. In a world of darkness everything else was intensified, and as I lay back on the bed, completely vulnerable, waiting for Elliot to take the lead and have his way with me, I realised I had never been so turned on in my whole life.

The room around us disappeared, the world around us disappeared, and there was just him, and me, and us. There was just this feeling right now. This feeling, this feeling of floating, of being vibrant and so very alive. I didn’t know what to expect, where he might touch me, what he might do, and that was intoxicating. The first thing I felt was the soft touch of his fingers brushing my hair back from my shoulders, and then his breath against my neck, so gently it made me shudder with delight. I relaxed my body and allowed myself to become immersed in the experience, to focus only on the feeling of his breath on my neck, his lips on my neck, his tongue on my neck now, tracing a line down towards my shoulder, and across my collar bone. I felt a weight on the bed beside me, as if he was sitting now, leaning over me, and slowly his fingers began to unbutton my shirt dress, one button at a time, starting at the top. With each button he undid, he traced his tongue lower across my skin. Down, between my breasts, at which point I heard his breath getting faster, feeling the soft puffs of it tickling my skin. Down over my lower ribs, at which point his hands found the lure of my exposed breasts impossible to ignore, and they reached up to cup them, to fondle them, his fingers teasing across my nipples and making me moan. He allowed himself just a moment of breast distraction before returning to the dress unbuttoning process. Down over my stomach, his tongue traced, finding my belly button and circling it, sending deep pangs of lust shooting down to my groin. His tongue was prohibited from going any further by the top of my tights, but he kept playing with my navel, licking and kissing, while his hands kept working the buttons of my dress right to the bottom, until it was fully undone. He as pulled my dress open like a coat, and stopped the licking and sucking for long enough to apparently take in the view with his eyes. Judging by the moan that escaped him, he approved.

Though I berated myself for carrying a few extra pounds, I knew I still had a womanly figure, what some might call an hourglass with large jiggly boobs, a small waist and a slightly rounded pouch of a stomach, curvy butt and thighs. Right in that moment I couldn’t remember the problem with having soft skin, instead of the hard taught toned physique I always told myself would be more attractive. Right in that moment, my wobbly thighs and soft warm skin felt perfect, and womanly, and I longed to feel it squished against his contrasting manliness.

“You are so fucking hot,” Elliot confirmed in a raspy whisper. His hands hooked the top of my thick black tights and began to peel them from me, slowly, oh so slowly. Over my lower stomach, revealing the top of my plain black lace edged knickers, down over my thighs, his fingers tickling my skin deliciously as he went, over my knees and my shins, and off over my feet, leaving me in only my underwear and an open shirt dress, ready and eager to be devoured. His fingers traced up the soles of my feet then, and my hand clutched the bedcovers, trying hard not to cry out at the tickly sensation. His fingers continued to trace up over the tops of my feet, and up my shins. My legs started to open, ready to welcome him home, my pussy so wet and ready. Over my knees he traced with his fingers, up my thighs, and then his fingers moved to the insides of my thighs as he crawled up the bed between my open legs. I was moaning and squirming on the bed, so aroused by all this slow foreplay, so desperate to be touched in my intimate area. His hands reached my knickers and traced along their bottom lacey edges, his fingers so close to every part of me that ached to be touched, to be rubbed, to be filled.

Suddenly he grabbed the material of my panties and yanked them down, causing me to gasp. They were off over my feet and gone in seconds, leaving my pussy exposed. I felt his breath on me seconds before his tongue touched my sweet spot, so softly it was almost agony it was such pure pleasure. My clit pulsed under the wetness of his tongue and I cried out with sheer delight as he began working his tongue in small circles. My hands grabbed the back of his head, my fingers playing through his hair as I arched my back and opened my legs further, gyrating beneath his mouth. I was gone now, elevated to a state of pure bliss, as if having an out of body experience, only I was very much in my body – in it and feeling every fucking exquisite feeling it was possible to feel.

His tongue moved lower, licking the moist lips of my vagina, lapping up my juices, and every time he licked I was desperate to feel him delve his tongue deep inside me, to push it in me and probe me. I pulled slightly on the back of his head, pulling him closer and then he did it, he pushed his tongue into me and I thought I might melt with satisfaction as I rocked beneath him, his tongue flicking in and out, in and out. Seconds later his thumb found my clit and began stroking it softly, in time with his tongues movements. I gasped and moaned, I thrust my pelvis backwards and forwards onto his face. There was nothing but this moment, this feeling, this pure perfect pleasure. I felt a hand pull mine, guiding it to his cock and I wrapped my fingers around him eagerly, pulling him off firmly in time with his tongue fucking me. My mind was gone as I existed in a world of sensations, but somewhere, somehow I became aware that it was anatomically impossible that this thick rock hard cock that I was stroking could belong to the same person who was licking me out. Without letting go of the cock, still wallowing in a mist of lust I reached up with my other hand and pulled the blindfold down.

