How I Became a Successful Erotica Author (And How You Can Too!)

When I started writing erotic stories five years ago, it was because of a desire to add a little spice to my own marriage and surprise my husband. Our youngest child had just gone off to school and I was working from home. I loved writing, in fact my lifelong dream has been to be an author, and I figured it would be fun to pen some saucy tales for him to enjoy. It was fun – a lot of fun.

It was easier to get started than I thought, I just came up with a situation, well, more of an inkling of an idea to start with, then I got myself into the head (and body!) of the character and the story pretty much wrote itself from there.

My first story was called The Beach and is about a lady who goes on holiday to get over a relationship break up. She’s sunbathing on a tropical beach, all hot and sweaty in the sweltering sun, when she notices a rather sexy man wandering up and down the beach selling coconuts and juices. She dubs him Coconut Man and it’s lust at first sight. She can’t stop thinking about him, which leads to the need to discreetly relieve her own tension right there on the beach. She’s so smitten that the next day she takes a lone bus ride across the island and returns to the beach just so she can see him again. She falls asleep in the sun and wakes up hours later to find the beach deserted and the sun setting. But she’s not completely alone. Yep, you probably guessed it – coconut man has been keeping an eye on her and saved her from certain sunstroke by shielding her with a parasol. You can imagine what happens next. On the beach. In a boat. In coconut man’s cute little beach hut. You get the picture. Now I didn’t say these stories had to be particularly clever, just raunchy.

It was so easy to write, once I got in the mood, if you know what I mean. I suppose you could say my stories have a fine balance between erotica and romance. I’ll be honest – I haven’t read much hard-core stuff – it’s not my thing. I have read some erotic books and I get quite put off when it’s all action and slamming and pumping with no build up, no foreplay, and not enough description, or feeling, or sensation. The balance has to be just right. I’m not talking about prissy romance, far from it; I’m talking about empowered sexuality – women who love sex, a detailed exploration of different fantasies and scenarios. But I’m talking about writing it in a way that both women and men will love to read it – in a way that builds up the desire in the reader and gets them all hot and horny, eager for more. I’m going to show you just how to do that in the next chapter, and at the end of the book you’ll find a full example of one of my stories.

Sharing the Love

My husband was surprised when I sent him that first book, to say the least. He was rather impressed too, and not just for the obvious reason. In fact he was so impressed that once I’d written another story, The Babysitter, we decided to share them anonymously on a blog (yes – THIS blog) to see if other people might enjoy them too. That’s when Roxy Hart was born. I mean, there’s no way I was going to use my real identity. I’m a mother of four boys, two of them teenagers – can you imagine? They would disown me! They actually know now that I write ‘fruity romance’ stories, and they’re cool with it as long as I never talk about it and nobody ever finds out! So I created the blog and put to the stories on there, simple. It really wasn’t anything clever, just a free WordPress blog with a basic template design. I’d never had any kind of a blog before so I didn’t know any special secrets or tricks, I just put the stories up there put in some keywords in the tags section and went ahead and published them.

This was back in 2013. Shortly after I’d published the stories online, I discovered I was pregnant (I know, right!), and suddenly writing erotic stories was the last thing on my mind. The next year passed in a blur of all things baby. It wasn’t until late 2014 that I even gave Roxy Hart another thought, and checked in on the blog. I was absolutely blown away by what I saw. WordPress give you a statistics page so you can see how many blog visitors you’ve had, and I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.

Statistically Speaking

In 2013 the blog had received nearly half a million views:

And in the first half of 2014 it had well over a million views! Not only that, but when I checked in on the email account I used for the blog, it was chocka-block full of emails from readers who loved the stories, and the blog had many comments like the one below on The Beach:

“That was delightfully hot with an adorable and lovely ending and couple. Appeased both aspects of my personality. Thank you so much for the sensual and beautiful story.”

And this one:

“I must say Roxy, you have a special gift in writing. I could almost anticipate being Fabrice for a while. It was an absolute pleasure going through this story a few times, as I had with The Babysitter and all the rest of the stories, but after this one I had actually decided to thank you. You are truly amazing, and the best thing is you have support from your better half on this, WOW!”

We had also received emails like this:

“Hi Roxy,

Just read your story The Babysitter and absolutely Loved it. Enthralling. I’ve only just found interest in erotic literature and have read a few others but was not drawn into the desire as your story had gathered me. I loved the build up to the bedroom scene and was left needing more after the story ended with the almost ‘mysterious’ wife needing some attention too. Many thanks. Hope to read much more soon!”

