About Roxy

RoxyHartProfileNoNameI’m a mother, wife, artist, and children’s book author by day. By night, I dream up delicious fantasies and turn them into the short stories you can see on this blog. Reading sexy stories was my own little saucy secret until one day it seemed natural to put my love of erotica and my wild imagination together and write a story of my own, resulting in my hot and sweaty tale, The Beach. It seemed like such a perfect setting for more illicit encounters, I dreamed up a whole series of tales for the Pleasure Island series.

Writing erotica has been an interesting adventure, and I’m only just starting out. Unsurprisingly, it’s has spiced up my own sex life, as my husband and I often dream up scenarios together, sometimes even trying them on for size. I’ve begun sharing my stories with the world and have many more in store, including two new series’, University of Desire, and Office Liaisons. Please check back often for new stories, and I always welcome your feedback and story ideas.

Have a delicious day,


5 thoughts on “About Roxy

  1. raj says:

    your lips are really juicy!


  2. S. G. SALT says:

    I thought your story was to short to read and would like to see them longer please ROXY


  3. Marc says:

    Hi Roxy,

    I’ve enjoyed reading through a lot of your work for several years, and am wondering if you are still active with your erotica? I run Hot Chilli Erotica.com (http://www.hotchillierotica.com) and would love to do some work together!




    • foxyroxyhart says:

      Hey Marc, in my other life I’m a mum of 4 and run a business, so while I keep intendig to write more stories, I never seem to find the time. Keep in touch though, I’m interested in how we could work together. Roxy 🙂


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