“Hey..” Elliot stood beside me, topless, his jeans pulled down around his thighs, his mouth hanging open as he watched the man between my legs, still licking my juices, still rubbing my swollen clit. I looked down and saw the unmistakable black curls of his roommate, Danny. How? When? I was a jumble of questions, yet still lost in this fog of desire, and I didn’t want it to end.

I never thought I would be the kind of person who would have a threesome, but in the moment I wanted both men with a deep passion. There was no rationalizing to be done, I remembered Em’s words “…more experiences…explore yourself…have fun…”, well I was certainly doing that.

“Shh, it’s ok, enjoy it,” Eliot instructed, and reached down, pulling the blindfold back up over my eyes. His hand circled mine and encouraged me to keep stroking his huge penis, up and down, up and down, harder and faster. Danny’s tongue moved back up to my throbbing clit, and his fingers found their way inside me, two fingers, fucking me as he licked my clit. I felt my orgasm approaching and let myself fall into it, screaming out as it engulfed me, spasm after spasm of it, wracking my whole body. When the peak of it ebbed away and I lay exhausted, my hand still grasped around Eliot’s cock, Danny still slowly licking the juices of my orgasm. We stayed like that for a few moments, until Eliot’s dick seemed to grow even harder in my hand, and Danny’s need seemed to overtake him. I felt myself being lifted, turned over, so I was on my hands and knees.

Somebody was in front of me now, lying backwards, sliding their body under mine. I straddled his body, finding a face, kissing a mouth, which kissed me back, hard and needy. I reached down and found his cock with my hand, but he wanted more than my hand, pushing my shoulders he encouraged me downwards until my mouth was by his cock, my bare butt sticking up in the air. I felt hands on my butt as I took the head of the penis in my mouth and he cried out, saying something vulgar and delicious that caused stirrings of desire to rekindle the fires of lust inside me.

I licked the swollen head, teasing with my tongue, as my hand continued to stroke the shaft firmly, and my other hand took the pressure of my weight. The other man was kneeling on the bed behind me now, and I had a moment of clarity, a moment of stark realisation. I was having a threesome and becoming a different person at the same time. I had one naked man under me, his cock in my mouth as I sucked him off, and another naked man behind me. I literally had them by the balls, wanting me, desiring me, desperate for me.

My pussy grew hotter and even wetter with that thought as I started to circle my butt, putting on a show for whoever was behind me. I heard him groan deeply, and felt the head of his erect penis against my dripping pussy when with no warning at all he grabbed my hips and thrust inside me. I screamed out with pain and delight, at the same time taking the cock fully in my mouth, so far back I almost gagged on it. I sucked hard as I worked my mouth up and down, my hand cupping his heavy testicles. The man who was fucking me from behind was wasting no time in being gentle, and I had had enough gentle anyway, hard was what I wanted then and hard was what I got – pumping in and out, in and out, his cock filling me up with every stroke, his skin slapping against my bare butt as he reached a hand around to cup my bare breasts, swinging free beneath me.

There was never a chance of any of us lasting very long like this, we were all far too worked up. I never knew such levels of pleasure existed as I experienced in those moments, in my world of darkness, being filled from both ends, knowing two men were completely at the mercy of my body, womanhood, hearing their animal groans as I pleasured them. My whole pussy began to pulsate and I gently squeezed the balls of the many whose cock was in my mouth whilst sucking down hard, taking it in to the hilt. He thrust his pelvis up against me and I felt his cum shooting into the back of my mouth, just as my second orgasm engulfed me. The man behind me quickened his thrusting, seeming to hold his breath as he pushed into me one last time as he too reached his climax.

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    • foxyroxyhart says:

      Thanks for your comment – but I just checked through and don’t see the issues you are talking about – they start in the student bar and then go back to his room to have some fun, they live in the same ‘ student hall’, kind of like a flat with a few bedrooms, so when they enter the hall and are kissing against the main door she is worried about Tilly (who also shares their hall) hearing, then they go into HIS room, and he definitely only undresses her once…


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