Erotic Short Story: Special Treatment

Quite how I’d ended up belly down on a hospital bed – practically naked, my somewhat curvy ass up in the air, a hot male nurse running his tongue along my oh-so-very wet slit – was a bit of a blur right at that moment.

“Holy fuck, please put it inside me,” I begged, my swollen pussy craving his thick cock after nearly a year of celibacy.

“Oh I will,” he assured me, his voice dark with desire, that American accent making my lower belly tighten with lust, “but not until you cum for me first baby. I want to taste it when you do.”

Fuck, how had he gone from being the sweetest guy on the planet to this commanding sex God? I moaned deeply, my breath coming in short gasps, feeling that climax approaching fast as he found my sweet spot, teasing it with a gentle flicking of his tongue, his nose pushing between my folds.

“That’s it baby,” he paused briefly, “cum hard for Daddy, and then I’m gonna fill that pussy up so good.”

Well how could I refuse such an offer?







I think it was his white uniform – just a simple tunic and trouser combination but damn – that made me feel like I was melting inside while I tried to concentrate on what he was saying. Who knew I had a thing for male nurses? Not me, that’s for sure. A very unwelcome image flashed into my mind of George, my balding gap-toothed neighbour, also a nurse, from back home in the UK. I cringed. Okay, not all nurses, just this one. I glanced down at his name badge – Joe.


My pulse quickened as I noticed the dark chest hair just visible in the V-neck of his top and had a crazy urge to reach out and touch it with my fingertip. I clenched my fist to stop myself. Totally inappropriate, woman, I scalded myself mentally. Broad shoulders, perfect build, probably nearly a foot above my 5’4, solid and strong but not up-himself buff, lush short dark hair and cute little ears, and that smile – mmm, that smile. For fuck’s sake, what was wrong with me? I had to force myself to look up into his face and stop eyeing him up.


“We’re doing everything we can to help your friend,” he smiled down at me and I melted some more and wondered if I fainted would he put that stethoscope on my chest and give me mouth to mouth? It would totally be worth it.


“Ooh he’s not my…. I was just…” I was apparently incapable of stringing together a full sentence all of a sudden. Maybe it was his eyes – dark and brooding but twinkling with a sexy playful glint. Though I was very possibly imagining that, given that the severity of the situation certainly ruled out anything playful or mischievous.


“He’s very lucky that you were with him,” Joe said. His accent, his voice – holy fuck – it was doing something to me.


“Oh I wasn’t with him, I was just passing…” I started to explain but a sudden flurry of activity and noise arose in the room beside us and Joe was already gone, a promise to update me as soon as he could trailing behind him. I watched him disappear with an aura of proficient calm – amazing given the alarming beeping and pinging that was going on – into the room where an injured stranger I knew nothing about but felt somehow responsible for thanks to the hands of fate – lay in God only knows what state.


Yet all I could think was how much I wanted to see that nurse naked. Naked and preferably laid out on a nice bed somewhere, hard and ready for me on climb onto…


“Excuse me,” a woman rushed past and I jumped, blushing deeply as if I’d been caught with my hands down my knickers. Which I might have been if that little fantasy had gone any further.


Get a grip Leila, I ordered myself, wondering what the hell was wrong with me. I mean, I wasn’t a prude, but this was not like me at all. I’d hardly been interested in guys at all since my divorce and hadn’t even been on a date, so why this sudden crazy attraction to a random guy in the back of beyond? Maybe I was having a mid-life crisis – was 35 too young for a midlife crisis? Or maybe I’d sustained a head injury and forgotten about it, that could happen right?


Shaking myself back to reality I looked around me. Hospital corridors, it seemed, are just about the same everywhere – the tiled floors and stark walls, the antiseptic smell and constant buzz of activity – whether back home in London or here in, umm, wherever on Earth this town was. Somewhere in Ohio, I knew that much – a random state that I wasn’t even supposed to be stopping in, just driving straight through on my way to my job interview in Chicago. That was the plan anyway. My car conking out and then bearing witness to an unfortunate accident between a cyclist and a wooden fence post whilst I was stranded on the side of the road had put the proverbial spanner in those works.