There were hundreds of them, all just as full of praise.

I was so delighted and inspired, I immediately got to work penning some more stories and fully embraced being Roxy Hart. To take things to a new level, my husband and I would come up with ideas for the stories together. It was like our new hobby – beats golf or stamp collecting, hands down! In fact The Babysitter has been so popular, and was so fun to write, I decided to extend it into a novel, Secret Life, with each chapter being a short story that I could also share on the blog. It was really fun to write a full story with the main character, the babysitter from the short story, having numerous saucy encounters. Though I’ve since decided to focus solely on short stories – they are faster to write and less complex, and they sell just as well but can be written in a fraction of the time – but we’ll come to that in later chapters.

By the end of 2014 I was stunned to discover that I’d had nearly 3 million views on the blog,

On top of those mind-blowing statistics, I’d received even more emails like this:

“Dear Roxy Hart,
I just wanted to let u know that this book of yours is Fuckin’ amazing!
I love it… and I love u for making me altogether go to a different world while reading your book.
Keep it up!”

And comments like this:

“This was an absolutely lovely story, I was expecting a steamy story (and it totally delivered!) But the romantic side was unexpected and I must say I loved it! I ended up with both wet knickers and a warm fuzzy feeling haha. Thanks foxy for this excellent tale!”

Though we did get comments from men, we seemed to have gathered a mostly female fan base – women ready and eager for some well written, female-friendly porn; women who like their erotica hot, steamy, and detailed. These empowered women are out there in drones and ready to read more.

Going Pro

I realised at this point that with such a huge fan base it was time to start monetising this hobby.

To start with I didn’t have a clue what I was doing. After much research and a fair bit of trial and error, I decided to sell via the KDP (for Kindle) and Smashwords (for many other eBook sellers) platforms. I got the accounts set up and added my short stories as eBooks.

Since in the ‘real’ world I’m a designer as well as an artist, and have also helped numerous clients to publish their books, it was pretty easy for me to get things set up. I could make covers for my own stories and turn them into eBooks for the various platforms fairly easily – don’t worry – I’ll give you all my best tips and advice on how to set it up for yourself in later chapters.

I also discovered that it was super easy to team up with voice artists via the Amazon ACX program and easily turn my books into audio books, which Amazon would then sell via this simple program – so as well as eBooks, I had all my books available as audiobooks too. I’ll walk you through this too; it’s simple, honestly.

Then I sat back and waited. Well, that’s not true; I didn’t wait – I wrote, wrote, and wrote some more (all around my business, and the kids of course!).

And my books started to sell.

I made some adjustments on the blog too, so that I could harness some of those eager readers and turn them into buyers – I changed the stories so that some of each story was available to read for free as a taster, with a link to buy the eBook and read the full story. I’ll walk you through the process for all of this in later chapters.

Passive Income

It worked! My blog readers started turning into book buyers. The growth in blog visitors dropped slightly as a result – but that was to be expected and I didn’t mind – after all, I’d rather they were clicking away from the site to buy the book than clicking around the site reading all the stories for free. However, I still clocked up nearly 3 million visitors in 2015 and nearly 4 million in 2016!

But what you really want to know about is the money, right? Well, here’s what I’ll tell you – I have written and published 15 short stories. That’s not many when you consider that they can be as short as around 3,000 words, which can be written in a day. Between those 15 stories I make an average of 3 books sales a day. It’s a bit complicated as the book is sold across various countries and in a number of different currencies – but as an example, I sell each book at $2.99 USD in the Amazon US store, and receive 70% of the sale after Amazon’s cut – so that’s just over $2 profit per book sold. That’s pure profit, no overheads at all.

Each month from those 15 books I make anywhere between $100-$200 USD.

Now I know that these figures aren’t staggering and aren’t going to pay the mortgage, but I’ve done all this with no marketing know how and I receive that money just by sitting back and doing nothing. No promotion, apart from the blog, which just sits there getting found by people using search engines, and a very occasional post on Twitter. No paid ads. Just 15 short stories.

Every month the postman delivers a cheque right through my front door just like that, thank you very much! I can’t even tell you the pride and joy I feel every time I open that envelope and see that cheque. That makes me a published author, getting paid for my writing. That is a childhood dream fulfilled. Okay, so in childhood the dream didn’t involve erotica – that would be weird – but hey, I grew up. On a side note, I’m now also writing books in other genres too, my plan being to become a full time writer in the very near future.

