Erotic Short Story: The Delivery Guy

TheDeliveryGuyCoverWebWhen the delivery guy at her new office turns his attentions to newly divorced single mother Darcy, she brushes it off as flattery, but the encounter awakens something deep inside her. A desire, a lust, a growing need for intimacy, for passion, for release. Her friend tells her it’s time to ‘get back on the horse’, so what if Darcy was to follow the delivery guy outside to his van, and act on those desires?

I never would have thought that that Wednesday morning – so boring and ordinary on the surface – would change everything for me, but when I look back, that’s where it all started really. That’s when my bad girl was unleashed.

“It’s nearly time ladies, check your lippy, he’ll be here soon,” yelled Sophie across the office. I smiled but didn’t reply. As the new girl, I didn’t want to assume myself included in the office shenanigans – and rather hoped I wouldn’t be dragged into them. Apparently the mounting excitement was due to the imminent regular Wednesday visit from the delivery guy, some kind of Adonis by all accounts, who apparently caused women to fall over themselves with lust and start acting like hormone powered boy crazy teenage girls! I kid you not – it was all I’d heard about all morning, I felt as if I was in an out-dated sexist soda advert or something. My plan was to keep my head down, get my work done so I could pay the bills, and then go home to the remnants of my life. But that didn’t stop me grinning at the squeals of the two other ladies in the office – and then grinning even wider as I caught sight of Andrew, the only man who worked in our shared space, rolling his eyes.

As Anne and Sophie toddled off to the bathroom together, I tapped ‘send’ on the email I’d been writing and sighed with relief, sitting back in my office chair and taking a sip of my nearly cold coffee. Another task completed without any mistakes, thank God. I wondered how long it would take for me not to hold my breath and pray I wouldn’t screw up every time the boss gave me new instructions. Alright, it wasn’t rocket science, working in the council offices doing data entry, but it was so far removed from the life I’d led since I was twenty years old, raising two children and looking after the household, that I felt well and truly out of my comfort zone.

I checked the completed item off of my to-do list and glanced at my watch – nearly 11am, two hours until my lunch break, plenty of time to attend to the three remaining items on my morning’s list. Phew, and I even had time to make a fresh coffee. Grabbing my cup I headed towards the small kitchenette that served the four large shared offices on this floor of the building. Three days into my new job and I was starting to get used to working life again, though things had changed quite a bit in the eighteen years since I’d last been a working woman. Before motherhood had beckoned I’d spent a couple of years working as an administrator in a bank, and though this was a totally different environment, there were a couple of people who seemed so familiar they took me right back there.

Anne and Sophie were both in their fifties – well, that was my guess at least – but they couldn’t be more different in most respects. Anne was tall and Sophie short. Anne was thin and Sophie was, err, larger. Anne sported a short severe grey haircut, wore structured grey suits, lived with her husband of thirty years and their cat Henry, and spent her spare time dominating the local pub quiz leagues, while Sophie had soft blond curls, wore floaty floral dresses, lived with her thirty-three year old toy boy and spent weekends giving angel card readings and chanting to the moon, or something along those lines. Most of this I knew because of one of their few shared traits – their love of gossip. Yes, they were the office gossips. From my experience I think it’s fair to say most offices probably have them. Those people who spend more time at the water cooler or in the kitchenette than they do at their desks actually working. Those people whose voices could regularly be heard over the ringing of phones and whirring of the photocopier. Those people who could easily recount who’d hooked up with who at every office party for the last twenty years, and regularly did. Those people who seemed to have a way of knowing more about you than your own parents did.

The kettle finally boiled and I was just pouring water into my mug when Anne and Sophie hurried into the kitchen, wafting flowery throat clogging perfume with them.

“Oh you ran out of time to spruce yourself up love, I just saw his van arrive out the window. Here, do you want to borrow some lippy?” She held out a stick of what I assumed to be the same magenta tone that was rather sloppily applied to her own lips.

“Oh, err, thank you so much Sophie, it’s really lovely but I’ve been told more neutral tones suit my skin tone better.” Phew, surely that didn’t come out too rude?