Typical me, wrong place, wrong time, caught up in the middle of some bloody drama. I looked around at people hustling and bustling, doctors and nurses going about their work and felt suddenly conspicuous and out of place. Pressing myself against the wall, I wondered if maybe I should just leave? I didn’t even know why I’d come in the ambulance with the stranger – it had just seemed wrong to leave him alone in his injured unconscious state. But he was in good hands now; there was nothing more I could do. I should go. I tried to peer into the room the gorgeous nurse had gone into, but the door had been closed.


In the calm after the storm, the still after the frantic rush of the last hour – witnessing the accident, doing what I could to help the poor man, relaying what had happened to the paramedics and travelling with them to the hospital, I felt a sudden panic and realised that I was very much alone in a very strange place – well, strange to me. That hot nurse had been the only highlight in a very shitty day.


Maybe this whole thing had been a mistake; I should have just flown to Chicago after my weekend with my old friend in New York like I’d planned instead of listening to bloody Helen’s insistent prompting that a road trip would be a great way to initiate myself into American culture, given that I was considering becoming a resident. Was this part of the initiation? Feeling claustrophobic as another group of doctors passed I was hit with a sudden certainty that I needed to get out of there and turned and walked down the hallway, following signs for the exit.


It was only when I was outside that I realised I had no fucking clue exactly where I was or how to get back to my car, and then I still had the bloody broken engine situation to deal with. Moving away from the main entrance I leaned back against a wall, closed my eyes, and took a deep breath, fighting back tears.


Coming to America was supposed to be the start of something new for me – recently divorced and ready for a new life and a new me, however clichéd that might sound, I’d intended to leave the Leila who found herself in these crazy situations and always be in the centre of chaos behind and show up here as the capable, grown up version of myself that I knew I could be. Finding myself in a hospital car park in the middle of nowhere miles away from my broken down car and hours behind my schedule was not living up to the dream I’d been so excited by.


“Ah, there you are. I’ve been looking for you.”


My eyes flicked opened to see Joe the sexy-as-fuck nurse looking down at me with concern.


“You have?” I asked, stupidly delighted, so the attraction was mutual and he wanted to find me before I vanished from his life.


“Yeah I promised I’d update you on your, um, friend, Brett.”


Brett? Oh, the injured guy. They must have found his I.D. So, Joe was not seeking me out of some undeniable must-act-on-it attraction then, just diligent professional duty, Of course.


“He’s not awake yet but he’s out of the woods. That was a nasty head injury, but not life threatening thanks to you – if you hadn’t kept the pressure on that wound he could have lost a lot more blood and been in real trouble. But he’s gonna be just fine.”


“He is?” I asked, and promptly burst into tears.


“Yes. He is. Hey, it’s okay, he’s going to be just fine,” Joe reached out and put a hand on my shoulder, giving it a gentle squeeze.


“No it’s not that, I mean, obviously I’m glad he’s okay, but I don’t even know him. Oh God, I’m sorry I don’t know what’s wrong with me.” I fished in my coat pocket for a crumpled tissue and blew my nose. Ever the glamour chick, me.


“You don’t know him? He’s not your… boyfriend?” Joe asked, his hand still lingering on my shoulder, sending a warm fuzzy feeling down my arm and through my body.


“No, not at all,” I laughed. “I was just there and saw him hit that fence, Christ he didn’t half hit it, so I helped of course, like anyone would have.”


“Oh I’m so sorry, I just assumed you were with him.”


Now, I may be slightly crazy – it has been said. But I’m sure he looked at me a little differently then – stood a little taller. In fact, I could swear his glance fleetingly scanned me up and down as if looking at me anew and appraising me. I felt myself flush a little.


”Oh I see. Well, that’s quite a trauma you’ve been through.” Joe said. “You’re probably in shock. My shift just finished, why don’t I show you to the cafeteria and get you a coffee before you leave?”