I told you I would be completely open and honest about my book earnings so far, and I will. So here it is, my totally royalties received from Amazon across all currencies to date:

That’s nearly three thousand pounds that I wouldn’t have if I hadn’t written those short stories.

And that’s not even counting the sales from the audio books – they don’t sell as many, maybe one or two a week or so – but they still pay. In fact, at the time of writing this book Amazon pay a bonus $25 royalty if somebody buying one of my books is a first time ACX customer – one month I had 8 first time customer buy one of my books – that was an extra $200 just like that. Completely passive income.

Infinite Possibilities

Now, do the math, see the possibilities. If that can be achieved with just 15 short stories and no active promotion, written while working a full time job, running a business, and looking after a household and four children, imagine what could be possible if I doubled that amount, tripled it, quadrupled it. Imagine what could be possible for you too – the more books you have available on Amazon, the more visible you become – as buyers will see your name come up in the ‘Also bought by’ section etc., which means more book sales, which means your book income can grow exponentially!

I’ve put it all down in my new book, 5 Steps to Becoming a Successful Erotica Author, so that others can follow my steps and become successful too. I’ve had so many people contacting me saying they would love to become an erotica author, and asking my advice, so I thought I’d put it all down in one place completely open and candid about my journey, my experiences, and how to walk through the whole process from planning, to penning, to preparing, to publishing, to promoting your first erotica book. I cover everything!

Are you ready to become a successful erotica author? Let’s do it!


How to Become a Successful Erotica Author

‘Being a successfully published author feels bloody good, I can tell you. Receiving raving emails from fans is a dream come true, and receiving money in the bank that keeps arriving month after month without having to so much as lift a finger feels freaking fantastic, believe me.’ – Roxy Hart

When Roxy started writing erotica, she wrote it for her husband as a private way of adding a little zing to their own sex life. It was only when she decided to share the erotic tales she’d penned on a blog that she discovered the real power and potential of erotica. Little over a year later she absolutely staggered to discover that the stories had received nearly 3 million completely organic post views, with no publicity or advertising at all. Not only that, she’d also received countless positive comments and emails from readers. Women said they were more turned on than they had been for years, couples said that their sex lives were drastically improved, and men were both horny and delighted to have an insight into the sexual experience from a female viewpoint.

Roxy was so encouraged that she decided to write more stories and start selling them. She was thrilled and delighted when they started to sell (as was her husband!). In the last year they’ve regularly received royalties every month and continue to garner amazing feedback from fans.

Now Roxy has decided to share her story and her passion, to help others to follow her steps and achieve the same success.

If you follow the 5 steps in this book you too will become an author of erotica and will start to make a passive income from your writing as well as being able to experience first hand the delight of getting raving praise from your fans. Let Roxy guide you through the process, share the benefits of her experiences with you and help you to avoid the pitfalls she came across along the way.

****Also included as a gift to inspire you are four of Roxy’s best selling erotic stories.****

Read now to discover how to become a successful author of erotica in just 5 simple steps.


Erotic Short Story: The Babysitter

TheBabysitterCoverWebA bored twenty-one year old girl goes on a free holiday with her parents to an idyllic tropical island in the Indian Ocean. She accepts a babysitting job from a wealthy couple in order to earn some money to party. The enchanting pair soon arouse her interests… and maybe much more. Feeling frustrated, she lets her curiosity get the better of her and uncovers a saucy secret about the glamorous older pair. What the inexperienced teen discovers leads to an experience that surprises and delights her.

The burning sun, screaming kids, and loud music were all conspiring against me. My thumping head had zero chance of recovering in these conditions. The pool was positively buzzing. Sweaty bodies displaying far more flesh than my queasy tummy cared to see were jammed together on sun loungers and towels, faithfully worshipping that ball of yellow light. Smaller bodies jumped and splashed in the water, probably pissing in there for all I knew. What was fun about this?

“Lemon in the coke for you Miss?”

And then there was José. Continue reading

Erotic Short Story: The Game

thegamecoverwebAfter ten years of marriage, she’s found a way to reignite her passion and spice up her sex life – by playing The Game. Every Friday night she leaves her identity as mother and wife at home with the babysitter and prowls the night city, bringing her fantasies to life. From a lone guy in a car at a drive in movie, to a motorcyslist in leathers, she follows the pangs of lust and chooses her prey, then seduces them, before returning home to her husband. With her newly piqued instatiable sex drive, he certainly has no complaints. On this particular night, she enters a hotel bar, waiting to see who her lover for the night might be. When a pilot arrives, she knows she’s in for a wild night.