Sophie put her lipstick away in her handbag. “I’m sure a splash of colour never hurt anyone,” she said with a smile that belied the disapproving glance she cast in my direction, as if in one glimpse finding my black pencil skirt, maroon shirt, flat pump shoes, subtly made up face and tied back hair to be lacking somehow.

A lift dinged in the corridor, saving me from answering with more than a simple smile and I turned to finish making my coffee as my two colleagues hurried out of the kitchen as if summoned by the Pied Piper. I wasn’t bothered by Sophie’s comments, not at all. I’d been through too much and developed too thick a skin to be hurt by the pettiness of bored office workers. I wasn’t here to make friends, I had my kids and I had my best friend and my life was full enough, thank you very much. I was here to simply make some money and make sure everything got paid since my ex husband was apparently no longer capable of doing so.

Stirring my black coffee, I rinsed the spoon and grabbed my mug, ready to get back to my desk and make sure I got everything completed in time. Walking from the kitchen I nearly rammed straight into who I could only assume to be the fabled office Adonis himself, on his way out of my shared office door with an empty water cooler bottle underarm. I managed to stop short of a collision and just about avoided scalding myself with hot coffee, all without ever taking my eyes off of the man in front of me. All 6ft plus of him – all insanely gorgeous 6ft plus of him.

I don’t know what it was that enchanted me so – he was a walking cliché, everything that usually turned me off in a man. Clearly gym pumped muscles strained against the arms and chest of his navy delivery uniform, and the well-muscled legs on display beneath khaki shorts actually made me gasp. Shit, did I actually really gasp? Out loud? I pulled my eyes from his large – oh my God they were huge chunky man boots – and up to his face. Oh yes, he really was all man. Long wavy dark hair tied back a la Khal Drogo – a secret fantasy of mine since my recent Game of Thrones addiction, just the right amount of facial hair to be classed as stubble and not beard, lush lips and dark eyes that were assessing me even as I was assessing him – roaming shamelessly down my slender body and back up again.

“You must be new here, I’d definitely remember if I’d seen you before,” he stated with a wink in a voice so low he could give The Rock a run for his money, and a tone so lascivious that I felt a bolt of something electric between my legs.

Jeez, get a grip woman, I reprimanded myself. I was not the type of girl that went weak at the knees every time a man paid me attention. Though I’d never actually been in a position to put that theory to the test, having been married to the same man since I was 20 and single for only 2 years. Anyway, I liked intellectual types, I reminded myself, whilst wishing desperately I’d listened to the two old nags and put on some makeup.

“I am. Yes, I am. New, I mean. Started this week. Darcy. That’s my name, I mean – Darcy.”

“Well good, then I’ll look forward to seeing you again next week, Darcy” he said, his eyes never leaving mine, sending butterflies fluttering inside me. The way he said my name made it sound deliciously dirty. I giggled. I actually giggled. What the fuck was wrong with me? I was a grown ass woman simpering over some guy barely out of his adolescent years.

“Right, better get back to work,” I said, my tone sharp, and marched to my desk, ignoring the heat between our bodies as I passed him and the way my heart raced in response.

Anne and Sophie watched me with open mouths and I couldn’t tell if it was envy that Mr Delivery Guy had clearly been flirting with me or shock at the way I’d cut him off. I’d shocked myself to be honest, but with two teenage children, an ex husband who could no longer support us, and a new job that I really needed, I could not afford to start behaving like a ridiculous schoolgirl. Who was I kidding anyway? He was definitely the kind of guy that flirted with anyone under 40 years of age, and I still met that criteria – just.

That didn’t stop me glancing out the window at the street below to watch him getting into his white van, and feeling slightly disappointed that he didn’t look up before he drove away.


“Honestly Maria, I don’t know what came over me, I was practically swooning. I kid you not, he winked at me, actually winked, and my knees went weak. How bloody ridiculous is that? God, I must have looked like some kind of desperado. I think I actually forgot my name for like 30 seconds. He was insanely… masculine!” I took a sip of my water, flushing at the embarrassing memory of just a couple of hours earlier.

My best friend was actually shaking with laughter; her black spiral curls bouncing in time with her shuddering shoulders. Once she’d finally managed to stop laughing and wiped the tears from her eyes, she leaned over the checked tablecloth and placed a hand on my arm, her eyes still twinkling with mirth. “Oh God I wish I’d been there Darcy. Hun, I can tell you exactly what came over you – lust!”

