Erotic Short Story: The Sea

TheSeaCoverWebA young woman on holiday explores a local town, and finds herself on a remote beach, with only two dishy builders for company. Realising she’s run out of water, they help her out, and then suggest she joins them for a swim in the ocean to cool off. Problem is, she doesn’t have a swimming costume – though she is rather hot and bothered, so maybe it doesn’t matter…

I sat down in the grass and retrieved my water bottle from my tote bag, dismayed to realise the bottle was nearly empty. I guzzled it down anyway because the walk through the village and up the hill had left me completely parched. I knew in this heat it would be stupid to have no water to hand. Part of me was eager to go down to the beach and take some shots, to paddle in the sea and feel the crystal clear waters washing over my feet, but I had horrible visions of myself passing out from heat stroke or dehydration or something which would certainly not be a good outcome for my first forage into the life of an independent adult. I needed a shop. But I didn’t want to walk all the way back into the village centre, and wondered if there was a closer one. Plus, it was a great excuse to talk to the builders and check them out a bit closer up. They were back at work when I turned and walked towards them, lifting stones and hoisting them into a large skip. I saw them both glancing at me as I came closer, and realised the hoisting was partly for my benefit, to demonstrate their strength and power. I was suitably impressed.
They were both bloody gorgeous. One was about six foot tall, the other even taller. The taller one had darker skin and thick wavy black hair, and the other one had bronze skin and chestnut hair, cropped close in a military style. They did both look to be in their late twenties like I’d guessed, and they were definitely both hotties.

“Hi,” I said when I was just a few feet away. They both turned towards me and smiled. I could see the taller guy, the darker one, had extraordinary green eyes, while the other guy’s eyes were the blue of the ocean. Geez, I couldn’t have dreamed up two more fine specimens of the male of our species – and I was certainly good at dreaming!
“Hello darlin’,” said the bronze god, surprising me with his Texan accent, “what brings you out here so far off the tourist trail?”
“Oh, I was sick of the tourist stuff, wanted to go off track a bit and see what I could find for my portfolio,” I lifted my camera to illustrate my point.
“Ah, a photographer, wandering away from the beaten track in pursuit of your art, very cool,” he smiled a lopsided smile.
“That’s me, ever the explorer, willing to go the extra mile for my passion” I tried not to blush as I painted the picture of the girl I wanted to be, rather than the girl I am. Well, why not? They didn’t know any different right? This holiday was my opportunity to redefine myself into exactly who I wanted to be! “My name’s Lara,” I offered.
“Well hi Lara,” he extended his hand and shook mine formally, “I’m Brad and this is Henri,” he nodded towards the taller man, who smiled in my direction with a nod of his head, and then turned back to his work, apparently less compelled to socialise than his American friend, or maybe he just didn’t speak English.
“How about you – you don’t sound like a local?” I enquired.
“How observant.” He joked, gracing me with that cheeky smile again, and I noticed my heart fluttering a little. I was suddenly very aware of myself, a lone female, alone with two very, well, very male males, and I liked the idea. “I came on holiday with some friends about five years ago and fell in love with the place. I only went back home to Houston long enough to close up shop, and was back within a week. The island has a way of capturing your heart like that.”
“I can well believe it,” I glanced around me again and took in the soft swoosh of the ocean not far away. Yes, the island was certainly capturing my heart. “So what was the ‘shop’ you shut up?”
“A law firm,” he smiled, “I sold out to my partners and I have never regretted it a day since,” his drawl was so sexy I was finding it hard to concentrate on the conversation, but did my best.
“You jacked in a career as a lawyer to be a… a brickie?”
“I jacked in a career as a lawyer to be happy,” he corrected, wiping the sweat away from his forehead with a rag he was holding, “this work is mindless, it gets me out in the sun, it puts a roof over my head and food in my tummy, and it keeps me fit…” I raised my eyebrows as I glanced down at his extraordinarily well defined pectoral and abdominal muscles, then shook myself mentally and looked back to his face, realising he was still speaking. “… But you didn’t come over here for my life story. How can we be of service?”
I’m sure he raised an eyebrow when he said that. Which of course set off something inside me. I could think of plenty of ways in which they could be of service.
“Oh, um, I wondered if you can tell me where the nearest shop is?”
“Well sure honey, I can, but if it’s water you’re after,” he nodded at the empty bottle, still in my hand, I can do better than that. He reached into a backpack that was resting by the side of the building and pulled out a litre bottle of water, handing it to me, “it’s all yours, I always have plenty on me.”