And so I found myself sitting in the hospital cafeteria with hot nurse, who was becoming hotter with every passing second. The way he spoke, the way he moved. The way he looked at me when I spoke as if I was fascinating – his eyes looked kinda tired, probably from working hard saving lives, and really intense in a sexy way. He made me feel like I was the only person in the world he wanted to listen to as I answered his questions about how I’d come too be sitting by that corn field this afternoon, how I’d come to be in America in the first place. Before I knew it I was gabbling away giving him half my life story and I knew next to nothing about him.


“How about you? Tell me something about yourself, I must be boring you to tears.” I laughed.


“No not at all,” he said earnestly, a cute little half smile on his face, “I like watching you talk. And your accent is cute.”


Huh, had I heard that right?


“You do? It is?” I asked, unsure how to respond. Blimey he was direct. I might have been thinking similar things but I’d never have dared just blurt them out.


“Yeah, you have a nice mouth.” He looked at my mouth as he said it and I had the strongest feeling he was thinking about exactly what he’d like me to be doing with that mouth. “And a nice face in general. Beautiful, actually. I have to be honest; I was pretty relieved to hear you weren’t with that Brett guy and that you’re single. Such a shame you’re not hanging around for a while.”


What on Earth did he mean? Hanging around the hospital? The area? Was he coming on to me? I could be bold as brass in my little fantasy world in my head but I wasn’t at all used to such a forthright approach from a man and felt suddenly shy.


Never in my 35 years had a guy come on to me so brazenly – unless he’d had a few pints and thought such a charming line as ‘fancy a shag love?’ while sidling up to be at the bar in The Red Lion would entice me into his bed. Was this an American thing or a Joe thing? I still had so much to learn about life as a singleton. I could feel my cheeks burning and took a sip of my tea to cover up my awkwardness.


“Well, um, thanks.” I mumbled.


For fuck’s sake, I’d really thought the new me would be better at this stuff – here I was being practically offered my fantasy on a plate and I was screwing it up royally. I cleared my throat, put down my cup of tea and sat a little taller, looking Joe directly in his fucking delicious eyes.


“I happen to think you’re pretty hot yourself,” I said with what I hoped looked like a flirtatious smile.


“Oh you do huh?” He definitely nailed the flirtatious smile back, and something inside me started throbbing. Despite the fact that we were sitting opposite each other at a small table and not physically touching, it felt suddenly as if we were, like a bubble of sensual energy had just engulfed us, making my heart beat a little quicker and our eye contact become even more intense. It felt inevitable in that moment that we would fuck, and with that knowing all of my inhibitions flew out the window.


“Yes, I do.” Our eyes met for an intense lingering gaze that seemed to say so much more than words.


“I would really love to kiss you right now,” he said in a deep quiet voice, leaning forward on the little table and again looking at my mouth. And I swear I almost started salivating. In that moment the whole world outside of us and that table seemed to shrink out of existence as my a rush of blood filled my head with the swoosh of my heartbeat. I’d never experienced anything quite so intense.


“I would really like that, I replied, leaning forwards too, my fingers brushing his hand on the table sending sparks through my whole body, our faces just inches from each other.


“But damn,” he sat back and glanced around, checking nobody had seen his almost indiscretion, “I have to try and resist while I’m at work.”


Luckily we were in a pretty deserted corner of the large room and nobody seemed to be looking our way. Suddenly I felt Joe’s hand on my knee beneath the table, squeezing gently. I swear to God I almost gasped – if my pussy throbbed like that at just the touch of his hand on my knee, I was in danger of self combusting from pleasure when – if – we actually had any more intimate contact.


I so badly wanted his hand to move higher, my body craving him all over me. My legs opened wider almost involuntarily and as if reading my mind his hand started to move slowly up my thigh as he continued chatting to me as if we were just having a normal conversation and nothing out of the ordinary was going on down there.


“Well, listen. I’m gonna make some calls to get your car sorted,” he said, shifting forward even further in his seat to reach a little higher still with his hand, which tickled and teased my inner thigh through my jeans.


“Hmmm?” I responded, only half able to listen to what he was saying. How could he talk so normally right now?


“Your car. I can find out where it is from the paramedics records.”


“Oh God yes,” I whispered, my body starting to tremble as his hand reached the warm spot between my legs and his thumb started rubbing against my clit.