I shook my head and opened my mouth ready to stop her, but it was no good, there was no stopping Maria once she’d got something in her mind. “Two years is a hell of a long dry spell – don’t I keep telling you it’s time for you to get some? This is proof – your body has needs. You’re a young woman and an attractive one at that.”

“Shhh,” I lowered myself in my seat and glanced around the small café where we met for lunch every Wednesday. Nobody seemed to have heard. Or they were just being discreet. Debbie was the best friend a girl could wish for and had been since we’d bonded over a shared lack of skill in gym class in high school, but she didn’t come with a volume button.

“Oh don’t shoosh me, you know I’m right, you need to get it out of your system!”

“I have so much going on in my life Maria, the last thing I need is a complication like a man. And you can not tell me that men aren’t complicated.”

“Men aren’t complicated, relationships are – but I’m not saying you need a relationship, I’m saying you need a goof fu…”

“Ok ok, I hear what you’re saying.” I nearly jumped up and shoved a bread roll in her mouth that time, the old couple at the table nearest to ours looked so shocked that they might need medical attention any minute. I lowered my tone, hoping she would follow suit, “But I just don’t think I’m ready for that yet. Even if it is just a physical… relationship with no emotions involved. It’s a big step.”

“Honey, it’s been two years,” thankfully she had lowered her voice now and I relaxed a little and dipped my bread roll into my soup, wishing I could get her onto another topic. Talking about my sex life was making me feel decidedly awkward. “You can’t stay hung up on Rick forever, he’s moved on, it’s time that you did too.”

Well she was right about that. Rick had moved on to a barely legal woman less than a month after we’d decided to part ways, when his side of the bed was still practically warm. Not that I cared.

“No you’re wrong. I am totally not hung up on Rick anymore – I know it hasn’t been easy untangling our lives after being together for so long but we both knew our marriage had run its course. There was nothing there anymore except a habit that was annoying us both. All the attraction was gone long before we finally made the decision to separate, like the heat had been turned off or something. It’s not Rick, it’s just…”

“..and that’s even more reason to open up to some new experiences,” Maria interrupted, pausing only to sip her white her wine. She always had a glass of wine with lunch, despite having to go back to work afterwards. If I tried that I’d be asleep at my desk within minutes. “How long has it been since you have had really good sex? How many years since you had a mind-blowing, soul-shaking orgasm? And I mean with a man, not with your faithful friend.”

My face was crimson now, and I grabbed Maria’s hand and pulled her up from the table and towards the door, throwing down a £20 note on the table to cover the lunch and my shame as I avoided eye contact with the other diners.

“Hey I didn’t finish my wine,” she complained as I pulled her across the quiet road and towards the park opposite.

“You’ll survive. Look, just because you and Matt have sex like bunnies even after ten years and three kids, doesn’t mean we all do. Maybe my needs just aren’t as, well, profound as yours”

“Uh-huh, sure, which is why you’re practically cumming all over the first hot guy that walks into your office and pays you a bit of attention,” she smiled and hooked her arm through mine as we walked along the pretty tree-lined, thankfully empty path.

“Maria! That’s disgusting! Why do you have to be so crude! And for the record, I don’t have a ‘faithful friend.” I giggled and shook my head.

“You don’t? What do you do when you get horny? No man, no vibrator… you must have a very sore wrist – or do you have another secret, come on you can tell me,” she teased.

“I am not talking with you about my masturbation habits. Is there no line you won’t cross?” I asked, but I was smiling, pleased to have someone I could trust after everything that had happened the last few years. I was grateful for Maria; grateful to know she would always be there for me and that I could confide in her about literally anything – even if she did have a loud mouth and no barriers. We walked in companionable silence across the park, aware that it was time for us both to head back to our respective jobs. I noticed for the first time how the late summer leaves were starting to turn yellow. Autumn would soon be here, my favourite time of year. Nights drawing in, warm fires, hot chocolate, cosy evenings.