“Oh, I don’t want to use up all your water.”
“You won’t be! That’s just one of four I bring every day.”
“Wow, thanks, that’s really kind of you,” I took the offered bottle and opened it, taking a long, much needed, swig.
“I’m very happy to help darlin’. When you live in this kind of heat you have to be prepared for it. Water. Swims to cool off. Do you like to take afternoon swims to cool off Lara?”
“Well, sure, I guess. I’ve been in the pool every day and to some of the beaches too.”
“I bet you’ve only been to the ones packed with tourists right? This beach right here is just like a private infinity pool,” he nodded his head in the direction of the sand dunes and the ocean beyond, which we could hear but not see from where we stood.
“It really is beautiful too,” I added.
“It sure is. Inviting huh? How daring are you Miss Lara?” He drawled and for some reason his words set my pulse racing. I looked into his blue eyes, hypnotised. “How much adventure do you want to experience on your little foray off the beaten track?” He paused and I just looked at him, not sure that he actually wanted an answer.
“Come on, let’s go swim,” he said and suddenly started walking up the sand dune towards the beach.
“Huh?” I called after him “But I didn’t plan to… I don’t have..”
He turned back to look at me, leaned down and untied his laces, kicked off his boots, before continuing backwards up the hill and smiling at me invitingly. “You don’t need anything, an adventurer like you. Be spontaneous. You know you want to.” He turned and walked away from me.
I was bewitched by his words, by the idea of being spontaneous, enchanted by his buttocks beneath his denim shorts as he walked, his strong thighs. Well I guess I could swim in my underwear.
“Okay,” I called, strolling along behind him. This was the new me, after al. The new brave strong, independent me. And now I could add spontaneous to the list too!
I reached the summit of the dune where he stood surveying the scenery. I could see the beach down below, the tide splashing onto the sandy shore.
“Isn’t it just perfect?” He asked, and before I could respond he had whipped off his shorts, revealing that he was wearing nothing beneath, and he was off, running towards the sea, stark naked. I stood open mouthed and watched him all the way down to the ocean’s edge, where he never broke stride, but continued running until the water was at waist level and then he dived into the calm waters. When he surfaced he turned and looked up at me.
“What are you waiting for? Come on honey, it’s beautiful in here,” he called up to me.
I was having a personal crisis – I couldn’t just strip naked – could I? No! I would leave my underwear on. That was what he expected right? With a new confidence washing over me, I peeled my dress over my head and threw it into the sand alongside his discarded shorts. I stood in my underwear, ready to join him in the sea, but still I wasn’t sure.
I mean – he didn’t expect me to get naked did he? Surely he just went in the buff because he had no underwear on? All of this internal debating took a matter of nanoseconds but it felt like I was standing there awkwardly for hours. Oh fuck it! You only live once – well – unless you believe in reincarnation, but fuck it anyway. I reached behind me and unclipped my bra, letting my breasts free. It was delightfully liberating to feel the sun on my bare skin. Taking a deep breath I hooked my hands in my knickers and bent forwards, sliding them down my legs. Only then did I notice Henri behind me, making his way up the dune, his eyes firmly fixed on my naked butt, now mooning him. Probably giving him a very good view of my pussy too. For some reason this really turned me on and I made a real performance of stepping out of my knickers, looking him in the eye and even winking at him.
Brave, confident, independent, strong, spontaneous – and sexy as fuck.
I stood up, naked now, and noticed Brad in the water, still watching me, his hand below the surface. Fuck, I felt womanly, sexy. I walked slowly down the hill, making sure I put on a show for the man in front of me and the man behind me. It was hugely erotic, walking naked down a sand dune on a tropical island, the sun beating down on me. Eventually I reached the water. It splashed over my bare feet, warm and inviting. I kept walking as it swirled around my ankles, and then over my knees, and up my thighs. Then it reached between my legs and I gasped, and paused. I had never felt the ocean ripples against my pussy before, it was a delicious sensation. I closed my eyes, and ran my hands over my tight stomach, my soft breasts. I could feel that familiar haze of lust washing over me, taking me over. Brad was just metres in front of me and when I opened my eyes I could see he was standing now, waiting for me, his own eyes glazed with desire as he looked me up and down. I walked to him through the water, walked straight into his open arms, my face turning upwards as his leaned down, and we met in a kiss. A long, lazy, sumptuous kiss, as our bodies met in an embrace, his erection hard against my stomach, my breasts squashed against him. I reached my arms up and ran my hands over his shoulders, his arms, through his hair, down his back, over his naked buttocks. Every inch of him was perfectly formed, the perfect balance of hard and soft beneath my hands. His tongue explored my mouth as his hands explored my body, almost a mirror of mine on him. Feeling, touching, stroking, pulling me closer as if we might merge as one.