“I mean no, I can’t ask you to do that…” I added, suddenly realising what he’d said and coming over all British politeness despite being on the verge of orgasm, but he quickly interrupted me.


“You didn’t ask, I offered. Can’t have you stranded here, can we?” That smile again, fuck. His thumb was rubbing tiny circles on my sweet spot now and I could feel my knickers getting damp. I could honestly say I’d never been so turned on in my whole life.


“And meanwhile,” Joe continued, “how about we go for a bite to eat before you get on the road again? I don’t know about you, but I’m hungry.” His eyes communicated exactly what he was hungry for, there was no mistaking what he was suggesting.


“Fucking starving,” I replied in a whisper.


Before I knew it he’d made arrangements for my hire car to be fixed, or replaced, or something, I’m really not sure what and didn’t much care at that point in time, my brain was mush and entirely focussed on other things.


“I’ll just grab my stuff and let’s get out of here,” he said starting down another corridor as I followed. I loved how much taller he was than me; it made me feel petite. It made me imagine all the things he could do to me too – pick me up, throw me around. My mind was consumed by thoughts of him ravishing me.


“Shall I meet you outside?” I asked, aware that I didn’t want to get him in trouble at work, tagging along beside him. Though also not wanting to be apart from him in case he somehow vanished into thin air and it turned out this whole thing was just a figment of my sex-deprived imagination.


“No, come with me, the staff room is just on the next floor, it will only take a second.”


“You’re not worried about getting into trouble, fraternising with, well I guess I’m not a patient…”


“Exactly. For all anyone knows you’re a friend or relative who’s come to meet me. I’m off duty now so I’m not breaking any rules.” That cheeky grin again. God I wanted to reach out and hold his hand as ewe walked.


“Would be kind of hot to break some rules though,” I said in a quiet voice as a group of doctors strode past and Joe nodded at them.


“Well, yes it would you naughty girl,” he looked at me sideways. “What kind of rule breaking did you have in mind?”


Honestly, I had no idea what was going to come out of my mouth next – it seemed to be suddenly driven by a brain of its own, completely separate from the one that usually controlled me. The one that sometimes made crazy decisions, but they were, in my defence, calculated and justifiable crazy decisions. Not this kind of meet a hot stranger and turn in to a sex Goddess kind of crazy behaviour. Maybe Joe’s directness was rubbing off on me.


“Is there a private room somewhere?” I heard myself asking. “One with a lock on the door – and a bed?”


“Fuck,” Joe whispered, actually coming to a complete standstill, “are you serious?”


“Very fucking serious. I want you, now.”


He was quiet for just a moment, his brow creasing in thought.


“Follow me,” he commanded, and so I did.


The room he led me to and pulled me into furtively after checking around carefully to make sure the coast was clear, appeared to be some kind of private room with just one neatly made bed. I didn’t take much time to look around, all I cared about was that there was a lock on the door, which Joe clicked securely into place, and blinds over the windows, which he twisted closed before turning to me with fire in his eyes, glowing with a ravenous desire that I recognised in myself.


“Undress,” he said, and like a good girl obeying her master I did. He walked towards me as I first pulled my T-shirt over my head and then slid out of my jeans, so I was standing in just my simple black underwear.


He looked me up and down in a way I haven’t been looked at in a long, long time and I swear I nearly came on the spot, my breath coming in short gasps. He hadn’t even touched me yet. Then he did, now standing directly in front of me looking down into my eyes, he reached up his hand and brushed my curls back from my face, tucking them behind my ear, before cupping my face and kissing me.


At first the kiss was slow and tender, his mouth so hot and soft on mine, his tongue, fuck it was the best kiss I could ever remember having.


“I’ve wanted to do that since the first moment I saw your perfect mouth,” he said and I wanted to tell him I had too but his mouth was back on mine before I could utter a word.


The kiss turned more intense and as my hand wrapped around his neck, the other slipping up his top to feel his muscular back, his hands started roaming across my body, starting on my shoulders and then running down my back, over my hips, my curves – as if mapping the shape of me by touch. He let out a low moan as his hands reached my shapely butt.