Suddenly he flashed in my mind again, his bulging muscles, his smile as he drank me in, and I felt hot between the legs again and this time didn’t push the thought away. Instead I smiled to myself, allowing myself to feel that maybe I was still young enough to be attractive, to be desired, and that maybe it felt good. Maybe Maria was right. Maybe I needed to scratch that itch.

“You know,” I said, “it’s just that I have so much going on in my life, with the kids and my new job. I’m starting to feel good again, I’m in a good place finally, making it on my own. I really don’t want to rock that boat.”

“Excuses. All excuses. You’re just scared that’s all. You haven’t slept with anyone except Rick since you were like 16, and I’m sure that was more like fumbling than proper sex. No 16-year-old lad knows what he’s doing. I bet it was over before it started right? Of course you’re scared. But your kids are in high school now and they have lives of their own – they do not need you to be mummy 24/7, and your new job – so what? It’s just a job. Lots of people have them and they still manage to have sex.”

We’d reached the other side of the park now; this was where we parted ways.

“Maybe you’re right Maria, maybe I am just scared, or maybe I should just give myself a bit more time to get used to the idea.”

“Maybe hun, maybe. Hey, let’s go to Hollie’s party on Saturday… No, please don’t protest, listen to me. I know her parties are crazy, and I know her friends are crazy, but maybe a little crazy is just what you need right now. Just opening up to the possibility of some fun? Don’t say no.”

Thoughts of crazy Hollie, a friend from our college days, with the blue hair and the penchant for danger flashed through my mind. “I’m not saying yes, but I’m not saying no… we’ll see, ok?”

“Yay!” Maria exclaimed. “We’ll see always means yes! I say the sooner you jump back on that horse the better.”

I shook my head with a smile before hugging my friend and heading back to my office. I spent the afternoon unable to shake from my mind images of the delivery guy in just cowboy chaps, jumping on a horse.


By 8pm that evening after having finished work, completed a supermarket shop, a housework blitz, and put through two loads of washing, the delivery guy – or any guy for that matter – was the furthest thing from my mind.

“Right, I’m off to Josh’s,” my daughter informed me, noisily dumping her dinner plate in the sink and turning on the tap to wash it.

“Already Emily? I’ve barely started eating.” I looked down at my nearly full plate of vegan carbonara.

“Mum, he’s gonna be waiting for me, I was supposed to be there by now. I told you I didn’t want dinner, I would have eaten there.” She was right, she had told me that, and I could admit to myself I’d kind of not-so-subconsciously guilted her into having dinner with me before she went out. I didn’t like eating alone. It was something that happened rarely and something I was still getting used to.

“You’re right, I’m sorry love, you go out and have a good time. I’ll see you later” I smiled.

“Well, more like tomorrow. But Luke will be home soon anyway.” She dried her hands and smiled, probably trying to reassure herself that I would be okay. God, how pathetic it was that my seventeen-year-old daughter was worrying about me. What had I turned into?

“Hey don’t be silly, it will be nice to have some peace and quiet. I’ve dreamed of having time to put my feet up and read for years, finally, my time is here!”

She kissed me on the cheek, grabbed her pre-packed overnight bag, and was gone. Staying over at her boyfriends was new, and something I still wasn’t entirely comfortable with, but after numerous discussions with her father and with her boyfriends mother, I seemed to have the most conservative views and I’d conceded that it was better they were taking things to the next level in a responsible manner rather than behind our backs. I’d agreed to no more than one night a week at his and that he could spend one night here. Though I still worried that it was sending the wrong message to Luke, my twelve-year-old son who was currently having dinner and games night at a new friend’s house. Maria insisted that I worried too much about everything and that seeing his sister in a responsible relationship with a nice young man would send him exactly the right message about girls and how to treat them.

I smiled to myself as I rinsed my plate and placed it on the draining board, then walked to the lounge with my wine glass and half full bottle of red. This was the same Maria who would have me shagging the delivery guy in the broom closet at work – I wasn’t sure if her advice was genius or insane. I’d asked myself that same question many times over the years we’d been friends.

Placing my glass and bottle down on the cherry wood coffee table I pulled the curtains closed on the dusky sky and lit a few candles around the room – might as well try and enjoy the peace and quiet.