Then, as Brad’s hands came to a rest on my shoulders, there were more hands on me suddenly, on my waist, running down my hips. I hadn’t even heard Henri enter the water, though of course I’d known he was watching, and of course somewhere deep inside I had hoped he would join in. Why the hell not? Double the pleasure.
I paused only briefly in surprise, and then kissed Brad even more fervently, the need inside me suddenly becoming more urgent. I was heady with lust, standing with my legs apart as the gentle waves lapped against my waist. I reached my hands behind me and felt for Henri, who was naked too. I felt his thighs, reached around, felt his buttocks and pulled him towards me. His hands reached around to fondle my breasts, his fingers circling my hard nipples, the sensation sending new waves of desire through my very core. He moved in closer and his rock hard cock pressed against my lower back, he moved in closer still, pushing me against Brad so I was sandwiched between them. I gasped, and Brad stopped kissing me, bent his head down and began licking and kissing one side of my neck. Henri mirrored him on the opposite side. I moaned, wondering if I would still be standing if their bodies weren’t holding me up, my legs were so weak. I slipped a hand between me and Brad and wrapped it around his throbbing cock. The other hand I reached behind me and wrapped it around Henri’s equally hard shaft. I started stroking them simultaneously, stroking slowly up and down, my grip firm, enjoying noticing how they both paused in their kissing and nibbling and groaned into my neck, loving knowing I could please two men at once.
Hands fondled my breasts harder now, another hand squeezed my buttock and yet another slid down between my legs, cupping me there. I didn’t know whose hands were whose and I didn’t care. I wanted more hands on me. I wanted them all over me, in me. I closed my eyes and kept stroking the throbbing cocks as somebody’s thumb started to push against my clitoris in a gentle rhythm, and two fingers teased the entrance of my pussy.
The waves splashed around us and the sun beat down. Sea birds called to each other.
“I want to lie you down little lady and sink this big boy into you if that’s okay with you? ” Brad mumbled into my ear, “I want to plunge it deep inside you over and over until you scream while our friend here watches and waits for his turn.” As he spoke, the fingers that had been teasing my opening pushed inside me and I almost came there and then.
“Mmmm do it. Do me. Fuck me!” Was all I could manage and Brad suddenly swept me up in his arms and waded towards the beach. He lay me on the sand and I opened my legs wide as he knelt between them, desperate to feel him inside me. But instead he went down on all fours and started to lick my clit, his tongue moving in tiny circles, and I couldn’t help but cry out in delight. I was silenced by a mouth covering mine as Henri knelt beside me and leaned down, kissing me. His kiss was harder than Brad’s had been, rougher. I liked it. I gyrated my hips, moving myself against Brad’s tongue as I kissed Henri back. He took my hand and guided it to his dick and I continued stroking him, realising then just how immensely huge it was. Brad’s tongue was lapping at my pussy now and I moaned, and moaned, and moaned, unable to take it any longer.
I stopped kissing Henri.
“Fuck me, please,” I begged Brad. He sat up so he was keeling and smiled at me.
“Enjoying your little adventure?” He asked, his eyes aflame with his own need. I noticed he was pulling a condom onto his cock though where he’d produced it from I had no idea.
“Holy shit yes. Just fuck me,” I demanded. Henri stood and took a step backwards as Brad crawled closer to me and took my legs and lifted them over his shoulders. He leaned forward over me, and rubbed the huge head of his rock hard dick against my opening. Then he plunged inside me with no warning, pushing it in all the way to the base, causing me to cry out with delight, his heavy balls slapping against my butt. He held it in for a few seconds and I moved my hips against him, feeling the head of his cock deep inside me hitting every single erogenous zone. He pulled back so he was nearly out of me and then pushed in again, and continued in a steady rhythm in and out, in and out, his balls slapping against my butt with every stroke.
“Oh fuck yeah, oh yeah, that’s fucking good,” I screamed.