“Fuck you’re body is perfect,” he said, stopping again to look down at me, his hands squeezing my butt cheeks. “Turn around,” he commanded and I did. He cupped my butt cheeks in both hands and squeezed, dropping to his knees he pulled down my knickers and kissed first one cheek and then the other.


“Your ass is, fuck, it’s the most perfect ass I’ve ever seen.” And despite years of wishing to be slimmer, wishing to have a smaller butt, I believed him.


My legs were getting weak as he nuzzled his face into my butt, Christ I’d never experienced anything like it. I reached forwards to hold onto the bed for support.


“Get up on the bed,” he ordered and I climbed up without a question, kneeling on all fours as he stood and walked behind me, continuing to show his appreciation for my ass with his hands and then his tongue. I moaned quietly, and he climbed up onto the bed behind me, pushing me forward with a hand gently in the small of my back so I was laying on my tummy, legs spread with him kneeling between them still fully clothed, leaning forward to continue kissing between my legs as I arched my back and raised my butt up to give him better access.


“Wait,” I protested weakly, feeling strange that I was practically naked and hadn’t even seen his intimate parts yet, “I want to feel you, I want to kiss you and lick you too.”


“Oh baby you will, don’t worry, there’s plenty of time for that later.” Something in my chest jumped with excitement at the implication of his words – that this, whatever this was, might continue beyond this moment, beyond this room.


I wanted to touch his cock, to feel it inside me more than I’d ever wanted anything but I was also floating on the verge of a climax so powerful from the sensation of his tongue lapping against my silken folds, his fingers gently pushing inside me. And so I stopped worrying, I let go of any concerns and allowed myself to melt into the sensation of it all, the pure perfect pleasure.


“That’s it baby,” he paused briefly, “cum hard for Daddy, and then I’m gonna fill that pussy up so good.”


And I could barely think at all as I was carried away on the waves of an orgasm so intense I felt like I left my body entirely as I gasped and shuddered and muttered holy fuck over and over, though I’m not entirely sure whether that was out loud or in my head.


“Fuck baby, that was so hot. You’re so fucking sexy,” Joe said with that grin when I eventually calmed down and turned to look at him with a smile.


“Oh my God, that was amazing,” was just about all I could manage in reply.


“I need to fuck you so bad, is that okay baby?” he asked, pulling down his white trousers to reveal a cock so hard it looked like it might explode. My pussy was suddenly ravenous again, despite my orgasm it was hungry for more, as if that had been a starter and it was ready for the main course.


I couldn’t speak, I just nodded and then he was guiding his cock to my drenched pussy, nuzzling the tip just between my swollen lips.


“Oh fuck baby I need to be inside you so bad,” he said as he grabbed my hips and pushed that perfect, much larger than average cock into me with a groan, making me moan with pleasure again.


There was nothing sensual or romantic about the way he fucked me, not like the delicious kiss just moments before. It was pure lust-driven raw animal fucking and it was exactly what I wanted in that moment.


I met his rhythm and the sound of him slapping against me, skin on skin, the sound of his deep grunts and the feeling of his hardness so deep inside me was pushing me towards the edge again.


“Oh my God, fuck baby,” he groaned as he slammed against me over and over. “Your pussy feels so perfect around my cock. I can’t, damn baby I’m going fill you up.”


With one final thrust he exploded inside me, and the feeling of his cock throbbing as it pumped his hot liquid into me sent my pussy into new spasms as another orgasm engulfed me, all the muscles inside me tightening around his pulsating shaft. I buried my head in the pristine white sheet to stop myself crying out loud as I climaxed for a second time in minutes.


Joe climbed off the bed, still panting, and helped me to my feet, smiling as he straightened up his uniform. Fuck, did we really just do that? A moment of awkwardness threatened to overcome me as I was stepping into my clothes. What now? How should I act? What did one say after fucking a stranger in their workplace?


“Well I don’t know about you but I’m genuinely hungry now… for food,” Joe smiled, making my awkwardness disappear instantly. “Shall we grab takeout and eat it back at mine while your car is getting fixed?”