God, maybe Maria really was right, I thought as I settled into the sofa after clicking on the telly. I flicked through a few channels mindlessly, but I couldn’t focus on watching anything. My mind’s eye was too busy replaying the scene with the delivery guy in the office earlier. He really was good looking, if you liked that sort of thing. And apparently now, I did like that sort of thing. He had the kind of body that should be naked on a men’s health magazine or something – which was exactly the kind of sexist comment from women that made our fight for equal rights one-sided and hypocritical, but I supposed since it was more of an internal mental comment and I hadn’t voiced it out loud, maybe it was okay. Anything was okay in my mind, right? It was my private space.

I smiled and took another sip of the rich red wine, sinking back into the soft cushions until I was almost horizontal and allowing myself to actually enjoy the peace of the empty house as I’d lied to Emily that I would. I remembered the way he’d winked at me as he’d said hello. The intense rush the memory caused between my legs this time was welcome, rather than embarrassing. I gyrated my hips slightly, feeling more aroused than I had in years as I mentally roamed my eyes over his well toned physique. Those dark eyes, looking deeply into me, telling me wordlessly what he’d like to do to me.

I let my mind wander further… imagined I’d followed him back to his van, feigned a headache and taken an early lunch break…

I travelled down to the lower floor in the lift with a breathless expectancy and a growing wetness in my knickers as I exited on the ground floor and passed bored office workers, my clit throbbing, my heart pounding, knowing he was waiting outside for me. Men turned to look at me as I passed, picking up on the scent of my pheromones in that most primal of ways, instantly turned on and wishing they were the lucky guy I was on my way to satisfy, heading to the men’s room to jerk off while fantasizing about me, the alluring woman who oozed and intangible erotic sensuality, imagining they were ramming me up against the wall of the toilet stall.

Stepping outside into the cool September day, every sense heightened by my lust, the world shrunk to only one objective: sweet release. Swaying my hips as I walked, in my fantasy I was wearing black patent leather heels rather than flats and a pencil skirt that ended above my knees rather than below. Breezing around the corner where I knew he’d have parked discreetly, so that my envious co-workers couldn’t spy upon us. And there it was, that large white van, parked just up ahead waiting for me, beckoning me, even though we hadn’t arranged anything with words – the agreement had been purely exchanged in energy and significant looks.

Pulling open the passenger door and reaching up one foot to the step, aware and delighted that I was giving him a good view between my legs as I did so. Settling in the passenger seat, my skirt pulled right up, my bare thighs on full display. The van smelled of him, all him. That rustic scent of man mixed with some kind of soap that made me dizzy with desire. Neither of us spoke, our heads simply met in the middle of the space between us as our mouths came together in the most frantic kiss I’ve ever experienced, his breath hot and heavy through his nose as his hand reached firmly for my thigh, his thumb rubbing against my clit, causing me to gasp in his mouth, causing high voltage bolts of pleasure to shoot through me, making me weak and wobbly as I reached out a hand to touch him through his shorts, no messing around here – we were both ready and willing for action.

Oh God, he was so hard already; clearly he wanted me as much as I wanted him. His thumb continued to run me over the fabric of my cotton knickers, now drenched with my juicy need, as his other hand tangled in my silky black hair and he continued to kiss me so fervently my lips felt numb. It was his turn to gasp as I began to stroke his swollen cock through the thick material of his shorts. Well, more of a grunt than a gasp, and he kissed me deeper still, his tongue dancing with mine. I tried to unzip his shorts then to gain unhindered access to the part of him I wanted to feel so badly, but he protested.

“Not here,” he whispered into my mouth and glanced outside at the street. He wanted to drive somewhere else? Now? Was he fucking crazy? It wasn’t busy by any means but there were a few people in the distance walking towards us. Reckless fantasy me didn’t care. Give them a show, I thought. But even in my wildest imaginings I didn’t want to be arrested – unless the cops were particularly hot. That thought got me even more horny but delivery guy had taken the exhibitionist option out of my hands and climbed between the seats into the back of the van, turning around and reaching for my hand to pull me through the gap too.

“Oh, oh this is perfect,” I exclaimed as I surveyed the space. It was empty apart from a few boxes in the corner and a soft blanket lay on the floor as if he’d been waiting for me. The only windows were in the back doors and they were blacked out so we had complete and total privacy to do whatever we liked.