I step out into the cool evening and take a deep breath of crisp autumn air, wrapping my faux fur coat tighter around me. Closing the front door behind me, and with it my children, safely curled up on the sofa watching a film with a big bowl of popcorn and their favourite babysitter, a smile spreads across my face.
I feel myself transitioning from mummy to wild woman, the domesticity of my week blowing away in the gentle breeze. I don’t look back as I walk down the four concrete steps and along the path, my heels click-clacking in time with the swaying of my hips. A black cat slinks across the path, disappearing into the shadows, ready for a night of roaming, prowling, running free. Feeling a sense of kinship with the feline creature so driven by her senses and desires, my smile widens.
Closing the iron gate behind me, I look around for a moment and take in the night, feeling myself coming alive with the magic in the air. A violet twilight renders everything silhouettes, from the row of tall townhouses in our street, to the pavement-planted trees, proudly standing sentinel every few metres along the wide road. It’s silent in these suburbs, and we pay a princely sum for the privilege of being buffered from the bustling noises of the city at night, but right now it’s what I crave. I can hear her calling to me – the city – I can hear the purr and roar of the traffic, the shouts and laughter. I can feel the rush, the anonymity her vibrant cloak offers. It draws me towards her with a longing I can only set free once a week, when I play my game. Continue reading

Erotic Short Story: The Gift

thegiftcoverwebElla is beside herself with excitement. It’s her name day, and she and her husband have made it a custom to take turns in arranging gifts for each other on their special day. Not just any kind of gifts though – sexy gifts that will ignite new levels of passion in the bedroom. After twenty years of marriage and devotion to each other and having two teenage children, they started the tradition as a way of spicing things up between them. After her extravagent gift to Ryan the previous year, Ella is going wild imagining just what her husband may have arranged for her, and spends the day setting the scene with candles and sensual lingerie. When he arrives home with a sexy stranger in tow, her mind starts racing with the possibilities and her heart starts racing with desire…

Leaning forward, I turn off the hot tap and then lie back in the bath, breathing in the delicious scent of vanilla bath essence with a contended sigh as hot water and bubbles caress my skin. I reach for my glass of Prosecco and take a sip, enjoying the cool dry taste and the fizz of the bubbles as they fill my mouth and slide down my throat.
Rain patters against the window and the skylight above me, the autumn sky already darkening at just after 6pm. Inside it’s warm and cozy, soft jazz music drifts from the open door of the adjacent bedroom, the scene well and truly set for whatever may lay ahead. Closing my eyes for a second, my mind wanders to my plans for the evening ahead and my heart leaps with excitement, like a child on the eve of Christmas. Continue reading

Erotic Short Story: The Professor

theprofessorcoverwebThe professor is bored, frustrated, and disappointed by the lacklustre attitude of her students, particularly cocky but fit failing student and rugby star Craig. This super intelligent and hard nosed lady doesn’t suffer fools gladly, as both her aspiring suitors and Craig are about to find out. Will her upcoming blind date finally prove to be The One and inject some much needed excitement into her life? Or maybe she will have to create her own excitement during some private ‘tutoring’ sessions with Craig…

Poor, passable, dreadful, ok-ish, decent, dire, mediocre.
That was the repetitive pattern of my marking. I sighed heavily; annoyed at the sub-standard level of work I was subjected to reading. Mostly C’s, a few D’s and a very rare B. This particular class was getting tiring, there wasn’t a single shining student in this group, and they were meant to be third year undergraduate Physics students for God’s sake. Continue reading

Erotic Short Story: The Spell

thespellcover-webEden is so desperate to win the affection of Dan from work, who she’s been lusting after and fantasising about for months, that she’s willing to try almost anything – even a mystical spell given to her by a mysterious woman in a fancy dress store. Though skeptical, she follows the instructions and mutters the spell. Will it work? Will Dan becomes smitten with her as promised, and make all her fantasies a reality?

I’d like to say that I felt the magic that was brewing that night, that some part of me sensed the inexplicable mystical events that were to follow, the events that would lead me right into the delicious manifestation of my most sensual fantasies. I’d like to say that, but I’d be lying. On the night it all began I felt nothing more out of the ordinary than a desperate sense of hope that Terry’s suggestion had sparked in me. Continue reading