The bright sun was blotted out suddenly and I opened my eyes to see Henri standing over me, stroking his own hard cock, with his mouth hanging open as he watched Brad fuck me. It was too much. Too fucking much. Not just being filled by one the biggest hardest dicks I had ever seen, but knowing that not only was my tight pussy causing one man to moan and groan like a primal beast, but that the sight of me being filled by the biggest hardest dick I had ever seen was also causing another many to practically cum in his own hand.
“Wait, Henri,” I called up to him as Brad continued to fuck me, “save it for me.”
I hoped he could understand. He seemed to, because he stopped stroking himself and instead knelt beside me and kissed me deeply as Brad plunged into me one final time, sending me over the edge. I moaned into Henri’s mouth as Brad groaned deeply and I literally felt his cock pulsate inside me as he spurted his fluid. Spasms of bliss radiated out from my core, over and over, sending trembles through my whole body, gradually dimming to a light pleasant throb in the muscles in my pussy as Brad finally pulled out of me and rolled onto his back beside me in the sand, breathless, smiling. There was sand everywhere, stuck all over me. I didn’t care.
Henri continued to kiss me and then took Brad’s place on top of me. His cock was like granite now and I wasn’t sure I was ready for more yet. I kissed him back lazily and then rolled us over, away from Brad, so I was on top. I was still floating from my orgasm, but Henri deserved to climax too. I smiled at him and crawled backwards until I was mouth level with his hard manhood. It was as long as Brad’s, but even thicker. The sight of it excited me, despite having felt so drained just moments ago. This was a cock I wanted to ride. I tickled down the underside of its length with my forefinger, all the way from the tip of the head down to the base, and then over his tight ball sack. His cock jumped in response to my touch. I massaged his balls with my palm and then leaned down and licked the salty tip of his penis with the tip of my tongue, looking into his emerald eyes the whole time. I opened my mouth wide then and took the head inside, licking in circles, before sucking down and taking him as far as possible into my mouth without gagging. I continued to massage his balls with one hand as the other wrapped around the base of his cock and I fucked him with my mouth. I was on my knees, my arse sticking up in the air and it was only when I felt his hands on my hips that I realised Brad had come around behind me.
“Well isn’t this a pretty view,” he said in a low voice, “I so wanna stick you from behind right now little lady. The only thing stopping me is that I’m a gentleman and it’s Henri’s turn to feel that tight little snatch of yours squeezing the life out of him.”
Brad’s words were turning me on again, so was the feeling of Henri’s need in my mouth, the desperation in his eyes.
“Go on, give him the good stuff baby. I wanna watch you fuck him.”
I wanted it too. I wanted Brad to watch me fuck Henri, just like Henri had watched me fuck Brad. I crawled forwards and straddled Henri. Taking his dick in my hand, I rolled the condom onto it that Brad had handed me, and then I guided it to my entrance, and then sat down on it hard, watching his eyes roll back in his head as I started my joyride. His hands reached up to cup my breasts and I started to move up and down slowly on his cock as he mumbled in some foreign language, and then I moved my pelvis in circles, feeling a heat starting to build inside me again. Henri sat up on his forearms then, lifting his back off the sand, pushing him further inside me at a different angle, hitting some sweet spot inside me.
“Fuck me baby, fuck me hard,” Henri ordered in a strong accent and I wondered if it was the first time I’d heard him speak, but I didn’t wonder for too long, I did as he said. I fucked him, bouncing up and down on his cock as my breasts bounced up and down in time right in front of his face.
“Oh yeah fuck him good,” Brad drawled from above, commentating as he walked in circles around us, his own cock hard again, watching from every angle.
Then he knelt behind me.
“I’m sorry, I guess I’m not that much of a gentleman after all,” he whispered in my ear and then pushed me forward against Henri, causing Henri to lie down flat on his back and me to lie on top of him. My legs straightened outside of Henri’s legs, though his cock never left my pussy, I continued to gently move my pelvis in tight circles against his hardness as Brad lay on top of me, behind me, his legs between both of ours, mashing me firmly against Henri, forcing his cock even deeper into me. Brad’s hard cock nuzzled against my butt, he pushed it against the tight opening of my arse, sending immediate waves of sheer pleasure through me. Henri’s orgasm hit him then and he started to throb inside me and breathe in gasps. I was sandwiched between them again, one cock filling me in the front, one poking against me at the back, both cumming hard, and I was lost in a sea of luxurious gratification, aware only of the pleasures of the flesh as everything throbbed and pulsed and shivered.

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    Omg ur stories r just too good. I fucking love them…


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    I come back to this story at least once a month. MY ALL TIME FAVORITE.

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