Dropping to my knees on the blanket, delivery guy stood stooped in front of me, his mouth open as he looked me up and down. I surveyed him just as blatantly, just as hungrily, and then reached up and slowly undid first the button and then the zip on his trousers, and then pulled them down, snagging his underpants too and carefully pulling them over his erection. I pushed him gently so he was forced to sit on one of the boxes behind him and then without even bothering to untangle his shorts and boxers from his feet, I leaned forward and took him in my mouth. My licking, sucking and teasing caused him to grow harder still which elicited a groan from me. I massaged his balls gently in one hand and rubbed my own crotch with my other as I gently swirled my tongue around the salty tip of his penis, my own desire growing as his hands frantically massaged my hair.

When I sensed he was about to explode in my mouth I released his dick, now slick with my saliva, and he groaned and pushed me backwards onto the blanket behind me. I opened my legs wide, and my skirt travelled up around my hips. He looked me up and down as if he didn’t know which part of me to look at first, to touch first. On his knees between my legs he lifted my skirt even higher around my waist, exposing the red lacy panties I was wearing. His groan at the sight of them was all animal, and in one swift movement he ripped open my shirt, revealing a matching red lacy bra.

“Fuck me.’ he said.

“Yes please,” I answered, my voice husky with need. My clit pulsated, desperate to be touched, to be pressed, to be rubbed. My pussy was screaming out to be pounded.

Leaning over me he pulled my bra straps down from my shoulders and pulled the cups down beneath my breasts, revealing hard dark nipples. He reached forward with both hands and cupped them gently, then placed tiny kisses on my stomach, lower and lower, until he was kissing my most sensitive spot, his tongue licking through the lace of my pants, his hands still softly massaging my tits as I writhed beneath him, trying to hold back my orgasm, trying to make this moment last forever.

He pulled the lace of my knickers aside and pushed his tongue inside me, lapping at the juices there and I called out with sheer intense pleasure, but shook my head at the same time.

“No, no, not now. No, you have to stop. I want you inside me. I want your dick inside me.” I pulled at his hair, tugging him up toward me, and he certainly didn’t argue as his mouth, wet with my pussy juices, hungrily found mine, and he lay on top of me, his hardness pressing into my crotch. Wrapping my legs around his back I reached down and grabbed his bare buttocks as he positioned himself at my entrance, pulling my panties to the side, and then thrust into me, even as I pulled him in. It was exactly what my body had been longing for. He fitted me perfectly, making every nerve ending sing with delight as we fucked in a frantic and ever increasing rhythm. With every stroke he pounded me into the floor and as I felt myself driven towards the edge, about to crash over, he stopped kissing me and pulled out.

“What the…”

“Turn over,” he instructed, his voice a low rumble.

With a smile I did as he’d commanded and turned so I was kneeling before him on my hands and knees. Arching my back I stuck my butt towards him.

“Do it, fuck me now, please,” I looked over my shoulder at him, at his sly smile, his gazed fixed on my arse, the lacy G-string now sopping with our wetness.

“You want it bad huh?” he asked.

“Yes, I want it real bad.”

“How bad?”

“So fucking bad. Please, please, please, fuck me.”

“Well since you asked so nicely…” he once again pulled my panties to the side and plunged his rock hard dick inside my pussy, his hands gripping my hips and pulling me towards him with each thrust, and with each thrust I found myself riding even higher than before. Nothing existed but this, nothing but the sensation of his cock inside me, his hands on me, and then with one final stroke even deeper than before he reached around and pressed firmly on my clit, and we both exploded like fireworks, the orgasm coming over me in waves of ecstasy, and then….

A phone was ringing. Not in the fantasy, an actual phone. My phone. I was suddenly back in my lounge, and realised that my legs were wide open, the wine bottle nestled between them clearly having been used to rub myself and I’d fantasised. I was spun out, dazed almost. What the fuck? That had been more than a fantasy. It had been more like a lucid dream, I had been there, I had really… yes, I could tell from the low throbbing that I had actually just cum for real. It was then that I realised the phone was still ringing. Reaching out to grab it, the open bottle of wine I’d apparently just pleasured myself with spilled all over my pyjamas and the sofa.