“Um, okay, sure… if it’s not too much hassle,” God, he was so accommodating. My heart was racing again at the thought of going back to his place and what might happen there.


“Of course not, come on let’s get out of here.”


There was something just so damn sexy about the way he was so calm and collected, the way he took control. I was fascinated by him, I’d never known anyone so forward and so bloody hot too. I was hooked, I realised, in the short space of time I’d known him. I wanted to know him more.


These thoughts were swimming around in my head as we snuck out of that hospital room and walked brazenly through the corridors as if everything was perfectly normal, Joe throwing the odd wave and nod at colleagues and friends as we passed. I didn’t want to think about leaving him just yet.


Just focus on this next bit I told myself. Dinner, and, well…. he had hinted that there might be more action later. My lower regions were already tingling again at the thought. Blimey, a year of sexual drought and suddenly it seemed I couldn’t get enough.


Climbing into Joe’s very neat and clean car, sitting next to him as he drove out of the parking lot and into a nearby town, stopping to pick up some delicious Chinese food after consulting me on my favourite cuisines, I couldn’t help finding a smile creeping onto my face as I kept stealing sideways glances at him. The words fuck he’s hot crossed my mind more than once and I found myself giggling.


“What?” he asked with that cute lopsided grin, glancing at me as he drove down a country road.


“I was just thinking about what we did, back there, at the hospital. It’s just kind of surreal. All of this. Don’t you think?”


“Well yeah, I guess it is. But I’m not gonna question it. That was the hottest damn thing I’ve ever experienced. You are something else.”


“Oh really, it was?” I don’t know why but in the back of my mind I’d kind of assumed he must have done crazy stuff like that before, that maybe he was a regular sex God getting it on in different places with a variety of women, and that I was the only one new to these kind of shenanigans.


“Of course. Fuck baby, you are so hot. I’m getting hard again just thinking about it. Your ass. Damn.”


“Mmmm, you are? Prove it.” I smiled back at him but couldn’t help glancing down at where I could see a growing bulge through those white trousers.


“Feel for yourself,” he teased. I reached over and put my palm on him, feeling his very hard cock pushing through the cotton, and he groaned as I started to rub it.


“You like that?” I asked, feeling a sudden twinge between my legs.


“Mmmm don’t stop baby,” he said, not taking his eyes off the deserted road.


“Oh yeah, you want more?”


“I want everything,” he said. And I wanted to give it to him.


I gently pulled the elastic waistband of his trousers with one hand and slid my other hand inside his shorts, taking his erection in my hand and pulling it out, starting to stroke it slowly.


“Fuck you’re so hard,” his dick was so hot in my hand and growing harder by the second.


“That’s the effect you have on me you sexy woman. Oh fuck that feels good. Now, I want to feel your mouth on me,” he said, getting all bossy again in that way that seemed to really affect me, sending a flush down my body.


“While you’re driving? Isn’t that dangerous?” I asked but I was already unbuckling my seatbelt, lust taking its reckless control of me once again.


“I’ll drive slowly, I’ll be careful I promise. Mmm fuck baby,” he let out a long groan as I leaned over and started to lick the bulging red head of his cock, tasting the salty precum already leaking out of the tip.


“That’s it baby, oh fuck yeah,” I was running my tongue up and down the length of his shaft, then licking my lips and taking his cock in my mouth, sucking gently as I took it in as far as I could, moving my head slowly up and down.


Then his hand was on the back of my head, his fingers in my hair, pushing me down further, until I could feel his cock hitting the back of my mouth, almost making my gag. Guided by his hand I moved my head faster and faster and he started thrusting his hips up in time with my rhythm, fucking my mouth while he drove with one hand.


“Oh baby, oh yes, fuck, oh my God…” suddenly he pushed my head down even harder and his cock was pulsating, shooting streams of hot cum into the back on my throat. I swallowed it down and when his grip relaxed in my hair I smiled up at him.


“Baby you are amazing. Best damn head I’ve ever had. Now I need to get you inside and ravish you.”


“You’re ready for round three already?” I asked, delighted, because I was already desperate to feel him inside me again, my knickers damp with my desire, my mind obsessively visualising every different way I wanted him to fuck me.