“Fuck, I exclaimed, setting it on the table, and then said “hello?” into my phone, feeling more than a little disorientated.

“Mum, where are you? I’m at home and no-one’s answering the door.”

“Luke, Oh God, I’m so sorry, I must have fallen asleep. Hold on, I’m just coming.” I jumped up and smoothed myself over, hoping my disarray wasn’t too evident.

“I’m so sorry love, did you have a good time at your new friend’s house?” Pulling the front door open I stopped short, shocked to see not just Luke standing there with a scowl on his face but a man too. Shit, it must be his new friends dad. I felt immediately exposed somehow, oddly intimate seeing a strange man right after such an intense fantasy experience.

“Oh hi, sorry, I’m not usually, I was exhausted after work and the house was so quiet I just dozed off for a moment… I’m, err, I’m Luke’s mum. Thank you so much for having him for tea, I do hope he’s been well behaved…” I knew I was rambling to cover my embarrassment but I couldn’t seem to stop myself.

“Oh no problem at all, it was really fun to have him round and I’m so happy Justin has settled in and made a friend already. I was a little worried it might be hard for him to settle into a new area, new school, you know.” He smiled and I couldn’t help noticing how good looking the man standing in front of me was.

Not particularly tall, not particularly muscular but definitely neither fat nor skinny, just average I guess, but he was clean shaven and his short haircut failed to hide brown curls that looked like they would be really soft to touch, and he had such a nice face. A big wide smile and a mouth full of straight white teeth, he kind of reminded me of that singer who won pop idol years ago, what was his name? Oh that’s it – Will Young.

I pulled Luke front of me and put an arm casually over his shoulder, ignoring his resistance and his deepening scowl, hoping to cover up the fact that I was not just wearing pyjamas, but wine stained pyjamas at that.

“Oh yes, I’m sure,” I let out what I thought was a breezy laugh but may have just made me sound slightly barmy, “well, I hope you’re settling in well too…”

“Mr… umm, Justin’s dad, only came to the door when he saw I couldn’t get in.” Luke interrupted, and I realized I was embarrassing not just myself but him too. What was wrong with me today? No sooner had I finished fantasizing about the first good-looking man who’d crossed my path today, now here I was flirting with the second one. “Justin’s in the car waiting,” Luke added.

“Oh ok, of course yes, you need to get off,” I said to Justin’s dad, whose name I still didn’t know, and then cringed internally at my accidental double entendre and hoped that the dim evening light disguised my flaming cheeks.


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    Hey I’m your typically 18 yr old male . I don’t have a lot of difecaulty getting women. I have been with a handful or two of females and absolutely love it. But I’ve always hide that since I was around eighth years old I had an interest in men and always fantazied about been feminine like panties and if I had boobs a bra maybe even make and long hair then eventually hormones and surgery. I just don’t know some time and I’m really confused I just love everything about women down to there taste it’s just I love dick a lot to and feel just as comfortable in a pair of panties. How do I decide or where to I go to seek guidance?


    • foxyroxyhart says:

      Hi Harry. Thanks for sharing your feelings. First of all, it’s perfectly normal to feel this way and you’re not alone! I imagine it can be pretty confusing. I’m no expert, but there are lots of people out there who can listen and help you. I’m not sure where you’re based? The US?

      I’ll share a couple of links with you of websites with phone numbers where you can talk to people who will understand what you’re feeling and will be able to give you guidance.

      GLBT Near Me is a US-based search engine for LGBT organizations close to a zip code you enter:

      Trans Lifeline is a 501(c)3 non-profit dedicated to the well being of transgender people. We run a hotline staffed by transgender people for transgender people. Trans Lifeline volunteers are ready to respond to whatever support needs members of our community might have:

      There’s also a fab group on Goodreads which you can join, it’s just for peope your kind of age and includes authors and books all about people with a wide spectrum of feelings like yours, you might enjoy some of the stories there:

      Hope this helps!

      I have more links to websites and numbers if you want them, just let me know.



  2. Carly says:

    Yay you’re back!!!!
    I LOVE your stories they are amazing and so hot!!!!!
    And yes I am aware that I probably sound like a child right now but I really love your stories
    Thank you for the pleasure that your stories bring me


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