“For you, I seem to be insatiable. Here we are,” he said and pulled off the road onto a short driveway leading up to a modest but neat and pretty white house nestled in between a grove of large trees I couldn’t identify. I didn’t take in any other details as I got out the car, Joe had already taken my hand and was pulling me towards the house, fumbling with his keys. The moment the door closed behind us he was on me, kissing me hard and crushing my body against the door, his hands unbuttoning my jeans.


The sex was fast and passionate again, just as I craved it. He lifted me up and fucked me against the door, his hands supporting my thighs, not even taking my panties (as he called them, so much sexier than knickers) off but simply pulling them to one side and pushing his cock inside my wet swollen pussy. With the weight of gravity puling me down onto his hardness and the feeling of his breath hot on my neck as he nibbled my ear, I came for the third time that day, moaning loudly and crying out his name.


We managed to finally eat the takeaway after that, as day leaked into evening, both famished from all the activity. Joe heated it up and served it onto plates on his kitchen table, along with wine and the radio turned down low in the background, the sky outside deepening into dusky shades. It felt like a date, I realised as I tried to scoff my noodles with some amount of decorum, and yet so comfortable all at the same time.


It didn’t take us long to find ourselves in each others arms again after we’d finished eating and the plates were stacked in the dishwasher. There on his couch in his cozy lounge, we were soon stripping each other slowly between kisses until we were completely naked together, taking time to explore and marvel over each other’s bodies. I couldn’t get enough of him – feeling, stroking, licking, kissing, and he evidently felt the same way. The sex that time was slow and sensual, lazy almost, entwined together, moving in synch and taking each other to he edge time and time again.


As I lay in his arms afterwards, sated and somewhat stunned, my mind was completely blown. In one day I’d gone from solo travelling across the states in search of a new life, to experiencing the best sex of my life not one but three times and with a man I was growing more and more reluctant to say goodbye to with each minute that passed. But with a gnawing ache in my chest, I knew the time had come.


How should I handle this? My anxiety was returning fast. Should I just say thanks for sorting my car and for the life changing fucking and carry on my journey as if nothing had happened? Head to Chicago and forget Joe even existed? Something inside me felt distraught at that thought. But before I could even begin to articulate my thoughts, Joe spoke.


“Listen, babe. It’s getting late…” that’s it, now the deed was done – again – he was going to make his excuses and say that he stuff to do and I should go.


“Oh, I know,” I interrupted before he could say the words. “You’re probably super busy, I should get back on the road, big interview tomorrow.”


“Actually, I was going to say it’s too late for you to be driving on strange roads in a strange country. Why don’t you stay the night?” He kissed my hair as if it was the most natural thing in the world to do, as if we’d known each other forever not just for mere hours.


“And tomorrow?” I asked, my stomach doing somersaults. “I have my interview in Chicago.”


Though it suddenly seemed unimportant. Just an opportunity I’d followed up because I knew someone in the company and I’d been craving a change in my life.


“Tomorrow, we see. All I know is that you walked into my life today like a beautiful whirlwind and I don’t want you to walk out of it the same way.”


Seriously, for fuck’s sake had I just walked into a romance novel? And why was my heart pounding like that? I’d sworn off men entirely and I was happy with that decision, I’d not even glanced at one for the longest time. What the actual fuck was going on?


“But you know, there are jobs near here too, and there are hospitals in Chicago if that’s really where you want to be… and in the UK, if it comes to it, I always fancied visiting Europe actually. We have options.”


“We?” I asked, looking up at him. And he simply leaned down and kissed me in response.


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  2. This was crazy and hot. Loved it. Transgender Romance.


  3. SumČööchie says:

    I would like to comment that this is so crazy good. I really enjoyed reading every part of this being a younger woman with far less time in experience crazy awesome first read 🙂 thank you so much cant wait to read more

    Liked by 1 person

  4. UniqueOmega says:

    Waoh! What a sexy romantic story making someone to cum. Bravo!!


  5. javid says:

    you write like hell-yeah. you erotica is amazing Roxy . love from Iran


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